Is Greasy Food Good for a Hangover?

Greasy Food Good for a Hangover

Today, we are going to dispel all hangover myths.

Everyone has experienced a hangover, but there are so many myths around hangovers that usually no one knows precisely how to deal with the side effects. Someone says that you need to drink activated charcoal. Someone says that consuming raw eggs in the morning will help relieve pain. And there is a whole society of people who claim that fatty foods eliminate the symptoms of a hangover. But is it true?

What is a hangover?

No more, no less; a hangover is a form of poisoning. So much alcohol has entered the body that the alcohol has reached dosages that threaten the body. That is, a hangover is the process of the body’s struggle with alcohol poisoning.

What processes take place in the body?

Despite the rather ordinary name, a hangover is the body’s struggle for survival. The body strives to remove toxins as soon as possible, to lower the percentage of alcohol to a minimum level.

The body takes into account that the heartbeat raises the temperature. Stomach cramps appear because alcohol strongly irritates the stomach and intestinal system. You feel dry mouth, nausea, and even a headache, as the alcohol in the blood is at a critical level. The consciousness is clouded, low speed of reactions.

In fact, a hangover is a very complex phenomenon.

In addition to the physical symptoms that are quite easy to feel, a hangover also causes mental and even psychological side effects. Consciousness loses transparency; you have slow reactions, suppression of creative abilities, as well as general “psychological” suppression. That is, we can say that a hangover has a side effect on all aspects of human health.

Could greasy foods be beneficial at all?

With the development of the Internet, we can find any information, but this freedom and quick access to information has its downsides.

A lot of information from the Internet is written by someone who is not clear; there is an incredible amount of information that not only will not benefit you but can even harm you. But let’s deal with all the prejudices that are around fatty foods:

Types of fatty food

Fast food has greatly spoiled the meaning that we put into the phrase “fatty food.” For example, the MedicalNewsToday media resource says that natural fatty foods, or in other words, foods high in healthy natural fats, really help with a hangover.

So there are two types of fatty foods:

  1. Not naturally greasy food

The food that we all love so much has nothing useful, and it is fatty mainly because it is cooked in oil, or the fattiest parts of animal origin are specially selected for cooking. For example, bacon or fatty burgers seasoned with sauces.

  1. Natural fatty food

This type of food is not very popular, unlike fast food, which is always available quickly and does not require cooking. But naturally fatty foods, high in natural fats, such as avocados, nuts, and redfish. It can keep your health and posture. 

The effects on the body of these two types of food are very different.

For example, non-natural fatty foods fried in oil cause great harm to the pancreas and raise cholesterol levels, and there are often carcinogens in fried oil. 

Natural fats are better absorbed; they are not as strong as allergens and are usually found in foods high in fiber, which is very beneficial for the body. But which of these types of greasy foods is best for hangovers?

Does greasy food help hangovers?

Before we go directly to the issue of fatty foods, let’s dispel hangover myths once and for all:

  • Hangovers cannot be completely cured. The only sure way to avoid a hangover is to not drink.
  • None of the products or drugs will be able to remove the hangover side symptoms. The body is poisoned by alcohol; it needs time to remove toxins and normalize its condition.
  • There is an opinion that if you eat or drink something before the party, then there will be no hangover. This is wrong. After all, if you poison the body with large doses of alcohol, then you will receive negative side effects.
  • Alcohol doesn’t go away. For every drink or glass of drink you drink, there will be consequences for your body. Everything in life has consequences.

Facts about foods that help hangovers

Scientists agree with the results of their studies that food cannot help to avoid a hangover. In one of the articles on the health portal Health Digest, there is a more detailed confirmation of the thesis that eating any type of food does not affect a hangover in any way.

And it’s easy to understand.

When you poison your body with alcohol, it goes into emergency mode. Trying to escape, the body begins to intensively break down and remove toxins from the blood. All organs begin to work hard, including receiving huge damage from alcohol poisoning.

But that’s not all.

In addition, due to the need to remove toxic substances, the body feels severe dehydration and weakness. And in this state, any kind of food, especially heavy fatty food, on the contrary, will complicate his work and even more burden the liver.

How do you deal with a hangover?

We have already determined that food makes the hangover situation even more difficult. Heavy, especially fatty foods make you feel even worse. But what can relieve a hangover?

Drink more water. This is probably the most important advice because the body suffers from severe poisoning and dehydration. It is not uncommon for a hangover to vomit, which means you need a lot of pure, better mineral water.

Rest. Sleep. You will still feel bad; the elimination of toxins takes time. Just rest, if possible, and sleep to give the body more strength in clearing alcohol.

It’s better not to eat. Give your stomach time; if you don’t feel like anything, then just don’t force your stomach and drink water. If you have an appetite, then do not eat any fatty and heavy food. Start with a small portion of soup or broth.

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