How Long Should It Take To Drink a Beer?

How Long Should It Take To Drink a Beer

The Japanese have sake, the French enjoy a good glass of champagne, and the Italians love a savory bottle of wine, although the Germans are considered the cradle of beer to the world. Americans are known to have their fair share of beer. 

For the Love of Beer

Americans love beer, tons of it in fact, so much so that 2.87 million of 2.25-gallon cases, according to some statistics last 2021. But even so, they do not take the spot of most drank beers in 2021. The Chinese take this title by consuming a whopping 10 billion gallons. Although Germany is known for its love of beer, they are not the top consumer of beer that title goes to the Czech Republic.

That aside, it is safe to say that the world loves beer. Some studies about why beer seems to be so appealing state that the love for beer comes from that coveted ‘beer buzz.’ To be more exact, science has shown through various experiments that beer can increase the production of endorphins, which are the hormones produced by the brain to reduce the feeling of pain or stress and help improve one’s mood.

That ‘beer buzz’ is the point at which the endorphins produced and released are already doing their job and have already lowered your stress levels, making you feel more relaxed and minimizing your inhibitions. Beer is also accessible whether in a can or a small bottle; it makes it more personable than other alcoholic beverages out there and might as well be the very reason why some people reach for a cold beer rather than wine, champagne, or vodka bottles.

But besides, this beer seems to fit most occasions with family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers. Admit it, you wouldn’t go have a barbecue in the yard and open a bottle of champagne now, would you? Nope. It’s too fancy for that, but a beer would most likely be a better fit for everyone. To put it simply, beer lends itself to any occasion, no matter where you are and no matter who you are. 

Alcohol Content Can Affect How Fast You Drink Beer

How Long Should It Take To Drink a Beer

A bonafide drinker of any sort of alcoholic drink would know that every drink is not the same from the ingredients to the process of how they are concocted into the well-loved beverages that we have now. The alcohol content also varies per drink. Some have high ABV ABV or Alcohol by Volume; this is the standard way to measure just how much alcohol any drink has.

Now an average regular beer would have 5-6% ABV, while a light beer has about 4-5% ABV. What does this mean for you? It could mean several things. One is that you might need more than one bottle to get that ‘beer buzz’ just right, or you might not get drunk at all if you factor in drinking light beer only.

Also, there is the possibility that with continued drinking of beer, you could develop a tolerance to its alcohol content and not get drunk even more than a few bottles down. 

Whether you intend to only get that joyful beer buzz, get a little tipsy, or get drunk in drinking beer. You should be smart enough to know when to stop. 

Beer Drinking Records

If you are interested in beer so much that you want to set a record of how fast you can drink beer, then here are some of the records you might want to consider before venturing on your own. Peter Dowdeswell has set several impressive records in drinking beer, such as drinking 6 pints of beer in 12.55 seconds, 90 pints in 3 hours, and drinking 1 pint of beer through a 6-millimeter straw.

Quite the feat, right? But here are some more interesting records set by those who love beer or just find it interesting to set records with beer drinking. The oldest record of drinking beer fast was set in 1997 by a man named Steven Petrosino, who downed 1 liter of beer in a whopping 1.3 seconds only.

This record of Petrosino has not been broken ever since. Talk about dedication bordering on a little bit of obsession.

Drink According to Your Style

Unless you are like Peter Dowdeswell or Steven Petrosino, both of which down beers in record time for the sake of ‘the record,’ then it might be good to take your time in drinking to your style. You could drink like an average person does. 

In some situations, it has been noted that people who drink alone tend to finish one bottle of beer in 20-30 minutes longer if they are eating some sort of meal. The kind of beer one drinks is also a factor; for example, if one were to drink a high-quality craft beer at a good brewery, it may take as long as 30-45 minutes to drink a single bottle. Consumers would want to stretch out their drinking time. It is, after all, a high-quality craft. 

If we’re talking about family barbecues, one person might be able to finish a bottle in around 10-20 minutes, depending on how much drinking they will be doing instead of talking or chatting with other family members while drinking their beer.

One could also consider the typical ball game drinking time; even if one only has cheap cold drinking beer, with the excitement of the game, one might be able to finish an entire bottle in 5-10 minutes or less, especially if it’s during an exciting part of the game. 

Beers are not just for the mundane and average; they can also be sophisticated if given the opportunity and the chance. They could be consumed in a high-class social gathering as well, although seldom it may be, because wines and champagnes are the choice of drink for these kinds of occasions. Nonetheless, when in an elite class of gathering, one might consume his/her beer for around 30-40 minutes longer. 

Drinking beer is done to relax and enjoy alone or with great company, so always consider drinking at your style and your own pace. 

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