How To Get Better at Beer Pong [Tips]

How To Get Better At Beer Pong

Many of you have played Beer Pong at some point in your life. The rules and variations may differ from place to place, but the ultimate goal of this drinking game is to beat your opponents by clearing their cups with the help of a ping-pong ball before they do the same to you. 

The game can have many rules to remember, especially for newbies. So, this article is all about Beer Pong, its detailed overview, and how you can get better at it. 

What is Beer Pong?

Beer Pong is a drinking game consisting of two or a team of two members. Every team player gets an equal chance to play a shot each possession. If Team A manages to throw a ball in Team B’s cups, then the member of team B has to drink beer from it. The equipment requires to play the game includes:

  • Rectangular Table

Though any rectangular table would work fine, the standard size of a Beer Pong table is usually 8 inches long with a width of 24 inches. You can set it at 70cm (27.5 inches) height, making it a standard setup size.

  • Red Solo Cups

Red party cups like Solo are perfect for Beer Pong, but you can also use other disposable cups. Mostly, they fill ten (10) cups with beer. Some people don’t like to drink beer for hygienic reasons, so they choose water or other beverages. Like the 8 Ball Pool game, they set cups in a rack shape on both sides of the table for each team.

  • Ping Pong Balls

Ping Pong balls are the only equipment that needs to be the same here because you can customize other items according to your preferences. The reason behind using only Ping Pong balls is that they are of perfect weight and size that can help play the game. Additionally, the chances are high that they won’t hurt anything during your play.

What are the Mechanics of Beer Pong?

As mentioned, the game’s regulations can vary from place to place. The host can set his own house rules, but the basics comprise of following:

  • The game usually commences with a faceoff, named Eye-to-Eye, in which one player from Team A and one from Team B simultaneously throw a ball into a cup without losing eye contact. Whoever makes it will get a chance to take first possession, and the game will start. Some players may also decide by flipping a coin or doing “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”
  • The winning team of Eye-to-Eye will start the game. Each player will throw a Ping Pong ball toward the opponent’s side to make cups. If any team member successfully lands a ball in their rivals’ cup, the opponent must drink beer/beverage from that cup. The cup will remove from the table.
  • Both teams keep taking turns until one pair removes all cups from the competitor’s side.
  • If any player takes a shot when his elbow is above the table, it will not consider the attempt.
  • The game will tie if both teams remove their competitor’s final cup. To select the winner, they will re-rack 3 cups, and overtime will commence. If they still fail to choose the master of Beer Pong, the same rounds will repeat until one team will outclass the other.
  • A shooting team can claim a ball if it hits the cup but bounce back toward them. This house rule is known as ‘Bounce or Roll Backs.’
  • Some house rules allow players to re-rack the cups at least two times in the game. One is when 6 cups remain, and the other is when 3 cups remain.
  • The redemption rule is when one team loses the game, it can ask for the last chance to win. 

The best thing about Beer Pong is its flexibility. You can add countless rules and variations according to your preferences to make the game enjoyable. 

Is Beer Pong a Skill or Luck?

Some people think of it as a game of pure luck, but it can never be accurate. Beer Pong is a combination of strategy, skills, and chance. However, the level of consumption of alcohol in this game is hard to ignore. It tests your tolerance when you are drunk. You need to focus on using strategies while half-conscious. But how can you achieve such a patience level? The short answer is “Practice.”

Tips to Get Better at Beer Pong

Some great tips to get better at Beer Pong may include but are not limited to:

  • Grip plays a vital role in Beer Pong. People often use a 3-finger grip (thumb, middle finger, and index finger) to shoot, but if you train yourself in learning the art of a 2-finger grip, you can get better results. Also, the underhand and overhand grip can be helpful, but you need to work on them to become an expert.
  • Stance is a player’s posture and how he stands during a shot. The regular stance is when the left foot is slightly ahead of the right. Try to bend your knee a little bit for a flawless attempt. Talking about the goofy stance, put your right foot ahead of the left one to take the right shot. It requires practice to shoot from this angle. Another one is the free throw stance, which is a good position for both left and right-handed players.
  • Try to avoid bounces because it is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you choose to pick such a technique, try mid-table bounce, which can be helpful to some extent.
  • To become proficient at shooting, go for the “normal release” because it is the optimal point to get the best outcomes. Techniques such as quick and late release can provide good upshots if you try hard. It is better to avoid taking risks.
  • As stated above, non-stop practice with consistency leads to perfection. Also, stay calm and relaxed during a game because it is just a game. If you let your opponents see your stress or anxiety, you will automatically lose half of the game even though you use good strategy.

How to Improve Your Beer Pong Aim?

After getting familiar with the game, you can improve your Beer Pong aim by focusing on a specific spot on a distinct cup. Again, it requires tons of practice and effort to become an expert. In general, all the best players will never hit un-aiming cups, so try to shoot at a single cup to increase the chances of improvement in aiming in Beer Pong. For this purpose, try to improve the medium arc because it can help you to shoot the cup you are aiming for, not any random cup.

If you aim for the low arc/line drive, hitting the targeted cup becomes more challenging, so be careful while playing. It is better to avoid this type of shot. A high-arc shooting can be hard to master, but you can get good results by using this technique.

Are You Better at Beer Pong When Drunk?

When you are drunk, your muscles and nerves may feel more relaxed in a critical situation, such as a competition. Always remember that Beer Pong is a fun game, not a matter of life or death. Take it seriously, but don’t go too far. So, drinking can eventually help you win at Beer Pong, but keep practicing at home to play like a ‘Pro’ the next time you get together with your friends.

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