How To Get Rid of Drunk Feeling [Steps & Tips]

How To Get Rid of Drunk Feeling

When people are out with friends having a great time, it is usual to become drunk. Alcohol is the most consumed beverage for social celebration and relaxation. When you have too much to drink, the consequence is worse and more unpleasant the following day. So how to get rid of a drunk feeling? 

Your characteristics and drinking habits could significantly impact your system to eliminate a drug from your body. There are no tricks that can quickly reduce the blood concentration level of a person. There are no perfect methods that will make your hangover disappear. However, there are specific tried remedies to make you feel better from a drunk feeling. 

Let us discuss in detail in this article some of the effective remedies that will work in getting rid of being drunk.  

Steps to get rid of drunk feeling 

Several myths can help you get rid of alcohol. However, the best remedy is ‚Äútime.‚ÄĚ

These remedies will make you feel awake; instead, they will not help you eliminate the alcohol content from your blood. So the perfect choice would be to permit the body the time it requires to get rid of itself from toxins. 

Drinking water 

How To Get Rid of Drunk Feeling

Drinking water and fluids is the easiest and best way to eliminate a drunk feeling. Alcohol is a diuretic beverage that generates toxins in your body. Alcohol causes frequent urination making your body dehydrated. So drinking water can help you replenish the lost fluid content in the body. You can wash out the toxins from the body and stay hydrated if you consume extra fluid. 

Cold Shower  

Taking up a cold shower would be a perfect idea; however, that does not lessen the alcohol level in your system. If you feel drunk, this remedy will temporarily make you alert and awake for some time. A cold shower will enhance the metabolism rate, reducing the intensity of an intoxicated feeling. People recommend taking a cold water shower to kickstart the nervous system so that it helps you sober up. This simple remedy does not decrease the level of alcohol in your blood. On the other hand, a cold shower might be helpful since it can increase alertness and comfort a drunk person to look fresh and appear less tipsy. 

Drink Coffee

Drinking coffee is the most commonly used remedy, followed by people who feel drunk. The caffeine content in coffee helps in metabolizing the body. It turns into a natural stimulant to lessen the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream. Also, drinking coffee helps relieve headaches and nausea caused by a hangover. While drunk, your body gets dehydrated, and you could hydrate by consuming just a coffee and replenishing the lost fluids. 

Eat Carbohydrates 

Consuming carbohydrates have an excellent effect in reversing the feeling of being drunk. The blood sugar level will reduce when you consume alcohol leading to nausea and headache. Also, many people forget to eat while drinking, and even worse, their blood sugar levels. When your sugar levels are low, you lose energy and become weak immediately. So taking complex carbohydrates with a balanced food will benefit you in replenishing the sugar level back.

Apple, bananas, juice, and toast are good options to get rid of a drunk feeling. Carbohydrates will aid you in getting better quicker. If you are feeling sensation and particularly sleepy and require to get back, eat a good meal with a lot of carbohydrates.


Excessive drinking will make you sleepy; however, you will not get deep sleep. Sleeping well is the best and easiest method to get rid of a drunk feeling. While sleeping, you indirectly allow your system the time it requires to metabolize and process the alcohol. Resting for about 8 to 10 hours will make the liver do its job by restoring the body’s ability and getting rid of feeling drunk. Instead of practicing all the remedies to make you feel better after feeling drunk, get a nice nap. 

Supplements and Pain relievers

How to get rid of a drunk feeling

Your body needs minerals and vitamins to detox. When the alcohol breaks down, your system produces toxic substances like acetaldehyde. Aspirin and ibuprofen are the commonly used medical drugs to relieve a drunk feeling. The medications help you treat headaches and nausea caused by being drunk.

Taking supplements will restore the vital nutrients the body requires; however, the alcohol level does not become zero. There are sayings that “B vitamins supplements “can help you get rid of a drunk feeling. The B vitamins aid you in boosting energy levels and waking your brain. You must also consult a doctor before taking the supplement and medical pills. 


How to get rid of a drunk feeling

Exercise is also one of the effective reliefs; however tough to do when you feel drunk. It will immediately make you feel alert and awake from the drunk feeling. There are no scientifically proven facts that exercise might metabolize alcohol. But yet, people say that this trick is more effective. Alcohol toxins will be released into the bloodstream by sweat once you have worked out. People who drink have stated that this would be the last try a person can do when they feel drunk. For people with heart disease, doing such workouts during excessive drinking might be harmful. 

Final Verdict: 

The suggested remedies are more effective in getting out of the drunk feeling. If you quickly want to get rid of the drunk feeling, provide the body with hydration, nutrition, and good rest. However, giving time for the body to process the alcohol works better. It might be the only way that you will feel less intoxicated. As said, no scientifically proven instant remedies exist to eliminate a drunk feeling. But the above-shared tricks may help out in reducing the drunk feel gradually. 

The level of being drunk differs for everyone. These will affect the physical and emotional systems of your body. So it would benefit you when you have control over the consumption of alcohol to avoid toxic side effects.

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