How To Get Rid of Drunk Hiccups [8 Ways]

How To Get Rid of Drunk Hiccups

Alcohol has many strange side effects; one such is drunken hiccups. Hiccups usually occur unexpectedly and might cause us to feel comfortable. If you are drunk, many changes are happening to your system.

Hiccups are the awful effects that could occur when you are drinking. Hiccups happen when there is a sudden diaphragm contraction movement and vocal cord closure. Your system does not have control over these reactions. Compared to other side effects, these hiccups rank too low but are inconvenient and bothersome. 

One may attempt numerous rare and creative methods to eliminate hiccups rapidly. These are not harmful; however, they would not look excellent and annoying in a social gathering. 

Let us explore what we need to distinguish about hiccups induced by drinking alcohol. There are various techniques to battle a drunk hiccup, and in this blog, let us discover “how to get rid of drunk hiccups” in detail.

8 Ways to get rid of drunk hiccups

Alcohol contains toxic stuff that makes our system dehydrated. Consecutively, it will worsen the diaphragm’s tightening, producing hiccups. People sometimes try to follow some creative measures to get rid of hiccups. There are no scientifically proven remedies for stopping hiccups. However, the below-mentioned are assured working tricks that will help you eliminate drunk hiccups.  

1. Drinking Water Fast 

How To Get Rid of Drunk Hiccups

It is one of the traditional and effective methods. Drinking a glass of water as quickly as possible helps you aid in drunk hiccups. Consumption of alcohol will make one system dehydrated, simultaneously causing problems in the throat and diaphragm. So when you quickly drink a glass of water without stopping, there is the pressure given in the diaphragm muscle, so that will make you quit your hiccups. 

It helps you in stopping your hiccups quickly. This method remains to be the most accessible and most effective remedy. You can consume the water slowly but remember you drink the same in one gulp, that too without breathing. Redo it as much time as needed or until the hiccups stop.   

2. Hold your breath 

How To Get Rid of Drunk Hiccups

Holding your breath also works more effectively, like sipping the water quickly. Generally, the diaphragm discontinues moving while holding its breath. Once after holding the breath, then take a deep breath. It will directly impact the throat nerve while tending to stop the hiccups. Those hiccups are directly associated with the diaphragm’s reflex movements. So interrupting your breathing cycle will automatically reduce or eliminate your drunken hiccups. Ensure you hold your breath only for a few moments and do not persist. 

3. Spoonful of Sugar

Eating sugar is a standard measure drunk people follow when they get hiccups. Using granulated sugar is preferred because it works more effectively than sugar substitutes. You can choose either table sugar or white sugar to have better results. Taking honey or brown sugar will be an ideal choice if you do not have a white one. The method is straightforward, and you must swallow a spoonful of sugar without chewing. Sugar gives you a natural soothing effect, so it might benefit you to relax your muscles and body.

This remedy works better for drunk hiccups than that for normal ones. This method might not be appropriate for everybody as it depends and differs for each individual. People with some health issues are cautious while following this step. Intake of a spoonful of sugar also works great, but do not overdo it because taking sugar in excess will lead to stomach upset.  

4. Breath into a Paper Bag

Breathing into a paper bag is a simple measure. People claim that this remedy works for them often. Place the paper bag around the mouth and nose, and then you are supposed to take a deep and slow breath. It will enable you to lessen the pressure in the abdomen and chest, enabling the involuntary contractions that create the hiccups. 

Do not follow this remedy when you feel dizzy and giddy. Also, you mustn’t hyperventilate while following the breathing into the paper bag technique. Count five when you live in and breathe out to ensure you do the process perfectly. 

5. Pressure points

Being a simple and effective treatment and easy to do it. The pressure points remedy involves various techniques: 

  1. Stimulating and massaging your “vagus nerve” will help ease the diaphragm from causing hiccups. 
  2. Press your eyebrow by placing the fingers right above the bridge of the nose. Repeat the process for 15 to 20 seconds to relieve the drunk hiccups.  
  3. You can give a slight pressure in the diaphragm, making you feel comfortable from the drunken hiccups. 

These steps are great remedies if you want your drunk hiccups to stop quickly. To be safe, check with the doctor whether these pressure points suit you.  

6. Change the body position  

These are simple techniques that do not require a particular property involved. You can follow these measures wherever you are. Sitting down and pulling your knees right up the chest will compress your diaphragm. Maintain the same position for a few seconds and release. You can even sit on a chair and pull the knee towards the chest. This procedure will help you reduce your hiccups. 

7. Sneeze and Cough

It is one of the peculiar remedies. Sneeze yourself so that the abdominal muscle will start to work this will end your hiccups, hopefully. Ensure you do not irritate your nose too much. To have better abdominal contractions, you can try coughing forcefully. It will help you halt the drunk hiccups. But do not cough rigorously; that might hurt the vocal cords or throat. 

8. Use Ice

Place a bag of ice near the diaphragm right up to your stomach. The cooling effect will make movements in the muscle and make the blood circulate. This reaction might help you stop the hiccups. It is better to hold the ice for only twenty minutes and not more than that. If the hiccups still don’t stop, then try other methods. Do not hold the ice onto your skin for a more extended period. 


Drunk hiccups will vanish by themselves. At times these hiccups may be annoying and prickly. The above remedies will help you get rid of drunk hiccups immediately. If you face a prolonged problem with drunk hiccups, contact your medical practitioner to be safer. 

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