How to Play Beer Die [Rules & Steps]

How to Play Beer Die

Planning to carouse this weekend? A game of beer die can turn your boring party into a blast!

Beer die can be a fun way to socialize with your friends and guzzle down a few cans of beer along with. With its increased popularity in America, beer die has become one of the most-played games by college students. 

It is more of a gentleman’s game that requires full concentration, super-fast movements, and accuracy.

You can call it a drinking game, but it has become a fun sport for many as it can test your mind and body. A beer die can be played with all four players standing at each corner of the table. The game can be played with a sitting arrangement as well. The sitting beer die game is called snappa.

The game is mostly played outdoors and requires a spacious area. It feels great to get totally crazy sometimes and make each moment a memorable one. Most folks love to play in backyards or large basements. All it takes to get this game started are four players, an 8’2 ft table, 4 wide mouth cups (16 oz), ample beer cans and good music.

If you wanna know how to play an amazing beer die, keep reading the step-by-step rules mentioned below and cheers!

Beer Die Rules:

A few basic rules make this sport more entertaining and engaging. Some rules have changed since its invention in 1972, by four fraternity members at the University of Maine.

  • After setting up the table you will need four players (divided into teams of two), and four (16 oz) wide cups placed on each corner of the table respectively. Of course, the fun does not start without some good music. Each player positions himself at the corner of the table.
  • Both teams carry one die. The cups are filled with beer before the game starts. The eldest among the players starts the game. He/she places the die in the cradle of the index finger to give it a good spin on release.
  • The die is thrown across the table underhanded at least 6-8 ft high from the player’s head, similar to the size of an 8 ft table. If the player fails to throw at a required height, he/she gets penalized (called a whip or a lateral) and ends up taking a sip. No score is given to the throwing team.
  • If it bounces off the table and lands on the floor, the throwing team gets the point.
  • However, if the opposing team catches the die with one hand after bouncing, the throwing team scores a zero.
  • If the throwing player misses the table completely or lands the die on the table, he/she is bound to take a quarter sip from their drink. This is called heinous. Then the second player of the throwing team takes the turn. After that, the players of the opposing team take turns.
  • If the die lands on the table with a 5 and does not bounce off, the thrower takes the full chug and refills.
  • During the game, if the thrown dice lands in one of the cups of the opposite team (called Plunk), he/she has to drink the entire cup of beer and then spit out the die on the table and roll it over back to the throwing team. After that, the cup is again refilled.
  • If the die just hits the cup (called Plink), the plinked team takes a sip, and if it hits the ceiling then the throwing player takes a sip.
  • If the thrown die hits the opposing team’s cup so hard that the drink is spilled over then that player (with spilled beer) must drink 2 full cups of beer and refill to continue.
  • While playing, a cup should be refilled quickly once empty.
  • Players are not allowed to say numbers five or seven throughout the game. Number 5 is called Bizz, and 7 is called Buzz. If the player accidentally says 5 or 7 then he/she takes a sip and then refills the cup. So be careful because the other team might be smart enough to make you say 5 or 7. 
  • The game continues till one team scores 5 or 7 points and wins with 2 points or till they pass out.
  • Rules might be slightly altered (with agreement from both sides) before the game starts.

What Do You Need to Play Beer Die

There are a few items crucial for a beer die.

  • To begin with, you’ll need 4 players and 2 dice. A bicycle die (size: â…ť inch) is mostly recommended for a beer die.
  • A spacious area like a backyard or a large basement.
  • Your favorite beer. Your beer choice, along with good music, creates a competitive ambiance.
  • 4 cups/ glasses that can hold approximately 16 oz liquid. Red vibrant glasses usually fit best for the game.
  • The most important item is the beer die table. Ideally, it should be about 8 by 4 ft in size with ½ inch thickness. The beer die table is mostly made from plywood, but a melamine material works best, allowing a good toss and bounce. You can make a beer die table at home or can purchase it easily from online stores like amazon.

Difference between Beer Die and Beer Pong

Don’t get yourself confused. There is a huge difference between beer die and beer pong. Beer Pong is played with a ping pong ball with the aim of throwing the ball into the opposing team’s cup.

It is played by two teams but can also be played 1 on 1. Both teams have 10 cups which are â…“ filled with beer. The cups are then arranged in a manner that 4 cups are in the last row and 1 cup in the 1st row. If the ball lands in the cup, then that player has to drink the entire cup.

On the other hand, beer die is played with 2 dice and 4 cups. It has complex and a bit more structured rules. The most prominent difference is that beer die requires more mental skills and quick reflexes to score a point. But once you understand the rules and master the art of throwing a dice, you’ll become a champion. 


Beer die is a drinking game played and enjoyed by thousands of beer lovers. Many beer die tournaments take place in different states of America. The purpose of these tournaments is to keep the tradition alive for several years to come. 

Beer die and beer pong are both drinking games that let you have fun while enjoying a can of beer. By following the rules above, you can easily learn the game. You can enjoy quality time with your friends and keep yourself energized and content.

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