How to Sneak Alcohol into a Concert [14 Ways]

How to Sneak Alcohol into a Concert

Why not hide your alcohol since music festivals are both fantastic and expensive? You’ll need to pay for your tickets, an adorable outfit to wear there, and snacks and alcohol once you’re inside. A music festival’s prohibition on carrying alcohol, which causes you to pay outrageous prices for subpar beer or weak cocktails, is one of its worst features. How are you going to smuggle alcohol into a concert?

Consider a few covert choices for bringing in your party-starting beverage if you want to save some money.

Of course, we can’t promise that these will get you through security, but at least you’ll have a chance! However, don’t worry, fellow concertgoers; we’ve learned a few sly techniques over the years and are ready to share them with you.

1. Sunscreen & Lotion Bottles

It is always worthwhile to try, even though this secret flask is becoming more popular and some security channels have caught on. Bring your friend with light skin, so you have a reason to bring fifty bottles, whether you are going to Disneyland, on a cruise, or to a festival, because spending all day in the scorching heat is trying on the skin. Works perfectly!

You may get a set prepared to be filled with drinks, or you can construct your sunscreen flask by emptying an old lotion bottle you’ve used. Just wash well to avoid getting sick from chemicals and such. Who wants their rum to taste like Coppertone? That is why we choose to purchase the set.

2. In Your Hair

It is a parody of the ancient practice of concealing a joint in your hair. You can buy little liquor bottles or sealable cigar tubes, depending on the length and fullness of your hair (imagine them as tube shots). Then, wrap your hair around the bottles before bunning it.

Use a big clip or plenty of pinning to hold the bottles in place. Alternatively, roll the cigar tubes into a sock bun and apply it frequently. Once security has released you, let go and let loose.

3. Resealed Water Bottles

On the list of methods to sneak alcohol, this one is consistently a fan favorite because it is a tried and true classic. The water/vodka switcheroo has been around for as long as the World’s Fair, which is likely untrue but ultimately would be in an ideal world. You want to improve. Please pick up a case of water bottles, choose a few randomly, and drink them or carelessly pour them out. You could also use it to water your flower crown.

Using the method described above, reseal the bottles after adding some clear liquor to the new empty ones. Mark the bottom of the alcohol-filled bottles with tiny Xs, hearts, or happy faces to prevent you from accidentally guzzling a mouthful of vodka instead of water or spiking your lemonade with water.

4. Football

Aw, your aim could be better. Or is it? At the concert, fill it up and lob this cunning football flask over the fence and into some surrounding trees. Have a companion stealthily take it or get it once you pass the gate. No one will know that you crossed the fence after you twist open this football to reveal the genuine reward.

A secret alcohol storage area for bringing your preferred alcohol to the show. The best innovation of all time, indeed! This concealed flask is practical when the lukewarm Coors Lite won’t do it during a football game or other athletic event.

5. The Baby Flask

Child Protective Services should be alerted just by the terms “baby” and “flask,” but to our knowledge, they don’t frequent music festivals. Given how bizarre and borderline brilliant the Baby Flask is, it is honored to be mentioned first on our list. You can sip alcohol out of a straw that protrudes from the head of a phony infant—a wonderful moment to be alive.

6. Cigar Flask

The unsung hero of this sneaky alcohol obsession is the cigar flask. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be the genuine MVP. In particular, inserting the flask(s) into a Pringles canister is my preferred method. Unaware security personnel will believe you are merely sating your hunger for junk food and aren’t using the container’s contents to satisfy your alcohol demands. If somebody inquires, they have begun creating liquid potato chips, but they need to be more uncool to be aware of this. More cunning hints for utilizing these flasks:

  • Among the straws in your floppy hat
  • Yoga mat rolled up
  • Those on the front of your overalls
  • duct glued to the back of a homemade sign with glitter
  • tangled up within a sloppy man bun

Have fun with it! This is when your true sly serpent ingenuity will shine.

7. The Camera Flask

So, we get it—if your phone has a camera, why do you need a separate one? We fully comprehend. Nonetheless, spending the entire bill on diluted beverages is confusing. Get over yourself and your iPhone, then bring the camera flask back to 2009. We promise you’ll look intriguing in addition to getting your buzz. At music festivals, isn’t that what everyone aims for anyway?

8. The Tampon Flask

Let’s be sincere. Nobody desires to examine your tampon. Security is unlikely to ask you about your tampon container. Remember that bringing a large bag full of these items will draw attention. Get it? An alarm.

9. Gummy Bears

What is superior to alcohol and candy? We also need ideas. This one requires a few days of preparation but is a beautiful method to smuggle alcohol into a festival and works as a fun party trick. All you need to do is gather a bottle of your preferred alcoholic beverage and a bag of gummy bears (vodka seems popular). Put the tiny bears and the alcohol in a glass container, then top it off with vodka to equal the bears’ volume. For three days, cover with cling wrap and store in the refrigerator.

It’s a good idea to check on them occasionally, and I advise stirring them to prevent sticking because you risk getting a giant clump of vodka-infused gummy bears. Because they’ll strike you in the liver very quickly, enjoy these cautiously. Gummy bear consumption gone too far will cause this.

10. Bear Belly Flask

We are aware of your prowess with Lone Stars. Also, we are aware that the dreaded beer belly will ultimately materialize. So why not make the most of it and truly live with a beer belly? And not just any beer belly, but a beer belly that can contain up to 80 ounces of any beverage, be easily cleaned, and be hidden nicely under clothing.

11. Mini Bottles in the Wellies

You can become the coolest kid in the field if you only make your wellies into a tiny bar and pay attention to how you walk. I’ve never had my wellies frisked during any of the festivals I’ve attended, so either buy some miniatures or save money by making your own with these 50ml bottles from Amazon.

Then, after you’re hidden, you can indulge in your alcohol supply as much as you’d like. You can see how to smuggle alcohol!

12. Flower Crown Filled with Vodka

You probably never imagined those weird clown spray flowers would be helpful, but they are. Create a floral crown from these nasties and prepare a cute, tiny spray flask filled with your preferred liqueur, possibly elderflower. You must be excellent with elderflowers if you’re sporting a flower crown. You shouldn’t ever have to remove that halo of liquor goodness because you won’t want to!

13. Secret Umbrella Flask

With the Hidden Umbrella Flask, you can bring alcohol to any gathering. Saves money and avoids waiting in line at packed establishments. Remove the top (handle), and you may use the umbrella like a bottle. It is simple and apparent to use. It can contain little less than 0.5 liters of your preferred alcohol!

The covert umbrella flask is ideal for smuggling alcohol into sporting events and festivals and saving money on alcohol on any night out. Even if it’s you, this is the perfect gift for anyone trying to save money on alcohol!

14. Camelback

The Hydrobak 1.5-liter Camelbak is an excellent option for concealing alcohol beneath your sweatshirt. To stop the security personnel from noticing the space between your back and the bag, tape it to your back.

It might work. However, you should avoid overfilling it, so it feels more like a fat belly than an overstuffed sack.

Attempt to sneak more alcohol than you need into the festival, concert, club, or cruise. Bring your friends along. In this manner, you won’t put all your eggs in one basket, and at least one of you will succeed.

Do you have any other preferred methods for disguising your alcohol? Leave a comment with it so we can add it to the list!

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