How To Sneak Alcohol Into Disneyland [6 Ways]

How To Sneak Alcohol Into Disneyland

If there’s a will, there’s a way. An adage that has caught the mind of brilliant people all around the world since its wide variety of applications. Literally, it can be applied to all walks of life -may it be a family problem, a school-related endeavor, something that affects your professional life, or if you’re just someone seeking some fun doing stuff that is not so legal.

Sneaking alcohol in Disneyland may seem like a crazy idea to some. However, given the fact that they are selling it inside and can be found in their designated spots, the price might make you think otherwise. You may be reading this article since you’re planning a trip to Disneyland, but you probably want to check out of this is something you can do.

Alcohol is Legal in Disneyland

How To Sneak Alcohol Into Disneyland

A common misconception perhaps to a lot of people. Disneyland being a family amusement park, should not be selling alcohol right; however, they are a family-oriented park, so they do not forget dads in the pack who’d rather be contended sitting and chilling while kids are having fun enjoying the rides.

The prices of booze at Disneyland are not at all bad, but there is a limit to what you can drink. It makes sense because no one wants a drunkard to roam around and smack Mickey in the face, for instance, or hit a ride and end up throwing up. These scenarios should be avoided, which is why there is a limit to how much you can buy and drink.

Let the Fun Begin

Nothing could be worth satisfying than becoming a kid again. Someone who does not care about the consequences of one’s actions. A person who just wants to go out of the open and run free. This being said, there are varying reasons why someone would like to do the trick such as this. Everything is relative, but the common thing that unites every sneaky fox is the fun that comes with it.

Why Sneak Alcohol

How To Sneak Alcohol Into Disneyland

As we’ve mentioned, Disneyland has its own designated places where you can hang out and buy limited servings of alcohol. You’ll have to go through the usual process of identification to verify your age, regardless if you’re an American Citizen or not. If you sneak it in, however, you’ll save some time thanks to the ease of access a sneaked alcohol gives, plus it is available anytime, so why the hassle?

Let’s Get Sneaky

Now that we’ve established that sneaking alcohol inside Disneyland is as real as it can be. Let’s find out some of the ways you can do it without getting caught. It is worth noting, however, to remain updated when it comes to security policies, so be responsible enough to check it out before booking a ticket to the world’s most magical destination.

Here are some of the ways that may or may not be effective depending on how security works at the Disneyland of your choice.

1. Sneaky Cigar Holder

This is one of the safest ways, as smoking both the classic cigars and E-cigarettes is allowed in Disneyland as long as you do it at their designated spots. This sneaky cigar holder makes one think you’re just carrying your favorite smoke with you but can actually double as a flask. Fill it up with whichever alcohol you might want, and no one would even see that coming! Just don’t make it too obvious, or you might end up spilling it.

2. Football Flask

Another creative and legal way of sneaking alcohol in is by means of a Football Flask. To avoid suspicion, treat this as a football rather than a flask. It’s spill-proof and will be perfect for storing your favorite alcohol that you can carry and drink anytime while you’re inside Disneyland. A word of advice, be sure to do your research first and check if it’s possible to sneak a ball inside the Disneyland of your choice.

3. The Emergency Handbook

This is definitely one of the less suspicious ways of sneaking your alcohol in. Being a family man, your and your family’s safety is always a priority. This emergency handbook doubles as a flask as well for sneaking in your boost of choice. You may lump it in along with other books for added protection from that suspicious security personnel. Remember to always look cool when presenting it during an inspection.

4. Classic Water Bottle Prank

Since bringing your own food and beverage for consumption is allowed in Disneyland, this trick should work like a charm. Just empty a bottle of your choice and replace it with a clear alcohol like vodka, then seal it back to avoid being sniffed. This kind of method works almost everywhere where clear water is allowed. Always remember the rule of thumb, non-plastic water bottles are not allowed.

5. Lotion and Sunscreen Bottles

If you’re not a fan of the classic water bottle technique and won’t mind spending extra for a flask that can save your thirst for alcohol, this might just work for you. It looks just like a bottle of lotion but loaded with the booze of your choice instead. One thing to note, though, is that this method is getting popular, so increased security might get you caught. We don’t want that, of course, so bring in additional extras or buy that pack of three from Amazon for good measure.

6. They Won’t Mind the Tampons

Here’s another flask you can try, which comes in the shape of tampons but is actually loaded with tubes filled with booze. This comes next to the water bottle prank in terms of safety level, as no security would dare touch those tampons once they see them. The only caveat is it won’t hold that much booze, so be sure to bring in several of them to avoid shortage.


We’re in no way encouraging you to sneak in alcohol to Disneyland, especially if you won’t mind spending a few bucks just to get some from their bars. This is rather a guide to help out those with adventurous spirits who are willing to pay for the consequences. Now you won’t be able to point fingers at anyone; you’ve been warned!

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