How to Tornado a Beer [Steps & Tips]

How to Tornado a Beer

The ability to do the tornado beer chug, also known as the vortex beer chug, adds a remarkable twist to chugging a drink, which may not be the most complex talent. The tornado chug uses the same concepts you might have studied about the whirling vortex in a water bottle, taking a humorous leaf from the scientific textbook. The difference this time is that the alcohol turns into a captivating tornado within the bottle.

It takes some effort and dexterity to become proficient with this method. To get the best results, tilt the bottle, start the swirling motion with a light wrist motion, and then guzzle. While it may not be an Olympic-caliber ability, the tornado beer chug brings a lighthearted and entertaining aspect to social events. Just keep in mind that moderation and responsibility are essential when drinking.

Step-by-step Guidelines

How to Tornado a Beer

It can make the beer easier to chug by minimizing foam and air pockets. Following is a step-by-step guide on how to tornado a beer:

1. Find the Right Bottle

Start with a beer bottle with a wide mouth and a neck that tapers slightly toward the top. This shape will help create a better vortex.

2. Prepare the Beer

Make sure the beer is cold like ice and ready for a drink. Avoid shaking the bottle, as excessive foam can interfere with the vortex.

3. Half-Empty the Bottle

Pour out a small amount of beer from the pot or a bottle. It creates some space at the top for the swirling motion.

4. Hold the Bottle

Hold the bottle firmly by the neck, ensuring a good grip. Keep your thumb on the cap of the bottle to prevent it from souring due to the whirling motion.

5. Lean the Bottle

Clasp the bottle at about 45 degrees. This angle helps initiate the swirling motion more effectively.

6. Start Swirling

Begin gently swirling the beer inside the bottle in a circular motion. Use your wrist to create the motion, similar to how you’d create a mini whirlpool in a glass of water.

7. Increase Swirling

Gradually increase the speed of the swirling motion while maintaining the circular pattern. You’ll start to notice the liquid forming a vortex inside the bottle.

8. Watch the Vortex

As the vortex forms, the beer will start to spiral downward mesmerizingly. This vortex action helps reduce foam and air pockets within the beer.

9. Chug the Beer

Once the vortex is established, quickly bring the bottle upright and start chugging the beer. The reduced foam and air pockets will make the beer easier to chug.

10. Enjoy and Impress

Successfully tornado a beer and chugging it down can be quite impressive to onlookers. 

Don’t be frustrated if the method doesn’t work properly the first time; remember that perfecting it may require some practice. While this strategy might be enjoyable, drinking sensibly and in moderation is still crucial.

8 Tips for Tornado Beer

How to Tornado a Beer

Certainly, here are some points to help you experience the art of tornado a beer:

1. Temperature Matters

When tornados a beer, achieving the right temperature balance is crucial. While the beer should be chilled, excessively cold temperatures can hinder the swirling action. If the beer is too cold, its viscosity increases, making it resistant to forming the desired vortex.

Aim for a temperature that allows for fluid movement while maintaining the beer’s characteristics, ensuring a smooth and captivating swirling effect during the tornado process.

2. Pour Out a Bit of Beer

Before a tornado, a beer pours out a small quantity to create space at the bottle’s top. This precaution prevents potential overflow as the swirling motion is initiated. Adequate space ensures that the beer remains within the bottle without spilling over as you create the mesmerizing vortex. This step contributes to a successful and controlled tornado beer experience, minimizing mess or waste.

3. Smooth Circular Motion

Begin swirling the beer in a circular motion using your wrist. Start slowly and moderately, speeding up the process. 

4. Use and Have Patience

Tornado takes patience and practice. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work perfectly the first few times. Adjust your wrist movement until you find the right rhythm.

5. Upright Position for Chugging

Once you’ve created a well-defined vortex while tornadoing the beer, it’s time to transition to chugging. Swiftly return the bottle to an upright position and begin your chugging motion. The reduced foam resulting from the swirling action makes consuming the beer smoother. This step is crucial to capitalize on the minimized foam, enabling you to enjoy the beer more efficiently and showcase your tornado beer-chugging prowess.

6. Use Caution and Control

As you engage in the tornado beer chug, maintain a secure hold on the bottle cap to prevent it from becoming dislodged due to the swirling motion. Your thumb can serve as a seal, providing an added layer of protection against any unintended spillage or the cap coming off. This precaution ensures a controlled and safe experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the mesmerizing vortex while maintaining control over the bottle’s contents.

7. Avoid Shaking

While it might be tempting to shake the bottle vigorously, it can result in excessive foam. Gentle swirling is more effective.

8. Experiment and Learn

As you practice, you’ll refine your technique. Experiment with beer types and bottle shapes to see what works best.

Tornado a beer is a playful and entertaining skill, but always prioritize responsible drinking. It’s a great way to add a unique twist to social gatherings and creatively showcase your beer enthusiasm.


Tornado or vortexing a beer adds an exciting and skillful twist to chugging. By mastering the art of creating a swirling vortex within the bottle, you impress your friends and enhance the chugging experience.

Each step contributes to a visually captivating and entertaining technique, from choosing the right beer and temperature to creating the perfect vortex and chugging efficiently. Remember to enjoy this playful skill responsibly, prioritizing moderation and the enjoyment of your favorite brews uniquely and engagingly.

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