Does Jennifer Anniston Drink Alcohol?

Jennifer Anniston Drink Alcohol

Jennifer Anniston is a big name in the Hollywood industry. She is a known actress who played the role of Rachel Green in the season “Friends,” and since then, got acclaimed a lot. She has received various awards and has appeared in numerous other seasons and movies, including the good girl, the breakup, cake, and many more to count on. However, when eyeing her personal life and drinking habits, it is claimed that Jennifer Anniston is exposed to drinking. 

Yes, Jennifer Anniston is into drinking. However, she has recently cut down the excessive consumption to a few glasses. Moreover, she prefers to drink plain margaritas and Daiquiri with no added spices, flavors, and sugars. She claims exotic drinks to not be her type. 

Want to know more about Jennifer Anniston’s drinking preference? Then let’s delve through the article together and unleash the details.

Does Jennifer Anniston Drink Alcohol?

Jennifer Anniston Drink Alcohol

Although a great fitness freak, yes, Jennifer Anniston drinks alcohol, including wine, margaritas, Daiquiri, etc.

In an interview with Instyle in 2018, held by Molly McNearney, she said that margarita is her favorite summer cocktail to go for. It makes her feel fresh. Moreover, she mentioned that she makes the drink herself and incorporates the three prime ingredients in it only. These are the three ingredients that all American mixologist use:

  • Silver Tequila 
  • Lime Juice
  • Triple Sec

Yes, her signature margarita is composed of these prime ingredients only. She clearly mentioned that she avoids the addition of all sorts of sugars, agave, artificial flavors, and mixes. Instead, she likes to keep her drink simple, plain, yet delicious. However, according to her, you can add some Cointreau to it if you want to.

Additionally, in an interview, she said that she loved to keep her drinks simple and plain. She usually opts for a clean margarita or the dirty Daiquiri. In fact, she doesn’t like to drink flavored cranberry, coconut, cucumber, spiced or hibiscus drinks. 

Moreover, she has a variety of spirits at her home. She revealed in an interview that she has an entire cellular of different spirits in her house, and therefore, anyone who longs for one can come to her house.

However, now she has reduced her consumption to a great extent. Previously, she drank a lot every night before catching a nap.

What Are Jennifer Anniston’s Go-To Alcoholic Drinks?

In different interviews, Jennifer Anniston mentioned her drinking habits. Through them, we can conclude that the great actress mostly loves to drink wine, margaritas, and Daiquiri. 

Moreover, the flavored, sweetened drinks are not her choice. She clearly states that she doesn’t like overly sweetened drinks. She doesn’t add sugar or sweetening syrup to her drinks. Additionally, in an interview, she said that she drinks to a limit and avoids drinking exotic ones with uncommon flavors and added ingredients. For example, the spiced margaritas, cucumber Melon Sangria, etc., are not her “Go-To” drinks. 

Why Did Justin Theroux Want Jennifer Anniston to Go for an Alcohol-Free Wedding?

Yes, Justin Theroux, the ex-husband of Jennifer Anniston, wanted to hold an Alcohol Free Wedding.

The reason is that Justin Theroux was well up with Jennifer Anniston’s habit of consuming an entire bottle of wine at a time. So, he wanted her fiancé to avoid drinking alcohol. Actually, he was a super health freak, and as he aged, not only he quitted alcohol and drinking himself, but he asked her future wife-to-be to do the same. However, according to RadarOnline, the idea of a non-alcoholic wedding was received with laughter and as a joke by Jennifer Anniston and her friends. 

But yes, she did reduce her alcohol consumption to some extent.

Jennifer Anniston’s Eating Habits

Being a fitness fanatic and workout aficionado, Jennifer takes a lot of care of her diet and exercise plans. She does multiple physical exercises to keep her body fit, including yoga and workouts. 

Similarly, she is a very mindful eater, and thus, here is a short sum up of what Jennifer Anniston eats:

  • For breakfast, she takes a glass of melon-squeezed water, a cup of coffee, and an egg too.
  • For lunch, she eats vegetables that are a rich source of protein, along with a piece of chicken. 
  • She takes fruits, nuts, cheese, or almonds as her snacks to stay full and energy packed.
  • For dinner, she takes meats, vegetables, and sometimes Mexican food. However, she likes to pair drinks with pizza. But again, the simple drinks with no apple flavors.

So, these are a few foods that Jennifer Anniston loves to eat. 

Is Jennifer Anniston Addicted to Excessive Alcohol Consumption?

Jennifer Anniston Drink Alcohol

No, Jennifer Anniston is not addicted to alcohol overconsumption. She consumes it occasionally, and yes, in a safe amount. 

She is known to help Matthew Perry confront and overcome his addiction to alcohol. 

In a clip of Matthew Perry: The Diane Sawyer Interview, he told how involved he was in drinking and that he used to meet drug dealers frequently. And at that time, Jennifer Anniston helped him the most to come out of the hard time (dark phase) of his life. He said that he was so close to death because of his addiction and overdose of opioids, and during the whole recovery phase, Jennifer Anniston, along with a few other people, acted as the biggest support system to rely on.

So, in short, although Jennifer Anniston is into drinking and enjoying drinks at parties, she always looks after her health and is not addicted to alcohol. 

Final Verdict 

Yes, Jennifer Anniston drinks alcohol. She can easily take a bottle of wine down. However, she is strict about her choice. For example, she likes to drink margaritas or Daiquiris without added sugar, flavors, etc. She clearly states that she loves clean drinks, not exotic ones.

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