Landshark Beer Review

Landshark Beer

Gone are the days when you could only have water when you felt thirsty. Today, you will find many types of beverages that can do much more than merely fulfill your thirst. For instance, you can have a cold can of beer when thirsty. If you have a chilled can of beer, it can make you feel refreshed again. You will feel the energy to carry on with your task under the sun that you were busy with.

With time, the demand for different types of beers increased. As a result, you will find many brewing companies manufacturing their own beer brands. One of the popular beer brands is Landshark Beer. This beer brand has been in the US market for a long time and has become a favorite for many across the nation.

Brief History

Anheuser-Busch is the manufacturer of Landshark Beer or Landshark Lager. The company is a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev, which is the biggest brewing company in the US. The company has a market share of more than 45%. Anheuser-Busch owns more than 12 breweries in the US and 20 more in other foreign countries. However, this number increased after Anheuser-Busch InBev purchased SABMiller in 2016.

Landshark Lager was brewed for the first time in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2006. It contains 4.6% ABV and was introduced as the house lager for Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, which is a chain of restaurants. The reason behind this introduction was to compete with Corona Beer, manufactured by Grupo Modelo. Landshark Beer was first introduced in the US. However, it is now also available in South Africa, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Belize.

What Type Of Beer Is Landshark Beer?

If you love to have a beer, you should know that there are different types of beer in the market. Some are pilsners; some are lagers, ales, and some are stouts. However, if you talk about Landshark Beer, it is a golden island-style lager. It has an amazing refreshing quality since fine quality hops are used in making Landshark Beer. This beer brand is very easy to drink and pairs well with good food. It can also be a great beverage to drink while you spend some great time with your family and friends.

What Does Landshark Beer Taste Like?

If you prefer to have a beer that has a refreshing taste with a slight hint of malt-like sweetness, then you will love the Landshark beer. This unique taste of the beverage and its ability to refresh your body and mind has made it famous. This unique taste of the beer is due to a lovely blend of different types of hops. The beer also has two rows of caramel that gives it a sweet malty flavor.

The lovely combination of malty sweetness and refreshing flavor makes Landshark Beer a favorite among beer lovers. Although it was brewed for the first time in the US, it is now available in different other countries, such as Mexico, the Caribbean, and South Africa.


Landshark Beer is made with extreme love by Anheuser-Busch. The makers try to use naturally grown ingredients to manufacture the beer. Landshark Beer is made from natural spring water, barley, hops, yeast, and malt. They also use selected varieties of cereal grains that enable the beverage to get its unique characteristics.

There are no animal ingredients used to manufacture the drink, which is the best part about the ingredients used to manufacture Landshark Beer. The manufacturer also does not use any lubricant in their packaging and brewing equipment that is derived from animals.

Beer manufacturers add isinglass finings to their products that help the suspended particles and yeast to settle down. However, the makers of Landshark beer thoroughly remove all the suspended particles and allow the yeast the settle down completely before they start with the fermentation process.


Like all other types of lagers, Landshark Lager also contains around 150 calories in a 12 oz bottle. However, the amount of calories present in the beer is not something to worry about.

Alcohol Content

Landshark Beer contains 4.6% ABV, which falls within the average range for Lagers worldwide.

Is It Healthy?

If you have large amounts of alcohol every day, it will cause great harm to your general health. Daily alcohol consumption can harm your liver and heart. Your liver will stop working properly, and you may also suffer from a heart attack. However, if you have a moderate amount of alcohol occasionally, there won’t be any harm done to your body.

A 12 oz bottle of Landshark Beer contains 150 calories, which is not much compared to other types of alcoholic beverages. It also has total carbs of 5% or 13.4gm and protein of 1.64gm. If you have a moderate amount of the beverage, it cannot do any harm to your body.


The cost of Landshark Beer depends on the seller and the location where it is sold. The beverage is also available in different-sized packs and contains a different number of bottles. Thus, the prices of the packs vary. For instance, a 6-bottle pack will cost around $9.99, and a 12-bottle pack will cost around $16.08. On the other hand, a pack of 24 bottles will cost around $28.99.


There are different forms of alcoholic drinks at the stores. Most of them are used at parties, such as whiskies, vodkas, and tequilas. Unfortunately, having a glass of whisky or vodka may not refresh you. If you want an alcoholic beverage that can help you feel refreshed after a tiring day at work, then you need to have a chilled can of beer.

There are numerous beer brands out there. One of the popular brands is Landshark Beer, manufactured by Anheuser-Busch. This beer contains 150 calories and has the unique ability to refresh you completely. The beer is also made with natural ingredients and a selected range of cereal grains. The inclusion of two rows of caramel gives the beer its sweet malty flavor. The alcohol content of the beer is 4.6% ABV which does not make it fall under the same category as whiskies and vodkas.

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