Can Nuns Drink? [Explained]

nuns drink

As we all know, nuns are spiritual females who make promises and devote their lives to faith. Their religion asks them to follow a strict code of conduct, obedience, and prayers. So they are prohibited from certain customs. This is all because of their spiritual and sacred lifestyle. There is always a curious question about whether nuns can drink or not. The simple answer is “yes,” and it depends on each nun’s personal preferences.

No custom or hard rule says nuns should not drink. There is a general misconception that nuns don’t drink. Nuns are allowed to drink in moderation under certain circumstances. Let us explore in detail whether nuns can drink, and if yes, what are they restricted to and what is not in this blog.

Can Nuns really drink? 

There is no universal rule or law that says nuns are not allowed to drink. But why this confusion about whether nuns can drink or not? There is no strict Yes or no answer to this stereotype question. It is simply an individual preference and personal desire if they want to drink alcohol or not.

We may find it odd, but they are allowed to involve themselves in alcoholic beverages. They do not take such promises or commitments that forbid them from drinking; it is enough if they have crossed the legal age.

Do religions prohibit nuns from consuming Alcohol?

There are sayings that the bible states Christians should not consume alcohol in excess. However, in Christianity, there is no such prohibition against moderate drinking. Drinking alcohol is a way of honoring God, so they think. Christian followers are asked to pray five times a day, and alcohol remains one of the main components of Christian celebrations.

However, during holy days, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited, according to religious scholars. For example, it is said that during Lent and fasting times, nuns are prohibited from alcohol consumption. The bond between belief and drinking has improved in modern years and will endure transforming in the future.

Do Catholic Nuns Drink Alcohol? 

nuns drink

There is a common misconception that Catholic nuns don’t drink. But that is not true. There might be certain religious orders where members are prohibited from drinking alcohol, but many do not do so.

In reality, we can see nuns delighting in a glass of beer or wine during special occasions. But why is there confusion? That prohibition from drinking alcohol is associated with catholic nuns since those are otherworldly restrictions for them.

These restrictions are because nuns take vows of poverty and obedience so that they will lead a simple and humble life. On the other hand, it is said that they don’t need to follow them strictly. The fact is that they can enjoy drinking but are not supposed to get drunk. It is not that nuns alone should not drink too much. All Catholics are prohibited from being drunk. 

The reason why Nuns Drink Alcohol on Christmas

We all know that Christmas is celebrated for the birth of “Jesus Christ.” People celebrate Christmas with all their family members together, which brings connectivity between them. Nuns celebrate Christmas with gifts, traditional rituals, and music. They love to sip wine on the eve of Christmas. Even nuns and Catholics are permitted to consume alcohol on Christmas Eve. However, when they engage in these activities, they must strictly adhere to the practice of moral science and moderation.

The nuns are allowed to drink wine during Christmas because that wine symbolizes the “blood of Jesus.” This is usually done in memory of their Christ, who has suffered, and they eagerly look forward to his promised return.

It is believed that it is not a sin when alcohol is consumed on Christmas Eve. But this is not the case for minors; even during Christmas, they are not served alcohol.

Do Nuns make their Alcohol? 

Yes. It might be surprising, but nuns make alcohol. There is a special type of alcohol that nuns prefer. Indeed, several convents and monasteries have their wineries and breweries. The traditional type of alcohol that is created by nuns is beer, but they are also good at making other alcoholic beverages and wine.

It is said that in the Netherlands and Belgium, the alcohol is brewed by nuns and priests and is called Trappist beer. These beers are recognized as top-fermented beers. Apart from beer, nuns also enjoy consuming wine on special occasions. Like anyone else, each nun has her relationship with alcohol, and some may choose to abstain altogether. Nuns have started enjoying beers once in a while, and they have also started brewing their beer at home.

There are also articles saying that monks and nuns are preparing wine in France. When it comes to the advancement and preservation of viticulture, monks and nuns play a major role. The pruning practice is said to be developed by these monks and nuns. This, in turn, explains to us that they love to prepare and enjoy alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine.


Without a doubt, the answer is yes. Nuns are not prohibited from drinking alcohol. In reality, several famous nuns make and market wines. For example, in Kentucky, there is a winery for the Sisters of Loretto.

The final verdict is that it is the nun’s choice to drink alcohol or not. Ultimately, in line with the values emphasized, moderation and responsibility are essential. It is not only for nuns; it is good to drink but not to be drunk.

It is crucial to remember that nuns are also humans who have their values and choices. Some nuns forbid themselves from drinking alcohol. It is their personal preference, and it is not a sin if nuns drink. There is no right or wrong, and it is not good to judge other nuns for their choices. It is to respect their choices either way. So the next time you see a nun drinking, there is nothing to be surprised by.

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