How To Open a Bottle Cap With a Spoon [Step-by-Step]

Open a Bottle Cap With a Spoon

When it comes to parties, learning how to open a bottle cap with a spoon, a lighter, or whatever you can find is always an impressive party trick. It’s always a nice conversation starter, and it’s a very convenient skill to have, especially when no one brought a bottle opener to a get-together.

If you already know how to open a bottle cap with a lighter, you’re pretty much a few steps away from learning a new skill. While the concept is basically the same, how you would hold the spoon can prove to be a challenge for a few individuals. 

Fortunately, this article will help you become the hero of the party. By utilizing the fulcrum and lever method, it’s safe to say that everyone can learn how to pop bottles with enough practice and execution.

Before You Begin Learning How to Open a Bottle Cap with a Spoon

Since a spoon isn’t designed for opening bottle caps, it’s important to know the certain risks associated with this activity. While it’s not really considered highly dangerous, injuries can and will happen without proper precaution.

Type of Spoons

When choosing a spoon, the most important criterion is its toughness and sturdiness. Since the spoon will act as a lever, it should be able to withstand immense force without bending. With that being said, you can pretty much use any spoon with a flat handle. 

Type of Bottles

For beginners, the best bottles to practice on are drinks with high carbonation due to the manufacturing process. It’s highly recommended to start with beer and soda bottles to fully understand the bottle-opening concept and mechanics.

Pro-tip: Because practice makes perfect, be sure to grab a 6-pack so you can keep practicing if you failed at your first few tries.

Hand Grip

To avoid unnecessary damage and/or accidents, the hand that would act as a fulcrum has to hold the bottle firmly. It shouldn’t wiggle during the process. Practice holding the bottle with each hand before proceeding to the next step.

Check the Environment

Highly carbonated drinks tend to have the bottle cap fly off if done perfectly. This is one disadvantage of using anything other than a bottle opener, as you have no control over the cap. With that being said, it’s important to do this in open places, free from fragile items. 

Pro-tip: If you want to stop the bottle cap from flying uncontrollably, you can regulate the amount of pressure you’re using by slowly opening the cap.

Learning the Process – How to Open a Bottle Cap with a Spoon

Open a Bottle Cap With a Spoon

Say goodbye to bottle openers. The goal of this section is to make sure that by the end of it,  you should be confident enough to learn how to open bottle caps with normal kitchen utensils. This video demonstrates how incredibly easy and quick it is to open one. 

However, if you prefer a step-by-step approach, this guide is all you need to go from zero to hero in opening bottle caps like a pro. Here are the simple steps you need to follow.

Step 1

Open a Bottle Cap With a Spoon

Choose which hand will serve as a fulcrum and as a lever. Hold the bottle firmly and make sure that your hands are near the top of the bottle cap, but be sure to leave your thumb with enough space. Your thumb will be crucial for the next steps.

Use your non-dominant hand to grasp the bottle firmly. Make sure you hold the bottle tightly at the cap.

Step 2

There are two known methods for opening the bottle cap with a spoon: the flat end or the round end. Regardless of the method, ensure that the spoon sits between the ridges of the cap crown and use your thumb to angle the spoon on top of it. Leave little space between the spoon and the crown.

Step 3

Be sure that you have a firm grip on the spoon and that the cap is facing upward and away from your direction. Regardless of the method below, remember to use the spoon as a lever in order to be successful.

Flat end method: grip the handle of the spoon and make sure that the concave side is facing upward. Now, lift the spoon handle like a lever against the bottle cap. 

Concave method: grip the flat part of the spoon and use the concave side upward. Lift the spoon against the bottle cap like a lever.

If done correctly, you should hear a pop or some pressure escaping from the bottle. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not getting the bottle cap to pop off, as you’re not the only one who has had that dilemma. Just keep trying and see the results yourself.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Drink

Once the cap has been securely removed, sip your drink.

Tips for Improving Your Bottle-Opening Skills

  1. Practice the fulcrum and lever positioning as often as you can. Finding the right angle and pressure is very tricky for beginners. Once you have both hands locked firmly in place, use only the spoon to push the bottle cap upwards in one fast motion.
  2. Be sure that the bottle or spoon that you’re using is free from any damage to ensure that your hands are safe for the entire activity.
  3. If you heard some pressure going off but the bottle cap is still attached, rotate the bottle and try again. With enough practice and execution, you won’t be having this problem again.
  4. Never use flimsy or bendable utensils unless you’re very confident with your fulcrum and lever technique. Always make sure that your handle of the spoon is firm and snuggled to minimize accidents.


There you have it! You finally learned how to open a bottle cap with a spoon in two different ways. While there are other ways you can open a bottle, nothing shows resourcefulness by using whatever’s available in your arsenal.

Once you have mastered this skill, you can pretty much use any tool that has a flat and sturdy edge as a bottle opener without any issues. As long as you remember to follow the safety precautions, as well as the important tips listed, then you’re one conversation away from becoming the human Swiss army knife.

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