500+ Best Paranoia Questions That Can Test Your Relationships

Paranoia Questions

It’s time to know what your friends really think about you!

The Paranoia Questions game is a fun way to interact with your friends and get to know what’s running in their heads. With a series of amusing and outrageous questions, you can easily find out who’s your enemy and who’s your friend.

The aim of these paranoia questions is to develop a feeling of curiosity among the players. Some questions will reveal a funny side of your friends, while others may reveal their deepest darkest secrets. Paranoia is an entertaining game that you can play with your friends and family and enjoy a great time together.

So grab your drinks and let the party hit the roof!

What is a Paranoia Drinking Game?

All the players sit in a circular formation or at a round table. One player is chosen to go first, usually the youngest one. He/she whispers a question to the player next to him. The answer to the question must be the name of someone sitting at the table. The questioned player announces out loud the name of the player whom he/she believes might be the answer. Then the player being called out must decide either stay quiet and pass the question or down his booze to know why his name was taken.

By the end of the game, a player may become paranoid as to why his name was announced. It’s an amusing game and lets you enjoy your alcoholic beverages to the fullest. 

Check out these amazing “Who” questions that will make your Paranoia game a blast.

Different questions are compiled for your ease. You can pick the ones that best suit your gathering/party.

Funny Paranoia Questions

  1. Who is most likely to cry while watching a movie?
  2. Who is the best bathroom singer?
  3. Who forgets to flush every time they use the washroom?
  4. Who can sleep with their eyes open?
  5. Who can’t survive without shopping?
  6. Who wears a wig to a party?
  7. Who is most likely to pick their nose in public without caring?
  8. Who is the most disgusting one?
  9. Who has the habit of secretly checking other people’s messages and calls?
  10. Who is bold enough to race a mile naked?
  11. Who hates showers?
  12. Who got himself heavily drunk and found himself waking up in the toilet?
  13. Who is the most terrible dancer?
  14. Who loves to scare the pants off of everyone?
  15. Who is most likely to make fake social media profiles to cheat girls/boys?
  16. Who is still madly in love with cartoons?
  17. Who is the king of karaoke nights?
  18. Who hates being ridiculed?
  19. Who loves to complain about everyone and everything in the world?
  20. Who can spend hours in the washroom?
  21. Who can’t survive without a burger?
  22. Who has ever puked on someone else?
  23. Who can gossip all night long?
  24. Who tripped over at a homecoming dance?
  25. Who suffers from bad breath the most?
  26. Who would still love to play Superman in their 20s?
  27. Who is a nerd and desperately wants to become a model?
  28. Who acts like a maniac after downing 6 shots?
  29. Who is most likely to become the next President of the country?
  30. Who would love to go invisible and rob a bank?
  31.  Who aims to be skinny in the next few months?
  32. Who eats a burger, pizza, and a soda while claiming to be on a diet?
  33. Who can dance in a crowd wearing only their underpants?
  34. Who had the most wedgies?
  35. Who can sleep anywhere?
  36. Who has a habit of sniffing everything?
  37. Who is the best at lying among the players?
  38. Who has the habit of hiding their actual age?
  39. Who is obsessed with himself?
  40. Who can’t sleep without their teddy bear?
  41. Who hates sharing their belongings?
  42. Who would apple-polish a teacher to pass the exams?
  43. Who is most likely to fail this semester?
  44. Who is the expert cheater during exams?
  45. Who is the “Selfie King/Queen”?
  46. Who thinks that they are cursed?
  47. Who enjoys pranking others?
  48. Who is terrible at board games and hates losing?
  49. Who likes to keep their room messy?
  50. Who gets scared the most?
  51. Who would likely marry his/her cell phone?
  52. Who lives in a fantasy world?
  53. Who got the guts to wrestle a crocodile?
  54. Who is most hungry for power?
  55. Who can sleep with a corpse?
  56. Who can howl like a werewolf?
  57. Who has a squeaky voice?
  58. Who can sleep anytime, anywhere, without the need for a bed?
  59. Who can never remember their own cell phone number?

Family-friends Paranoia Questions

  1. Who is most likely to marry their high-school girlfriend?
  2. Who is still a mama’s boy or girl?
  3. Who is most likely to help a friend in need?
  4. Who is most likely to deceive a friend?
  5. Who has ever stolen money from their dad’s wallet?
  6. Who would die for their friends?
  7. Who is most likely to take a stand for their friends?
  8. Who got hooked up with their childhood best friend?
  9. Who is most likely to be a hypocrite in the group?
  10. Who had a messed-up childhood?
  11. Who gets extremely aggressive if his/her family is being insulted?
  12. Who is the best photographer in the group?
  13. Who would love to host a party?
  14. Who writes Christmas cards and birthday cards every year to all his family and friends?
  15. Who hates socializing?
  16. Who would pole dance drunk with their best friend?
  17. Who is most likely to become a scientist at NASA?
  18. Who loves making fun of others?
  19. Who would marry an 80-year-old billionaire for money?
  20. Who loves cooking for the family?
  21. Who is most likely to betray their friends during exams?
  22. Who loves to have children?
  23. Who will marry next year? 
  24. Who will kill their friends/family for money?
  25. Who enjoys playing video games with friends on Saturdays?
  26. Who gives the best advice in the group?
  27. Who is most popular at his workplace?
  28. Who has terrible neighbors?
  29. Who can read their friends’ faces?
  30. Who would never argue on anything and stay neutral?
  31.  Who has the habit of poking their nose in other people’s matters?
  32. Who has a charitable nature?
  33. Who will remain single their entire life?
  34. Who is most likely to run away from a crowded gathering?
  35. Who hosts the slumber parties the most?
  36. Who treats their pets like their own babies?
  37. Who is the dominant individual in the family?
  38. Who is most likely to live with their family for the rest of their lives?
  39. Who would wrestle their friends for the last beer glass?
  40. Who is the meanest person in the group?
  41. Who is most likely to fall in love with a 10 year older person?
  42. Who is the worst at spending money?
  43. Who is short-tempered and can’t tolerate a simple joke?
  44. Who is most likely to have gentlemen’s traits?
  45. Who is most obedient to their parents?
  46. Who is most likely to go on a world tour for their holidays?
  47. Who would fight his friend for that last piece of pizza?
  48. Who would dare to take 3 tequila shots right now?
  49. Who is the bully in the group?
  50. Who would leave their family for money?
  51. Who is most likely to become a Hollywood star in the future?
  52. Who has a celebrity family member?
  53. Who would probably run their family business as a career option in the near future?
  54. Who is good at helping someone by letting others know about it?
  55. Who would kill someone for a new cell phone?
  56. Who never accepts defeat in Xbox games?
  57. Who wears expensive sneakers the most?
  58. Who can eat without using their hands?
  59. Who is the blogger in the group?
  60. Who would likely become the next Elon Musk in the group?
  61. Who would likely purchase a Tesla car in the near future?

Juicy Paranoia Questions

  1. Who is most likely to keep their earphones plugged in while asleep? 
  2. Who is the best person in the group to play Thor’s character?
  3. Who can die from a heart attack while watching a horror movie?
  4. Who has been grounded the most?
  5. Who is the biggest fan of Netflix?
  6. Who would run away in their first week after joining the army?
  7. Who appears younger than their age?
  8. Who is the perfect kisser in the group?
  9. Who has the habit of peeing in a public pool while swimming?
  10. Who had the best childhood memories?
  11. Who is mostly to pass out in 2 shots at a party?
  12. Who is most likely to have an arranged marriage?
  13. Who would love to steal for their loved one?
  14. Who is most likely to burn food several times?
  15. Who has the most pair of shoes?
  16. Who is most likely to cover their bodies with tattoos?
  17. Who is most likely to become a night owl during exams?
  18. Who is the most hyper-excited one in the group?
  19. Who is the best dancer in the group?
  20. Who is the nymphomaniac in the group?
  21. Who wears the same pants the entire week?
  22. Who suffered the worst accident for a bet?
  23. Who is most likely to have the biggest closet? 
  24. Who is crushing someone at the workplace?
  25. Who has the most astonishing morning face?
  26. Who has the habit of nail-biting when nervous?
  27. Who would freak out like a baby in a dangerous situation?
  28. Who is most loved by his/her friends in the group?
  29. Who is the most hated person in the group?
  30. Who has the most followers on social media?
  31. Who is the wicked one in the group?
  32. Who is most likely to become a digital nomad?
  33. Who is most likely to take drugs?
  34. Who loves to shower twice a day?
  35. Who is addicted to their cell phones?
  36. Who can survive 10 days in a jungle?
  37. Who is most likely to send love messages to their secret crush?
  38. Who will end up in prison?
  39. Who sleeps with their pets?
  40. Who can’t survive a day without the internet?
  41. Who will die first in the group?
  42. Who will be a travel blogger in the group?
  43. Who is the creepiest one in the group?
  44. Who can’t survive a day without beer?
  45. Who shows violent and aggressive behavior when drunk? 
  46. Who can marry a complete stranger?
  47. Who will most likely to own a Lamborghini in the future?
  48. Who got the bushiest armpits right now?
  49. Who does not brush their teeth for days?
  50. Who would chew a bug for money?
  51. Who is the visionary in the group?
  52. Who has the habit of double-checking the locks?
  53. Who always forgets where they put their car keys?
  54. Who would never deny being an obsessed beer lover?
  55. Who can play multiple sports?
  56. Who gets dimples when they smile?
  57. Who is the most inspirational person in the group?
  58. Who is just like his father/mother?
  59. Who got kicked out of work recently?
  60. Who would love to join the navy?

Sexual/Dirty/Love Paranoia Question

  1. Who owns the most s*x toys?
  2. Who can sleep with two different people in one night?
  3. Who married their one-night stand?
  4. Who is the noisiest one while having s*x?
  5. Who is addicted to porn movies?
  6. Who is desperate to hook up with someone?
  7. Who is most likely to become the next po*n star?
  8. Who will do anything to please their partner?
  9. Who is most likely to date a new person each day?
  10. Who is most likely to stay a virgin till marriage?
  11. Who is terrible in bed?
  12. Who hates using cond*ms?
  13. Who has the hottest body in the group?
  14. Who is best at giving s*x advice?
  15. Who is the first person in the group to lose their virginity early?
  16. Who has knowledge of all po*n stars?
  17. Who is crushing his best friend’s girl?
  18. Who sends d*ck pics the most?
  19. Who loves speaking about s*x the most?
  20. Who loves recording a s*x tape?
  21. Who can easily kiss a stranger?
  22. Who is most likely to make love with their best friends right now?
  23. Who is comfortable with the idea of a couple’s swing?
  24. Who does not bother having s*x in public?
  25. Who is most likely to cheat their partner?
  26. Who is comfortable touching a total stranger?
  27. Who is most likely to date a person sitting next to them?
  28. Who would love to have a mirror on their ceiling?
  29. Who is still crazy about their ex?
  30. Who is desperate to make love even with a prostitute?
  31. Who is the horny one in the group?
  32. Who enjoys making love in cars?
  33. Who enjoys pleasing themselves the most when alone?
  34. Who would love to get drunk and make out with their partner right now?
  35. Who has the habit of stalking their partner?
  36. Who can shower all the money in the world on the love of their life?
  37. Who has the habit of sending vulgar messages?
  38. Who fell in love with their partner at first sight?
  39. Who is still waiting for their Prince Charming?
  40. Who is most likely to propose their love soon?
  41. Who gets extremely nervous before kiss*ng someone?
  42. Who would change themselves for their partner?
  43. Who is the cleanest among the friends?
  44. Who would love a romantic walk on the beach with their partner?
  45. Who fell in love with their partner unexpectedly?
  46. Who gets most jealous seeing their partner of the opposite gender?
  47. Who has made the most compromises to keep their relationship alive?
  48. Who is most likely to order a pizza after s*x?
  49. Who enjoys getting into BDSM?
  50. Who initiates and arouses first every time?
  51. Who would say “I love you” to the person sitting next to them?
  52. Who would marry a gorgeous looking extra-terrestrial?
  53. Who has the habit of complaining about their partner all the time?
  54. Who wishes to have double-sized organs?
  55. Who is most likely to give his partner a nice dress for their birthday?
  56. Who borrows money from his partner?
  57. Who sends good morning texts to his/her partner daily?
  58. Who likes dumping their partner when they feel bored?
  59. Who keeps an extra close eye on their partner?
  60. Who would do anything for fame?
  61. Who is the slut in the group?

Paranoia Questions For Girls

  1. Who is most likely gossiping for hours about the girl they are jealous of?
  2. Who has the worst fashion sense?
  3. Who loves the idea of a capsule wardrobe?
  4. Who is extremely quick with house chores?
  5. Who enjoys quality time with their sisters?
  6. Who would wear the same outfit as their best friend?
  7. Who is most weight conscious?
  8. Who is most likely to get a belly piercing?
  9. Who has the strangest jewelry sense?
  10. Who has the largest collection of purses?
  11. Who never admits that they can be wrong?
  12. Who is status-conscious?
  13. Who would love to date Robert Pattinson right now?
  14. Who is phobic of spiders?
  15. Who is most likely to ask a guy out in the group?
  16. Who has the hottest collection of bikinis?
  17. Who is the most handsome guy in the group?
  18. Who loves books more than a guy?
  19. Who hates getting waxed?
  20. Who is most likely to buy the most expensive make-up products?
  21. Who would go on a honeymoon to Paris?
  22. Who has the best choice for fragrances?
  23. Who loves online dating?
  24. Who receives the most di*k pics in the group?
  25. Who has a bossy attitude?
  26. Who would stick to their best friend till the end?
  27. Who doesn’t take “no” for an answer?
  28. Who would love to have a Cinderella love story?
  29. Who is strong enough to speak their minds?
  30. Who is the “Neat-Freak” in the group?
  31. Who would cry like a baby if their fingernail broke?
  32. Who was the first person to get intimate with someone at an early age?
  33. Who sings like Mariah Carey?
  34. Who is good at DIY craft ideas?
  35. Who never smiles to the fullest?
  36. Who is the shyest one in the group?
  37. Who had braces as a child but never told anyone?

Paranoia Question For Boys

  1. Who has the habit of taking loans from their best buddies?
  2. Who is the king of cocktails?
  3. Who is the best footballer around?
  4. Who likes to spend money on tech items?
  5. Who has a heart for track racing?
  6. Who spends a Sunday cleaning and maintaining their rides?
  7. Who has the brains to become the CEO of the company?
  8. Who would love to be on a dinner date with their favorite celebrity?
  9. Who is the most responsible son in his family?
  10. Who would buy a luxurious house in the coming future?
  11. Who would marry a decent-looking girl rather than a hot chick?
  12. Who would do anything to change their lifestyles?
  13. Who would fight for the girl of their dreams?
  14. Who can be a good leader for his fraternity members?
  15. Who is the maths geek?
  16. Who is most ridiculous at the parties?
  17. Who is going to be promoted soon?
  18. Who always asks others for help?
  19. Who is most involved in drugs?
  20. Who enjoys fishing on weekends with his dad?
  21. Who is best at flirting with a teacher?
  22. Who do you find most attractive in the group?
  23. Who is the strongest person to mess with in the group?
  24. Who is terrible at handling failures?
  25. Who makes situations worse for everyone?
  26. Who thinks they have the weirdest family?
  27. Who is the most hairy of them all?
  28. Who is most likely to keep a Royale Beard in the near future?
  29. Who is going to buy a new ride soon?
  30. Who is the highest-paid individual in the group?
  31. Who owns the most pets?
  32. Who is the next big Youtuber?
  33. Who is most likely to start a podcast in the near future?
  34. Who has the habit of buying cheap stuff the most?
  35. Who is super crazy for expensive watches?

Deep Questions

  1. Who is the most corrupt one in the group?
  2. Who thinks that they are the smartest ones in the group?
  3. Who will be visiting a lawyer soon due to their criminal background?
  4. Who dreams of dying in a zombie apocalypse?
  5. Who can rob a bank with the speed of a flash?
  6. Who threatens their partners the most?
  7. Who would kidnap someone for money?
  8. Who is not a public person?
  9. Who is the hellraiser in the group?
  10. Who is into alcohol the most?
  11. Who hates speeches?
  12. Who is most likely to have germophobia?
  13. Who got into jail for committing an accident while heavily drunk?
  14. Who suffers from stress and anxiety the most?
  15. Who is terrible at video games?
  16. Who started drinking before their legal age?
  17. Who is most likely to commit suicide right now?
  18. Who is a victim of skin allergies?
  19. Who is most likely to get paranoid quickly?
  20. Who would donate an organ to a loved one with no regrets?
  21. Who enjoys being left alone?
  22. Who is most scared of the dark?
  23. Who has planned his future for the next 10 years?
  24. Who loves to study the human mind?
  25. Who reads about astrology the most?
  26. Who is good at understanding lies?
  27. Who is hiding an embarrassing truth?
  28. Who likes to have backyard BBQ parties all the time?
  29. Who spends his entire money buying beers?
  30. Who keeps a gun at his home secretly?
  31. Who loves to debate on political topics?
  32. Who has been a class representative more than once at school?
  33. Who wears the same color all the time?
  34. Who would still enjoy playing hide and seek?
  35. Who acts like a rugby player if someone accidentally knocks them over?
  36. Who has had a near-to-death experience because of drugs?
  37. Who calls himself a bi-sexual?
  38. Who has decorated his room with the weirdest/scary stuff?
  39. Who is good at thinking things through?
  40. Who is one friend that keeps asking questions during a class lecture?
  41. Who thinks of kidnapping his ex?
  42. Who has been tortured the most in their childhood?
  43. Who is most afraid of drowning?
  44. Who has an identical twin sibling?
  45. Who has the habit of overthinking?

Paranoia Questions Related to Music

  1. Who can dance on Micheal Jackson’s “Billie Jeans” right now?
  2. Who can listen to music 24/7?
  3. Who will be the next rockstar in the group?
  4. Who is most likely to dance the minute they hear a beat?
  5. Who is in love with their favorite Tiktok singer?
  6. Who loves to hear pop music the most?
  7. Who is most likely to attend a concert every week?
  8. Who stays updated with the latest top songs on the Billboard chart?
  9. Who can’t sleep without listening to good music?
  10. Who has the best voice in the group?
  11. Who is most likely to become a band member soon?
  12. Who hates a metal concert?
  13. Who owns a Youtube channel for ambient sounds?
  14. Who is most likely to enter a music contest?
  15. Who can compete in a rap competition?
  16. Who would kill anyone for an autograph of Beyonce?
  17. Who listens to sad songs after a breakup?
  18. Who can play multiple musical instruments?
  19. Who is most likely to become a DJ in the group?
  20. Who can spend hours practicing their guitars?
  21. Who still listens to music from their childhood?
  22. Who can play multiple musical instruments?
  23. Who can dance like Shakira?
  24. Who loves classical music?
  25. Who attends musical festivals the most?
  26. Who is most likely to read the lyrics before singing?
  27. Who is most likely to become an opera singer?
  28. Who is most likely to make a great career in music?
  29. Who likes to be a part of an orchestra?
  30. Who is a piano lover?
  31. Who has never attended a concert in their whole life?
  32. Who loves playing musical guessing games?
  33. Who cries every time they hear the Titanic song?
  34. Who can probably take part in the next American Idol competition?
  35. Who has the most boring playlist?
  36. Who can perform very well on a kids rhyme?
  37. Who would live and die for music?
  38. Who is good at composing great music?

Some Good Paranoia Questions

  1. Who is surely getting into paradise?
  2. Who is the rudest person in the group?
  3. Who wants to have a Lion for a pet?
  4. Who talks in the mirror, pretending they are the most awesome people on the planet?
  5. Who is the most talented in the group?
  6. Who is best at fooling people?
  7. Who could be the best scammer in the group?
  8. Who is the richest player in the group?
  9. Who gets into fights a lot because of their short temper?
  10. Who has the habit of arriving late to parties?
  11. Who thinks that they are extremely funny but they are actually pathetic?
  12. Who is the most naughty one?
  13. Who is the most competitive one?
  14. Name the person who remembers everyone’s birthdays 
  15. Who is brave enough to stand and argue with his boss?
  16. Who plays a romantic guitar for their spouse?
  17. Who never pays for his dinner at a dine-out?
  18. Who loves sleeping all day?
  19. Who is the artist in the group?
  20. Who is the one friend that says he had a bad exam but always gets an A+ score on all tests?
  21. Who loves watching the same show over and over again?
  22. Who can live in a haunted house?
  23. Who will turn into a monk?
  24. Who is the one person that never fails to give respect to others?
  25. Who will for sure get fired from his job?
  26. Who has the habit of leaving a bad rating on purpose?
  27. Who is a good listener?
  28. Who is the hottest biker in the group?
  29. Who will turn out to be the best policeman?
  30. Who can run for the City’s Mayor right now?
  31. Who can’t sleep without their pillows?
  32. Who has the habit of bothering their neighbors?
  33. Who wants to be the next James Bond
  34. Who is the fashionista in the group?
  35. Who loves reading books the most?
  36. Who is the most gentle one?
  37. Who is the King of spirituality?
  38. Who had never been punished or grounded?
  39. Who believes in luck the most?
  40. Who can make even a statue laugh?
  41. Who likes talking about the stars the most?
  42. Who looks older than his age?
  43. Who has the worst table manners?
  44. Who is the one person to become a great doctor?
  45. Who can sing and dance at the same time?
  46. Who had the most break-ups?
  47. Who will never get their driving license?
  48. Who is the most irritating one?
  49. Who will enter their names next in the Guinness Book of World Records?
  50. Who has a destructive mind?
  51. Who loves beaches the most?
  52. Who is terrible at lying to teachers?
  53. Who can handle even the most difficult situation with ease?
  54. Who is most afraid of bugs?
  55. Who is best at mimicking actors’ voices?
  56. Who can gossip about movies all day long?
  57. Who is the one person that hates chocolates?
  58. Who can’t stop laughing even in the most serious situations?
  59. Who gets panic attacks the most?
  60. Who confidently shops for an item but later dislikes it and regrets it?
  61. Who had his first crush on a teacher?
  62. Who gets jealous of their own friends?
  63. Who cries over minor issues?
  64. Who would love to take a trip to Disneyland right now?
  65. Who never checks his messages?
  66. Who can do anything to accomplish a dare?
  67. Who is the first to get drunk at a party?
  68. Who is the one person that can’t watch a person die?
  69. Who needs grooming?
  70. Who has the most beautiful smile?
  71. Who loves skydiving?
  72. Who has the habit of recording a movie for all events?
  73. Who can watch Tiktok all day?
  74. Who is a spaghetti lover?
  75. Who got kicked out of school?
  76. Who talks about ghosts and scary stuff the most?
  77. Who is the most depressed one?
  78. Who will sing at a friend’s wedding?
  79. Who is addicted to gambling?
  80. Who cares more for others than himself?
  81. Who never goes to a party?
  82. Who has the most creative mind?
  83. Who is the one person you would trust to share all your secrets?
  84. Who loves playing drinking games the most?
  85. Who is most excited to receive Christmas presents?
  86. Who loves wearing black all the time?
  87. Who is the King of golf?
  88. Who is the one person that never apologizes for his mistakes?
  89. Who would marry a person of their parent’s choice?
  90. Who got caught in his own practical joke pretty badly?
  91. Who is the one person that never compromises on clothes?
  92. Who has the most disgusting hair?
  93. Who can’t sleep without their pillows?
  94. Who likes talking about video games?
  95. Who is best at faking out of an uncomfortable situation?
  96. Who can eat a spicy pizza every day?
  97. Who is best at writing movie scripts?
  98. Who is fitness obsessed?
  99. Who would marry a foreigner?
  100. Who watches romantic movies the most?
  101. Who can die for their love without any regrets?
  102. Who hates a 9-5 job?
  103. Who is a tequila/whiskey/gin lover?
  104. Who is most likely to have 4-6 children?
  105. Who would love to travel to space?
  106. Who always makes lame excuses after failing an exam?
  107. Who is an expert dessert maker?
  108. Who is most likely to purchase a new house?
  109. Who can chant their name loudly?
  110. Who is the fastest driver in the group?
  111. Who plays Minecraft all day?
  112. Who is good at mending things?
  113. Who has the most sparkling eyes in the group?
  114. Who has the strongest faith in his/her religion?
  115. Who has the biggest knowledge-base about alcohol?


Paranoia is a game enjoyed by all mature adults. The more creative you are, the more entertaining the game is. You can always add questions of your choice or pick the ones you like from this post to spice up the game.

These are all mind-blowing questions to test your relationships. By the end of the game, you might get angry or hooked up with your crush. This game is made for entertainment purposes only and should be kept that way. In all cases, avoid excessive drinking as it may cause you to do stupid things and leave you with a feeling of guilt for your irrational behavior.

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