Does Pooping Help a Hangover?

pooping help a hangover

Hangovers are a familiar problem for people who drink alcohol. You fall under hangover symptoms when you have fun with friends during a party. The hangover symptom differs from person to person. They are unpleasant and irritable the following day. Some alcoholic drinks tend to have more effect on the system. 

When you drink alcohol, it breaks down nutrients that irritate the guts, and the digestive system gets to operate fast. These effects will lead to hangover side effects. When people are under hangover, they face symptoms like nausea, dehydration, and headache. 

There are many remedies to cure a hangover. Recently pooping has become an excellent idea for helping hangovers. People think pooping is the simple act of getting out of a hangover. In this article, let us look in detail, does pooping help a hangover?

Does pooping help a hangover? 

This method may sound unpleasant, but effective remedy to get rid of a hangover. Many might think it is foolish, but let us understand the science behind pooping during a hangover. There is no scientific reason to tell; however, the benefits of pooping during a hangover are as below : 

  1. While drinking, the liver takes responsibility for breaking toxins down and eliminating out from the system. The liver might not function in its work when people drink excess alcohol. The consequence of this impact is a rise in the production of toxins. Now pooping can help you in throwing out the toxins from the system. When you poop, the waste products get thrown out of the system. Similarly, the toxins get out of the body. So that is the reason once after you poop, you feel less intoxicated. 
  2. When you drink in excess, you become dehydrated very soon. It is because alcohol is diuretic and makes you pee frequently. Also, you sweat a lot when you drink in excess. Once all the fluids come out of the system, you automatically feel dehydrated. You become weak when you lose the necessary fluid and electrolytes in the body, and the hangover symptoms worsen. So when you poop as soon as possible, the toxins get out of the system resulting in reduced dehydration. 
  3. The worst side effect of a hangover is nausea. Pooping helps to treat this nausea. When consuming alcohol in excess, the stomach liner gets irritated because of its toxin content. When you poop, you flush away all the unwanted toxins inside the system. This might reduce the irritation caused in the stomach and make you feel less nauseatic. Additionally, pooping helps to flush out stomach acid, in turn stopping the feeling of nausea. 
  4. Excess drinking of alcohol causes improper digestion. Alcohol hurts the intestine, which causes inflammation and lessens the production of enzymes. The consequence of these will trigger improper digestion leading to constipation. When you poop, it reduces the inflammation of the intestine and promotes proper digestion. 

6 Methods that help you in easy bowel movement during a hangover: 

You might not have proper digestion when you are in a hangover. People are different and have diverse side effects. Not all people need to face the same hangover symptoms.   The common problem with all individuals is improper digestion. The toxins in alcohol are the problem creator and cause constipation in one’s system. 

As said, pooping may benefit you relieve from a hangover. Let us see specific strategies to ease bowel movement: 

1. Fiber-rich foods

pooping help a hangover

When you take fiber-rich food, they encourage the movement of materials via the digestive system, increasing stool bulk. It helps in immediate pooping. Food, fruits, and vegetables that are rich in fiber can benefit in promoting a healthy bowel movement. During a hangover consuming these foods help to poop easily, reducing the side effects of a hangover. 

2. Exercise and sleep

pooping help a hangover

Try mild exercise giving movement to the muscles. When you drink, the muscles get contracted, and action is impossible. So taking good rest, adequate sleep, and simple exercise, make your physique flexible. It helps with easy poop and getting relieved from the hangover. 

3. Drinking water

pooping help a hangover

This is the primary approach most people who suffer from hangovers take. Excess drinking causes our system to lose the necessary fluids and water content present in our bodies. It tends to dehydrate the entire system making the hangover more worst. Taking electrolyte-rich supplements and adequate water makes the system work properly. 

4. Taking a hot shower

Enjoying a hot shower will not only comfort your pooping but also make you alert and awake from a drunk hangover. When you take a hot bath, it works on your nervous system and muscle. It will make you poop and release toxins in the body as quickly as possible. Also, people might feel fresh and relaxed after a hot bath shower. 

5. Laxatives

pooping help a hangover

Laxatives have the efficiency in metabolizing toxins from the body. Usually, laxative medication is for people who suffer from constipation. Some people who drink excessively and face a severe hangover will opt for this method. If you want to be safer, please check with the medical petitioner before taking the medication. Being the simple method, some people try to prefer this most. 

6. Taking Probiotics

pooping help a hangover

Probiotics are usually used to regularise bowel movements when people suffer from constipation. It aids in stimulating muscle contraction of the intestine and increases complete gut health. This process helps in making your bowel movement easier. Consider taking popular probiotics like “Lactobacillus acidophilus.” It helps break down the foods and assists the digestive tract in passing out the waste easier. 


There are no scientific suggestions that poop can get rid of a hangover. However, people who face hangovers have tried these strategies and benefited from the hangover relief. These approaches are simple, safe, and tried during a heavy hangover. However, drinking in moderation helps a lot better to avoid hangovers. So this can prevent the day after unpleasant side effects. Finally, pooping helps flush away toxins from the individual system and get relived the hangover. 

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