Can You Put Alcohol in a Bong?

Put Alcohol in a Bong

Many people put different substances in bongs aside from water, including alcohol. Some find liquor to have supposed benefits when used in a bong. The idea is one that users have tried for some time, but are there risks, and what is “crossfading?” Questions are circling as to whether crossfading is safe, with a few individuals having success, but whether it is a good idea.

We’ll start with some basic details in an effort to inform those who might not be aware and then move forward.

What Is A Bong?

When smoking herbs like cannabis, the bong is often a glass pipe with a stem, basin, and bowl. The user places the herbs in the bowl, often at the top; the basin holds the water, which cools the smoke and allows for a much deeper inhalation of the substance creating a more potent high.  

In some cases, the herb is used in a bowl without water or any liquid. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

What Is Alcohol?

Two elements comprise alcohol, including oxygen and hydrogen. There’s virtually no flavor on its own, but it will react with other ingredients to establish varied tastes. These will respond uniquely from one individual to the next because everyone has a different chemistry meaning the flavor will be different for you from how a friend will experience it.

There are varied types of alcohol, but the most commonly found in liquor is ethanol or ethyl alcohol. It will come in spirits, wine, and beer. The alcohol people intend to use in a bond is ethanol.

What Is Crossfading?

Put Alcohol in a Bong

Crossfading is mixing cannabis with alcohol. Overall, people consider alcohol and cannabis to be natural opposites in that alcohol creates a boisterous, loud extrovert while cannabis reacts with a calm, reflective personality. The suggestion is that users find mixing the two a sensational experience – if done appropriately. 

The buzz is supposed to be phenomenal, but it’s also something to pursue with caution. Usually, liquor and weed separate users into different spaces since the reactions are unique. The two opposing sides will often judge the other. 

Drinkers enjoy the confidence imposed by the booze, often enjoyed in a crowded and lively setting. Bud users prefer the calm of an intimate space with a few close friends with whom they can wallow in their introspection; some even enjoy being solo for their experiences.

And then there are the individuals who want the best of both worlds, a risky endeavor with the potential for blacking out, vomiting, and other dangers. Some, however, are crossfading masters with the ability to get high and drunk simultaneously. How can alcohol intensify cannabis effects? Let’s learn about it.

Are Alcohol And Cannabis A Good Combination?

When overlapping multiple substances simultaneously, this is referred to as crossfading. The term can describe drug combinations, but the context is primarily used for alcohol in combination with cannabis. 

A common question for people who enjoy the effects of these substances individually is why you need to combine them when you can achieve a good time with them on their own. The response is that the liquor amplifies the intoxicating effects of cannabis. 

When smoking cannabis in the traditional sense, people experience diminished self-consciousness and inhibitions. Using alcohol instead of water furthers those effects. However, mixing the compounds has the potential to be risky, even dangerous, if not done appropriately without overdoing either substance even slightly.

How To Crossfade Successfully

The approach to crossfading successfully means planning upfront and setting specific boundaries. Some people have adverse reactions based on impulsive decisions when already intoxicated and incapable of crossfading with a rational thought process. You could reduce the risks if you are aware when initiating the steps. 

If you consume alcohol and then light up a bong, the alcohol could seriously intensify THC’s effects along with the metabolites. That means taking this exceptionally slow and gradually. Once the effects kick in, set the bong down. You also want to ensure you’re not too drunk before lighting the bong. 

An extreme confidence level could result in overdoing smoking and ill effects, including nausea and vomiting. If you smoke before you start to drink, cannabis slows the time it takes to absorb the alcohol. 

That means it will take longer before the effects of crossfading kick in. The caveat is it also prevents you from recognizing how drunk you’re becoming before you overdo it. That means, again, taking things slowly. Let a drink settle for a while before you decide to take another.

How To Handle A Bad Crossfading Reaction

When done correctly, crossfading can be enjoyable, according to those who have been successful. If you can’t seem to find that balance, there could be ill effects. Signs of overdoing it are reminiscent of a green out; only this produces the extreme discomfort that liquor’s side effects will induce. Reactions you can anticipate include the following:

  1. Rapid heartbeat
  2. Anxiety and panic
  3. Paranoia
  4. Vomiting and nausea
  5. Shivers

When these adverse effects occur, the only solution is to concentrate on deep breathing exercises with full inflation of the abdomen, inhaling deeply into the nose, holding that for a few seconds, and then expelling all that air through the mouth. It would be best if you also were somewhere comfortable and quiet to lie down with a friend close by until the symptoms pass. 

Drinking plenty of water will assist with diluting the blood and elevating blood sugar, plus snacking when you can hold food in.


Those who have success with crossfading are few and far between most often because people don’t understand moderation. That’s key when attending a social event or party with close friends. 

As is planning before you consume any substances, it will allow lucid, sensible decisions with the potential for enjoying a positive experience. Make sure you have a friend close so the two of you can keep each other accountable-this way, neither of you will go too far.

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