Does Selena Gomez Drink Alcohol?

selena gomez drink alcohol

Selena Gomez, who grew up in the Texas town of Grand Prairie, was meant for the silver screen. Since she could speak, Selena staged acts for her whole family. However, she was formally in the limelight until she was barely ten. 

Selena Gomez got the opportunity to star in the popular television series Disney and Friends in 2002. She did not just meet her childhood closest companion Demi Lovato there but also gained significant recognition there. Among all these achievements and popularity, her drinking habits commonly raise the topic of interest. Let us find out in this blog whether or not the renowned singer had a positive relationship with alcohol.  

Does Selena Gomez drink alcohol?

Selena is popularly well known for her accomplishments as a singer-songwriter alongside her role-playing Alex Russo at Disney’s Series. She went through her teenage period in the bright light, and everybody thought she was a nice, kind, and beautiful young woman. 

Gomez is very open in the media regarding her struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. Apart from these, she also faced struggles with anxiety and depression. She deliberately scheduled an entry to The Meadows rehab center located in Arizona. As quickly as possible, gossip of a long-standing problem with drugs and alcohol towards Selena Gomez began to circulate.

In addition, she was recently discovered intoxicated at an American Music Awards. She was very drunk when she was about to trip off the red carpet, and this video was viral on social platforms. She nearly fell at one point, but a guardrail was nearby to help her maintain her balance. 

People may seek means of escaping the complex realities of their existence due to the pressure to maintain an ideal image. Alcohol can offer a short-term escape, helping someone to forget their worries and reduce tension temporarily. When properly treated, this escape can soon develop into an ongoing process of addiction.

Did Selena Gomez Stop Drinking Under Friend’s Pressure?

Most believe that the famous rock star had fallen under alcohol-related issues. However, it is not alone alcohol. But unfortunately, Gomez also suffers from several significant health issues, which most individuals younger than her could never comprehend.

In 2013, Selena disclosed that she was recently diagnosed with lupus. Her general health suffered greatly in the following decades due to the condition. 

Francia Raisa, the singer’s then-best friend, was the donor when she underwent a kidney transplant in 2017.

Raisa’s Father later revealed that Raisa nearly died during all these medical procedures. Gomez publicly hailed her friend and labeled Francia a “literal lifesaver.” 

Gomez committed that he would maintain an improved way of life as well. However, things drastically changed when Gomez did not keep up her words regarding alcohol consumption.  

Fans were frightened when the singer insisted in a string of open interviews that she could indulge in alcohol and live her life in whatever she pleased. They were even more concerned when news spread that Selena and Francia had broken up because of Gomez’s continued partying. Once word spread as Gomez and Francia split up due to Gomez’s continuous partying, they grew more worried still.

Radar Online quotes a source as saying, “Selena did exactly the opposite compared to what she had stated she would do when she finally got well again.” According to the insider, Francia “called Selena out” on her actions, which resulted in their falling out. “She loves her and cares about her,” the insider said. 

A reliable source claims both women have decided to ruin their relationship permanently. Extremely significant events can unite people but may also drive them away.

What led Selena Gomez to enter rehab? 

selena gomez drink alcohol

Selena had chemo after going to rehab to address problems brought on by her lupus diagnosis. The social media and news channels started spreading rumors when she got out of treatment. 

However, in 2015, Selena Gomez wanted to clear it and convey it to the media: “I was diagnosed with [the autoimmune disorder] lupus and had to have chemotherapy. That was the honest aim of my break. I had the possibility of falling under a stroke.

I needed people to know about it, ‘You guys have no idea. I am in chemotherapy now. You are the jerk. In contrast, I got so enraged and forced myself to say that. It isn’t delightful to walk into a restaurant knowing everyone is looking at you. I seized myself up until I sensed protected and at comfort again. 

Selena Gomez said she was “happy” to be returning to enjoying herself with family and close friends following having her period in rehab and that she felt “more powerful” and “joyful” that she was doing so. The 26-year-old performer checked herself into a rehabilitation facility at the start of October after having a “emotional breakdown” complying with many hospital stays for problems related to her kidney transplant last year and lupus.

‘Wolves’ singer Selena Gomez appeared for the first moment following completing rehab last month while she relished a winter getaway to Big Bear Lake in California with pals. These friends included actresses Bailee Madison and supermodel Connar Franklin, with whom both posted Instagram photos of Selena and them on the ski slopes.

However, That does not last longer because Selena Gomez has no problem showing the world that she has returned to her partying after a brief stay in recovery. Gomez excitedly shared a picture of herself holding a cocktail on Instagram. For the same, she saw much criticism on social media. 


Selena Gomez’s starring feature in the iconic Disney Channel television show “Wizards of Waverly Place” rocketed her to prominence at a young age. For any individual, especially a teenager, the demands associated with adolescent stardom and the intense scrutiny of the public and media can be debilitating. The constant desire to maintain a public profile and the high expectations that come with it can foster tension and anxiety. 

Altogether these situations stimulated Gomez to pick up alcohol. She did, however, temporarily refrain from drinking due to a particular health issue. Rumors and statements suggest that she has resumed drinking. Even so, there is no proof Selena Gomez engages in excessive drinking.

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