Shower Beer: A Trend That’s Taking Over Social Media

Shower Beer

When you first read the term shower beer, what did you think of it? Did you consider it as some peculiar brand of beer or a beer drunk when throwing bridal or baby showers? Well, the term might be confusing at first if you don’t already know about it, so let’s get to know it better.

What is a shower beer?

Shower beer is a beer that you drink in the shower; go figure! Apparently, it’s a thing, so much so that Coors has launched its very own shower beer holder. We all know that people love taking hot showers after a long day of work, especially athletes. But when a hot shower is mixed with a cold beverage, it’s like getting yourself treated to a spa! You are refreshed, comforted, and feel like you’re at the top of your game. 

Several years ago, Kyle Kinane, a stand-up comedian with Comedy Central Stand-Up, said on one of his shows, “I choose to drink in the shower because everybody deserves a spa day in this world.”

Plus, having a beer in the shower is kind of rebellious. “No one does it,” you tell yourself, “and so I have to!” But apparently, many people do it, particularly because it removes the monotony from their daily life and adds a little bit of spice, something different that your senses can indulge in and get excited for. 

Shower beer rules 

No glass bottles

It’s technically not ideal to drink a beer while showering because accidents can happen. For instance, while holding the beer, the water can make the container slip out of your hands. If the beer is in a glass bottle, imagine the trouble it’s going to give if it ever slips and hits the floor. The bottle will break, leaving shards of glass all around. And if you were to step on one, the shard could get into your skin, and you might have to pay the doctor a visit. Ideally, you should drink out of a beer can, which, even if it falls, the only mess it will make is a beer mess.

Go for low-alcohol and refreshing beers

Shower beers are meant to be refreshing and not intended to get you drunk because you’d still want to go about your day normally after the shower. Try out ales, lagers, and IPAs with low alcohol content. 

Finish the whole can

Another rule is to finish your shower beer before you are done showering. There is no point in consuming it if you aren’t downing the whole thing. Also, while the heat enhances the aromas and taste, a shower beer that’s in the bathroom with hot running water can make it warm and soggy. You don’t want to wait till then to drink it. It’ll ruin the taste.

Be careful where you place it.

Shower beers, if positioned in the wrong place, can get contaminated with water splashes and soap. You can get a shower beer holder like the one that Coors launched and stick it high up where your arm can reach it so that the beer is safe from contamination.

The shower beer trend

Wine with a bath? Nah! Time to move on to beer under the shower. Dr. Christopher Hollingsworth from NYC Surgical Associates said about it, “The shower beer is actually a great way to improve productivity and creativity. Showers are a great way to release dopamine, and adding one drink to that can assist your creative juices due to your relaxed mindset.” Alcohol really is a pleasure enhancer because it releases endorphins in the brain, making humans feel good. 

A Swedish craft brewery has created ‘Shower Beer’ with a 10% ABV. It’s a sweet and strong pale ale in a small bottle making for a quick drink under the shower. However, if you drink this, then you should be wary of the fact that this drink comes in a glass bottle and has way too much alcohol content.  

Along with this, you can even find a #showerbeer hashtag trending on Twitter and Instagram, showing how the idea has caught on with people sharing selfies with beers while in the shower. Someone also posted a picture of a quote saying, “If you are too classy for beer in the shower, I feel bad for you, and we can’t be friends.” 

That’s not all; there’s even a thread on Reddit where people post pictures of themselves under the shower holding a beer can. Someone even had a beer pump next to their shower. 

Ben Affleck, in one of his movies called The Way Back, was seen having a beer while in the shower before heading out to work, showing that the trend is so popular filmmakers are obliged to add a scene or two of shower beers in their movies.

How to make the most of your shower beer experience

If you’ve never tried shower beer before and want to jump on the bandwagon because the trend and craze have got you thinking, then there are a few things that you can do that can make your experience pleasurable and memorable: 

Setting the right mood

Turn on the music, and make sure to play tracks that you love. Light scented candles if they comfort you. You should also set everything in place before getting into the shower. This includes cracking open the beer and placing it strategically. Believe it or not, it’s difficult to open a can with wet hands. You can even cut your hands if you try.

Choosing the right beer

Everyone’s taste is different. While some may like fruity and sour beers, others might turn to hoppy ones. But this shower beer experience is about YOU, and you need to decide which type of beer you like the best. There’s a whole range to choose from, and some beers are quite appropriate for this activity as they have a low alcohol content and are flavorful when chilled.

Doing it at the right time

A shower beer is especially pleasurable after a long, hard, and tiring day when you just want to clean up under hot running water in a relaxed environment. A cold refreshing beer coupled with hot water can be relaxing and help take your mind off of your hectic schedule.

Taking the right amount of time

You should ideally chug the beer in the least sips possible so that it’s not lying next to your shower, uselessly getting warmer by the minute. That will not only ruin the experience, but you wouldn’t want to drink it anymore. 

Emptying the mind or meditating

Even if you try to relax with a mind full of worries, you won’t be able to. While it’s hard to let go and live in the moment, the shower beer experience demands exactly that. No matter what happened at work, the amount of workload you had to carry home, or how your boss treated you, you need to let your mind relax, breathe, and let the experience take you off to wonderland.

Best beers to enjoy under the shower

1. Belgian White by Shock Top

This spiced wheat ale has real lemon, lime, and orange peels to give a citrus flavor. It has a 5.2% ABV and an IBU of 10. 

2. Coors Light by Molson Coors

Coors Light is a refreshing light beer with a 4.2% ABV, perfect for a quick drink under the shower. 

3. Shower Beer by Champion Brewing Company

This aptly named beer is available year-round. It is a pilsner with a 4.5% ABV.

4. Summerfest by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

With a 5% ABV, this refreshing pilsner has floral and spicy hops with lemon zest. 

5. Le Tub by Whiner Brewing Company

Le Tub is a wild saison that is blended using Centennial and Amarillo hops and barrel-aged with an alcohol content of 6.4%. When you taste it, you can get hints of lemon tarts and white grapes. You can find it available throughout the year. 

6. Lime Zest Beer by Kent Falls

It is brewed with malted and locally grown wheat, a little salt, and a lactobacillus wild culture. Before packaging, lime juice, and zest are added to the brew for extra taste, making it fruity, spicy, sour, tart, and funky. This refreshing beer has an ABV of 5.1%. Funnily, the beer was formerly named Shower Beer but was renamed Lime Zest Beer because Champion Brewing Company had a trademark on its Shower Beer. 


While a great experience, be sure not to get hooked. Alcohol addiction is dangerous and can get you into trouble if you are not careful. And since beer showers are so refreshing, there is always a tiny chance that you start doing it every day with not one but multiple beers with a high alcohol content. So, before you start, keep a schedule in place and plan out how many times a week you are going to have a shower beer. 

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