Can Sims Get Drunk? See What Players Say

Can Sims Get Drunk

Are you aiming to play the new version of Sims, The Sims 4, and are wondering if your sim can get drunk in this version too?

Although the characters used to feel dizzy about alcohol consumption in Sims 2 and 3, they don’t get drunk in Sims 4. However, you can download a cheat to enjoy the drunk version. 

This blog post explains how sims react in different game versions when they interact with alcohol.

Overview Of The Sims Game 

Sims is a strategic life simulation game that allows people to make their fictional/ virtual characters and live the life they desire. It includes not only playing but all the human interactions like doing the job, playing, building relationships, managing feelings, etc.; in short, it fulfills all the needs of real life in It.

In short, the game lets you intimate your ideal life and worldly desires.

Can Sims get drunk In SIMS 4?

Due to so much global popularity and most of the users being children, SIMS 4 has set off the option of Sims getting drunk in SIMS 4. So, your sim won’t get drunk if you make them drink a lot of alcohol. Moreover, no such case of alcohol dependency has been observed. But then the question comes: how does drinking alcohol affect sims?

So, it has been observed that drinking alcohol has a direct relation with the mood of sims. Initially, when you take the sims to a bar and drink some alcohol, it impacts the moodlet, making your sim happier and happier. 

However, if you make the sim drink too much, you will most likely receive a moodlet showing that your sim is ill. Moreover, the sims feel a frequent need for a bathroom. Make sure not to make them drink too much, or else they can even pass out.

Can Sims Get Drunk In Sims 2?

Yes, players who have played Sims 2 are well up with the fact that drinking too much can make your Sims. 

If your sims drink too much alcohol, he eventually ends up falling on the floor; similarly, in Sims 1, drinking too much causes hiccups.

How Can You Get The Sim Drunk?

Although the clean sims game doesn’t involve getting your sim drunk, you can get it drunk by installing the mod version or a cheat. 

This mod allows you to get drunk and introduce related interactions like feeling dizzy, frequent urination, sleeping early, making funky faces, etc.

Final Verdict

To cut it short, sims can get drunk depending on the game version you are playing. For example, they get drunk and even fall if they consume excess alcohol in Sims 1 and 2.

However, in Sims 4, the character doesn’t get drunk directly. Instead, a direct relation with moodlet is shown. 

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