Stella Artois Review: Anheuser-Busch InBev

Stella Artois

Stella Artois by Anheuser-Busch InBev stands out among renowned beer brands. This Belgian lager has a centuries-long history and has impacted the world beer market.  We’ll examine the origins, flavor profile, ingredients, calories, and more to examine what makes Stella Artois so great fully.

Brief History of Stella Artois

Stella Artois emerges as a symbol of brewing excellence with a 600-year pedigree, immersed in the fascinating tapestry of Belgian history. Its roots may be traced back to the cobblestone streets and rustic lanes of Leuven, a charming town in central Belgium. The story of Stella Artois starts here against the intriguing backdrop of medieval construction.

The name “Stella Artois” perfectly captures the spirit of this remarkable brew. “Stella,” a Latin term, translates to “star” in English, representing the beer’s illustrious renown. It’s a tribute to Stella Artois’s heavenly quality, which has distinguished the brand for years. However, the name goes beyond simple symbolism; it expresses the goals of a beer that would stand out among its contemporaries.

Stella Artois is more than just a beer; it’s a window into history, a testament to the artists who worked tirelessly to perfect its flavor, and a link between generations of beer fans. Stella Artois is more than a beverage; it’s a tale revealed in every sip, a symphony of tastes that recalls the artistry of six centuries.

What Type of Beer is Stella Artois? 

Stella Artois, a prestigious member of the respected Euro Pale Lager category, is a great example of the features of this beer style. This lager reflects the spirit of European brewing traditions, defined by its precise brewing processes and a long history spanning centuries. Its inclusion in the Euro Pale Lager category attests to its light, accessible nature, which appeals to a wide range of beer drinkers.

Stella Artois is distinguished by its bright and dazzling golden tint, a visual monument to the rigorous brewing process that results in this lager’s unmistakable look. The beer’s clarity is the product of careful filtering and high-quality ingredients. Its vibrant hue not only draws the eye but also sets the mood for a sensual adventure that goes beyond the visual experience. 

What Does It Taste Like? 

Its crisp and clean taste characterizes Stella Artois. It has a mild hop bitterness complemented by a slight sweetness from the malt. The beer offers a subtle grainy aroma and a gentle hint of citrus, making it an easy-drinking option for various occasions.

The beer’s balanced taste profile emerges with refinement when the glass reaches the lips. The palate is graced by a perfect mix of modest hop bitterness and exquisite malt sweetness, creating a lasting sensation of refreshing and pleasant pleasure. This balance is a trademark of the Euro Pale Lager style, highlighting Stella Artois as a polished expression of the genre’s defining features.


Stella Artois is brewed using high-quality ingredients, including malted barley, hops, maize (corn), and water. The precise combination of these ingredients contributes to the beer’s consistent and distinctive taste.


Like any beer, Stella Artois contains calories. A typical 12-ounce serving of Stella Artois has around 150 calories. As with all beverages, moderation is key when considering caloric intake.

Alcohol Content

Stella Artois, famed for its illustrious pedigree, has modest alcohol by volume (ABV) of around 5.0%. It easily positions it within the category of a typical lager, a tribute to its balanced attitude to flavor and drinkability. The 5.0% ABV finds a pleasing balance, providing a gratifying yet regulated alcohol level that appeals to various beer aficionados. This moderation promotes safe drinking and adds to the beer’s flexibility, making it a great partner for various occasions where an accurate indulgence is needed.

How Much Stella Artois to Get Drunk? 

The quantity of Stella Artois required to become inebriated varies greatly based on a person’s physical weight, acceptance, and metabolism. Drinking safely and being conscious of your limitations is essential to avoid overconsumption.

Is It Healthy? 

Moderation is an important pillar in beer drinking, and Stella Artois, with its historic history, exemplifies the art of enjoying responsibly. While moderate beer intake may surely enrich social encounters and bring delight to live’s moments, it’s critical to understand the narrow line between moderation and excess.

Excessive alcohol intake may harm one’s health, affecting physical and emotional well-being. The consequences are severe, ranging from liver strain to increased risks of heart disease and reduced cognitive function.

Understanding this, it becomes critical to handle alcohol use with caution. Stella Artois, with its low alcohol concentration, adheres to this idea. By drinking in moderation, one may enjoy the beer’s complex flavors and the conviviality it can provide, all while protecting one’s health and safety. Like any indulgence, an educated and balanced approach ensures that Stella Artois’s joys are experienced while maintaining a dedication to general well-being.

Price of Stella Artois

Because of its pedigree and quality, it is often considered a luxury beer and may be slightly more expensive than popular lagers. Stella Artois prices vary according to the vessel size, region, and merchant. Nevertheless, here are some typical Stella Artois price ranges in the United States:

  • 6-pack of bottles: $8-10
  • 12-pack of cans: $12-15
  • 24-pack of cans: $20-25
  • 16-ounce pint: $5-6
  • 20-ounce pint: $6-7

If you purchase Stella Artois online, you should consider the cost of handling and delivery alongside the cost of the beer. The shipping cost varies based on the store and the amount of your order.


Stella Artois continues to enchant beer fans worldwide with its deep-rooted heritage, enticing taste, and well-balanced qualities. Its signature flavor profile, carefully selected ingredients, and moderate alcohol content make it versatile for various occasions. 

However, responsible consumption is paramount to fully enjoy the experience without compromising health or safety. So, whether you’re raising a glass to celebrate an event or simply unwinding after a long day, Stella Artois offers a reliable and enjoyable option in the realm of lagers. Everyone loves the beer because of the subtle taste it gives to everyone.

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