What Alcohol Goes With Apple Cider?

What Alcohol Goes With Apple Cider

If you’re looking for the best types of alcohol to mix with apple cider, then we think you’ll like what we prepared below! Here, our aim is to share the results of our efforts to find the top 10 types of alcohol that go well as a classic mix with apple cider — Dive right in!

Apple cider — Whether it be spiked or not — Has had a very long history, as stated by this paper from a research group at Washington State University. This is a drink made from fermented apples— Most experts prefer to make their own homemade version.

There are plenty of farms in the USA that specialize in making the best apple cider. Our collection won’t be possible without asking for their assistance. Factors that went into finalizing our selections below include taste, mouthfeel (texture), the potency of the alcohol, availability, and overall value. Here’s what we chose as the best alcohol for apple cider:

Top 10 Best Alcohol to Mix with Apple Cider

1. Rum

Rum and apple cider go hand in hand. A great suggestion is to go for a Puerto Rican-brand rum, as it’s got a much fuller flavor. Plenty of rum brands also carry fragrant elements such as cloves, orange peels, and allspice flavors.


  • Adding rum to cider gives it a bit of a warm, spicy flavor
  • Rum can also combat colds and prevents diabetes


  • Rum can cause digestive problems and liver failure 

2. Whiskey

Whiskey complements apple cider very nicely. There are many kinds of whiskey to choose from, but the classic American one is always the best. Whiskey provides apple cider with a sweeter taste, in comparison to rum which has a spicy finish.


  • Has a bold, robust flavor that is excellent for the season
  • Whiskey is easy to find in stores


  • Sometimes the alcohol content in whiskey is a tad bit too strong 

3. Brandy

Apple brandy is a good recommendation to spike a mug of cider. The cinnamon-like flavor plays up on the spiciness of the drink, making it perfect for fall. A great suggestion is to add an orange peel to your beverage, to add a hint of citrus.


  • Compared to other alcoholic drinks, brandy is cholesterol-free
  • Doesn’t have any carbs 


  • It can affect your blood pressure 
  • Causes inflammation in blood vessels 

4. Cognac

What Alcohol Goes With Apple Cider

Cognac is also a good choice as it is a hard liquor that comes from another fruit — Grapes. This makes it suitable with cider, another beverage that comes from fruit. A helpful tip if you want to add cognac in your cider is to go for one that’s less aged (this is also more affordable).


  • Has a fruity finish, as it’s a grape-based drink


  • Cognac is French liquor, so importing it may be expensive  

5. Bourbon 

Apple cider seems to go well with darker liquor, and bourbon is no exception. Apple cider with a hint of bourbon can warm you up, and best of all, it’s easy to make. A simple recipe would be to add bourbon-spiked cider with a bit of honey, then garnish with a cinnamon stick.


  • Plenty of bourbon and apple cider recipes are easy to make 
  • Bourbon’s spicy flavor complements the cider nicely 


  • If drank too much, bourbon tends to irritate your stomach lining 

6. Spiced Rum

Nothing says “Fall” like a combination of warm apple cider mixed with spiced rum. This pairing will surely warm you up, and make the chilly nights ahead a bit more tolerable. It also adds a very subtle flavor, and you no longer need to add additional spices to give it a kick.


  • Spiced rum is excellent if you find bourbon too strong 
  • Enhances the cinnamon-like flavor that apple cider is meant to be known for


  • Compared to regular rum, spiced rum is difficult to find 

7. Fireball Whiskey 

Fireball whiskey with some apple cider is best enjoyed in front of a fireplace or during a gathering with friends. It’s a recipe that is sure to leave you feeling toasty and warm. Apart from apple cider, fireball is also a good ingredient for other fall-inspired alcoholic drinks, such as the classic Hot Toddy.


  • A trusted brand of whiskey that is enjoyed by many 


  • Fireball can be pretty strong, so only add it to apple cider on freezing nights
  • expensive 
  • Hard to find in regular stores 

8. Mezcal 

Aside from being an ingredient in margaritas and other cocktails, mezcal can also be included in apple cider. It is a distilled alcoholic beverage that comes from agave plants and is very common in Mexico. Mezcal is often consumed straight and has a strong, smokey flavor. It is also referred to as “the elixir of the gods.”


  • The smokiness of the mezcal pairs up nicely with the cinnamon-like flavors of apple cider
  • Has lots of cardiovascular benefits 


  • A bit hard to find compared to tequila 

9. Tequila 

With tequila, you can use it to upgrade your apple cider into an apple cider-based margarita. The recipe in itself is very tangy and balanced, as the combination of zingy tequila and citrusy lime works well together with the sweetness of the cider. Add some pizzazz to your drink by including a bit of cinnamon sugar on the glass rim.


  • Tequila is one of the most common liquors out there
  • Promotes weight loss
  • It does not give you hangovers


  • It’s a rather strong drink, so drinking too much can cause inflammation in the stomach lining 
  • It can dry your skin

10. Vodka 

This may seem like an offbeat combination, but it still works! Vodka is a lighter alcoholic option compared to other choices on the list, so the flavor is a bit more subtle. Add in some fresh ginger to improve its taste, and give it a bit of fall-inspired fragrance as well.


  • Goes well with appetizers such as bread topped with brie cheese
  • Increases blood flow and circulation in the body


  • This combination might be a tad bit too light and will make the drink taste bland
  • Consuming too much can result in multiple organ failure 

FAQs About the Best Types of Alcohol to Mix with Apple Cider

What Apple Cider Should You Buy When Making Alcoholic Mixes?

There are actually two kinds of apple cider sold on the market: Unfiltered (which includes apple pulp and sediments) and filtered (Which has a similar look to apple juice). Both choices are good, but filtered cider usually results in a smoother beverage. It is also recommended to purchase pasteurized cider, as it ensures that the product is free from bacteria.

Does Apple Cider Have Any Health Benefits?

As with all fruit-based beverages, apple cider is actually good for you. Apples have plenty of anti-oxidants in them, which can help fight cell damage in the body. Drinking plenty of apple-based drinks also reduces the risks of diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

Wrapping up the Top 10 Best Alcohol to Mix with Apple Cider

According to our tests along with what our peers and the public in general say about mixing alcohol with apple cider, rum is the best alcohol to combine with apple cider. As mentioned earlier, rum has a smoky and somewhat sweet flavor that just goes well together with the tasty fall flavors that apple cider possesses. This article from BeBodyWise.com says that rum does have its own set of benefits — As long as you drink it in moderation and in few, short quantities.

Apple cider remains a popular autumnal drink up to this day, in fact. It is gradually beginning to make a comeback in bars across the US, which proves that it has stood the test of time.

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