What Alcohol Goes With Eggnog?

What Alcohol Goes With Eggnog

Are you a fan of eggnog? If this warm, comforting holiday drink is your favorite, then our collection of the best types of alcohol that go really well with eggnog can spice up your favorite drink — To learn more, keep on reading!

According to this report done by a research group at the University of Surrey, eggnog packs plenty of nutrients. This includes protein and others that we normally get from eggs. And any mix in our collection below can certainly add a bit of kick to this drink.

As veteran liquor lovers ourselves, it was relatively straightforward for us to develop our selections. We tested, evaluated, and pruned our initial 50 options. While doing this, we considered the stuff we were learning from our peers. This includes what we think are good recommendations from our social media communities.

And based on the results of our efforts — The most suitable types of alcohol to mix with eggnog are a little bit on the stronger side. That’s because these options tend to enhance the flavors of eggnog’s other usual components. To learn more, here’s our thoroughly pruned collection:

Top 10 Best Types of Alcohol to Mix with Eggnog 

1. Brandy

What Alcohol Goes With Eggnog

This is a type of liquor that’s made from distilled wine. An average bottle of brandy includes over 35–60% alcohol volume. This is often prepared as a post-dinner digestif. Plus, compared to rum, brandy is often aged in wooden casks instead of oak barrels.


  • Has a lovely, subtle, yet sweet flavor with a hint of oak
  • Over time, the taste of brandy becomes mellow and complex 


  • Unaged brandy only has a hint of flavor, so it’s not a good eggnog mix
  • Excessive consumption of brandy can cause a drop in blood sugar

2. Light Rum

Light rum is the lightest type of distilled rum. The main difference between light rum and dark or regular rum is taste. The main methods to alter taste are aging and filtering techniques.

Before filtration, light rum is aged in oak barrels for a brief period. The filtration process then gets rid of all remaining colors. These techniques result in a light taste.


  • Has a fresher taste that goes well with the sweeter notes of the rum 
  • Also very versatile and can be combined with other drinks, not just eggnog


  • Not really as strong as its darker counterpart, which is a bit disappointing if you want eggnog with a stronger kick

3. Cognac

What Alcohol Goes With Eggnog

Cognac is a type of French whiskey that comes not from sugarcane but from fermented grape juice. Compared to other types of whiskey or hard liquor, cognac is definitely a class of its own. However, it’s aged in the same way as other rums and whiskeys.


  • Has a sweet, fruity, and somewhat spicy taste
  • Often enjoyed after a hearty meal 


  • Quite expensive 
  • Depending on how it was made and the brand, it has a somewhat bitter flavor that can ruin the taste of eggnog 

4. Dark Rum

Rum is a type of alcohol that’s derived from sugarcane. Its usual base form is sugarcane syrup. This is similar to other sugarcane-based alcohol products that can be distilled into a type of liquid alcohol. The average dark rum is distilled into at least 40% alcohol or 80% proof, making it a bit stronger compared to other types of liquor.


  • Has a nectary, somewhat sugary flavor 
  • Adds a sweeter taste to your eggnog


  • Too much rum consumption can result in stroke, liver disease, and high blood pressure.

5. Bourbon

What Alcohol Goes With Eggnog

Bourbon is an all-American hard liquor, often grown in Southern states like Kentucky. It’s made from corn instead of wheat — In fact, for a drink to be considered bourbon, the mash has to be comprised of at least 51% corn. Bourbon mash is usually distilled at around 160% proof or less than that.


  • Typically comes with a sweet, spicy taste, which is excellent for making eggnog
  • finer mouthfeel texture than cognac and peated whiskeys


  • A bit expensive and hard to find outside the US

6. Whiskey

As standard dark liquor, whiskey is a type of alcohol that’s fermented using grain mash. These grains are barley, rye, wheat, and corn. After mashing, whiskey is then aged in wooden casks. Whiskey usually comes in plenty of types and classes — But the one thing that binds them together is the fermentation, distillation, and aging process used.


  • Considered the most popular liquor added to eggnog
  • its taste is described as fruity, smoky, a bit sweet, and even chocolatey


  • excessive consumption of whiskey can lead to several diseases and can weaken certain digestive and excretory organs 

7. Rye whiskey

What Alcohol Goes With Eggnog

Comprised of grain rye and 51% rye mash, rye whiskey comes in two types. These are Canadian and American. Canadian rye whiskey is often aged inside wooden barrels that aren’t larger than 700 liters for around three years. Meanwhile, American rye whiskey has a more robust flavor.


  • Drinking rye regularly can actually improve heart health


  • Rye whiskey is quite bitter in taste
  • Other drinkers have described it as being dry and spicy

8. Scotch

Scotch is a type of whiskey that is aged in oak barrels. The difference between this liquor and regular whiskey is quite simple — Scotch refers to any whiskey that is aged in Scotland. This basically means that all Scotch is whiskey, but not all whiskies are Scotch.


  • Has a nice caramelly color
  • Adds a warm, sugary flavor to the drink


  • A bit hard to find outside of Scotland and other countries in Europe 

9. Coffee liqueur 

Coffee liqueur is a great drink because it’s either meant to be enjoyed by itself or as an additional ingredient to eggnog and other alcoholic beverages. Popular brands include Kahlua and Tia Maria. What makes coffee liqueur stand out from the other drinks on this list is it contains flavoring, oil, and other additives.


  • Excellent if you prefer your eggnog to be on the sweeter side 
  • The addition of coffee in coffee liqueur ensures that you’ll be awake after every sip


  • It could be too sweet for some
  • Additives come from artificial, processed sources, and ingredients aren’t all-natural 

10. Irish whiskey 

Another whiskey from Europe, Irish whiskey, is different from Scotch because of the distillation process. Scotch is only distilled twice, while Irish whiskey is distilled three times. This is the reason why Irish whiskey is considered one of the best types of liquor in the world.


  • Goes down the throat smoothly
  • Has a bold flavor


  • Similar to other forms of whiskey, excessive consumption can result to a higher risk of heart ailments and liver failure.

FAQs About the Best Types of Alcohol to Mix with Eggnog

How is Eggnog Usually Made?

The main ingredients in eggnog are eggs, sugar, a dash of salt, heavy cream, vanilla, the alcoholic drink of your choice, cinnamon, and nutmeg. For a family-friendly version, the alcohol is omitted. Eggnog is usually served chilled and has a thick consistency.

Is Drinking Eggnog Safe?

Eggnog found in grocery stores has already gone through the pasteurization process. This reduces the chance of contracting salmonella, which often happens when you consume raw eggs. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol mixed with eggnog actually doesn’t kill bacteria.


The alcohol options in our collection, along with heavy cream, can add a better mouthfeel to eggnog. Plus, chilling eggnog stops mold growth in the drink. 

Classic brandy is your best bet when it comes to making eggnog. Out of brandy, whiskey, and rum, brandy has a sweeter flavor that improves the creamy and thick texture of eggnog. This article from ScienceDirect says that brandy also helps preserve eggnog’s natural flavors. 

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