What Alcohol Goes With Mountain Dew?

What Alcohol Goes With Mountain Dew

Here we have prepared some of the best alcohols to combine with the carbonated soda beverage Mountain Dew. This citrusy beverage is beloved by so many people because it includes so many ingredients that give them a burst of energy. Mountain Dew’s citrusy taste actually goes well with so many hard liquors, with most of them tending to dilute or enhance the flavor of the alcohol or the soda itself. The list has also enumerated all of the pros and cons of consuming these alcohols. 

This list would not be possible without the assistance of several bartenders, Mountain Dew drinkers, or just about anyone who likes a good alcoholic drink and has experimented with it by mixing soda beverages. If you’re a regular drinker of alcohol, then you would know that the unique flavor of Mountain Dew paired with the taste of various alcohols is pretty amazing. So what are we waiting for? Let’s check out this list and see which types are those!

5 Alcohols that Bring More Flavor to a Glass of Mountain Dew

1. Tequila

What Alcohol Goes With Mountain Dew

If you didn’t know, Mountain Dew tequila is an officially licensed product sold and used in bars and liquor shops across the country. Mountain Dew margaritas are the most common cocktail drink that you can make using this product, and it makes sense because tequila is an actual ingredient for making margaritas. But it’s also good if you can use regular tequila when you’re in the mood to create this famous citrusy cocktail. 


  • The tequila highlights the zingy flavor of the drink 
  • Tequila has a fruity flavor that goes perfectly with Mountain Dew
  • Very easy to make


  • The combination of tequila and Mountain Dew might not sit well for more sensitive stomachs
  • It could be too sweet, especially when adding sugar to the glass rim

2. Liqueur 

What Alcohol Goes With Mountain Dew

Since liqueurs are so diverse, you can add whatever flavor you like to a cold glass of Mountain Dew and give it an alcoholic touch. The best flavors for Mountain Dew are orange liqueur and melon liqueur. When you combine these two with soda, it results in a fizzy, fruity drink that you can enjoy on warm summer days. 


  • You can experiment with so many flavors for this drink
  • The liqueur is sure to give your drink a sweeter edge


  • Adding the wrong liqueur flavor to your drink could result in your drink being too bitter or too sweet

3. Rum 

What Alcohol Goes With Mountain Dew

The strong, robust taste of the rum could actually go well with Mountain Dew’s tangy flavors. You can choose whichever rum you want to add to this drink, but Bacardi is your best bet as it has a sweet and spicy flavor. When made, this particular beverage is known as the Voodoo Dew or the Maladew Captain Dew cocktail. 


  • This drink is a definite crowd pleaser
  • The fizziness of the Mountain Dew works nicely alongside the spiciness of the rum


  • Regular consumption of rum puts you at risk for heart disease or liver disease

4. Vodka

Vodka is flavorless and tasteless, so when you add it to regular Mountain Dew, it tastes just like the regular version of the soda but with a strong kick. Vodka also allows you to add more ingredients to the soda and make it more or less flavorful, depending on your preference. Another great thing is that you can also use vodka as a mixture for other Mountain Dew flavors, such as Baja Blast and Uproar. 


  • If you want to enjoy the taste of Mountain Dew but with an alcoholic flavor to it, then this is the drink for you


  • Long-term effects of drinking vodka include brain damage 
  • Be careful when adding vodka to Mountain Dew, as you might add too much 

5. Cider

This is known as the Mountain Cider cocktail. Cider is a type of liquor that comes from fermented apples. Because cider is a fruit-based alcoholic beverage, it’s sure to go well with the zippy citrusy taste of Mountain Dew. Although Mountain Dew and Cider already taste good when combined together, you are free to add plenty of tasty ingredients to further improve your drinking experience. 


  • Cider has a warming effect on the body, making this drink good for fall or autumn nights


  • The taste of the apples from the cider could overpower the Mountain Dew’s citrusy flavors

FAQs About Alcohols that Go with Mountain Dew

Is It True That Mountain Dew Started Out As A Mixer For Alcohol?

Yes! According to the official PepsiCo website, Mountain Dew originally started out as a carbonated lemon-lime drink that’s meant to be mixed into certain hard liquor. In fact, back in the day, ‘Mountain Dew’ was originally slang for moonshine, a type of whiskey made from fermented corn mash. The makers of Mountain Dew were fans of whiskey and decided to sell their invention to the masses so they could mix it into their own alcoholic drinks.

How Many Mountain Dew Flavors Are There?

As of 2023, there are over 23 Mountain Dew flavors on the market today. These all come in not just that signature electric green shade but also in light pink, blue, and orange. They also have various flavors, such as cherry, mixed berries, and sour apple.

To Conclude – The Best Alcohols to go with Mountain Dew

According to the opinion of the public, tequila is the best liquor to combine with Mountain Dew. You can create all sorts of refreshing cocktail drinks with this powerful combination that is sure to be a hit at parties or drank all by yourself during a hot day. Rum is the other best option for this combination because, as we just learned, Mountain Dew was originally meant to be combined with rum or whiskey. 

But as with all other carbonated drinks, Mountain Dew – Whether by itself or with alcohol – Is best enjoyed in moderation. Mountain Dew does come with a host of long-term side effects, such as diabetes, stroke, and brain damage. There’s also the fact that it’s got twice the amount of caffeine compared to other sodas, such as Pepsi. So if you want to enjoy its refreshing and citrusy taste, then it’s best to only drink one can at least every two or three weeks. 

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