What Alcohol Is in Twisted Tea?

What Alcohol Is In Twisted Tea

A man was hit by a can of Twisted Tea on his face, and the video of this incident got viral and soon made Twisted Tea the talk of the town. If you are not sure about Twisted Tea, it is an alcoholic beverage manufactured by the Boston Beer Company. It is available in cans and in most liquor stores in the US. It will not be wrong to say that Twisted Tea is similar to canned iced tea but with some amount of alcohol content in it.

Is There Alcohol In Twisted Tea?

Yes, Twisted Tea has alcohol in the beverage. In fact, a 12oz can of the drink contains 5% ABV or alcohol by volume. Thus, the alcohol content of a 12oz can of Twisted Tea is similar to that of a regular beer. If you often drink the beverage, this piece of information may come as a surprise for you because Twisted Tea does not taste like a beer at all.

On the contrary, Twisted Tea has a fruity and tart flavor, which makes consumers believe that the beverage lacks alcohol. There is a lighter version of Twisted Tea with 4% ABV. However, with a difference of 1% in the alcohol content, it is not much of a difference.

Twisted Tea Ingredients

Boston Beer Company uses real brewed tea, natural flavors, and a malt base to manufacture Twisted Tea. The original version of the Original Hard Iced Tea is made from tea, 5% malted beer, and a natural lemon flavor. It tastes like lemonade with a slight twist to the flavor.

Apart from the original version, Twisted Tea is also available in different styles. Some of these include mango, raspberry, light, half and half, and peach. Boston Beer Company uses natural ingredients to manufacture all varieties of Twisted Tea. Other ingredients used in manufacturing Twisted Tea include corn syrup and sugar.

How Many Twisted Teas to Get Drunk?

Twisted Tea has 5% ABV, which makes it similar to a regular beer. Thus, a few cans of the beverage is least likely to make you drunk or intoxicated. However, there are several factors that determine a person’s capability of getting drunk. These include an individual’s level of alcohol tolerance, body weight, and quantity of consumed food. However, on average, nine or ten cans of Twisted Tea should be sufficient to get you drunk.

Is Vodka In Twisted Tea?

Twisted Tea includes malt, which contains vodka. However, unfortunately, Twisted Tea does not reveal the type of vodka used to make the beverage. Twisted Tea also uses a malt alcohol base, apart from vodka. However, a specific variety of beverages uses bourbon whiskey and not vodka. At the same time, there are some who add vodka to Twisted Tea to make a stronger cocktail.

How Much Vodka Is In Twisted Tea?

The amount of Vodka obtained from the malted barley used to manufacture Twisted Tea is not mentioned by the manufacturer Boston Beer Company. However, if you want to add vodka to your Twisted Tea to make the cocktail stronger, the amount of vodka you need to add depends on your preference.

Is Twisted Tea Made With Rum?

Twisted Tea does not contain rum, nor is it made with rum. Although rum is a popular alcoholic beverage, Boston Beer Company does not use it to manufacture Twisted Tea. However, there are people who add rum to the beverage to make a strong cocktail. The amount of rum you add to the beverage depends upon your preferences.

Is Twisted Tea Equal to Beer in Strength?

If you consider the alcohol content of a beer and Twisted Tea, both are similar in strength. Thus, enjoying Twisted Tea, and thinking it is a weaker alternative to beer, will be wrong. The primary difference between the two beverages is the ingredients used to make them and their taste.

Almost everybody knows how beers taste. However, Twisted Tea has a sweet taste and is available in fruity flavors. If you do not like the taste of beer but want to enjoy the same level of alcohol, you can try Twisted Tea.

Can Twisted Tea Help In Addiction Recovery?

If you are trying to overcome your alcohol addiction problem and have already started your recovery process, it is advisable not to have any form of alcoholic beverage. This includes Twisted Tea since it contains 4% to 5% alcohol.

It is true that Twisted Tea is not as strong as some of the alcoholic drinks in the market. However, the little alcohol content in the beverage is enough to trigger cravings. This may lead to a relapse. Thus, stick to drinking soda or water and stay away from alcohol.

Will Having Twisted Tea Daily Turn You Into An Alcoholic?

Any type of addiction starts with small doses. Before you can realize it, your daily alcohol intake increases manifold and you get addicted. Twisted Tea contains 4% to 5% of alcohol. If you start having the beverage regularly, it may lead to alcohol addiction in the long run. It is crucial to remember that the alcohol content of the beverage is equal to that of a beer.

Those who get addicted to alcohol with regular consumption of Twisted Tea often think that they can control their addiction. Such people start with a single can of the beverage. However, the number of cans increases with time. Eventually, such people lose control over their alcohol consumption and switch to stronger alcoholic beverages.


Twisted Tea is a refreshing drink available in different fruity flavors. However, it is an alcoholic beverage with an alcohol content ranging from 4% to 5%. Although the beverage is similar in alcoholic strength to a beer, it does not taste the same. Twisted Tea is made with brewed tea, natural flavors, corn syrup, and sugar. Thus, it has a sweet taste to it.

Due to the presence of alcohol in Twisted Tea, it is best to practice some control while enjoying the drink. If you do not control your consumption of the beverage and decide to have it daily, you may soon become addicted to alcohol.

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