What Beer Did Jeffrey Dahmer Drink?

What Beer Did Jeffrey Dahmer Drink

Jeffrey Dahmer- notorious American serial killer who killed 17 men in less than 15 years. He faced a lot of childhood traumas and difficulties and opted for alcohol as the solution. He was more prone to drinking beer, like Miller and Budweiser. 

But as he grew, the addiction rose. And guess what? It ended up turning Jeffrey Dajmer into a serial killer. But wait, as the story doesn’t end here. The boy not only killed them after having s*x but stored an organ of their body as a souvenir or memory.

Want to know about the alcoholism-based life of this famous serial killer and what he gave to his victims? Then, without any further ado, buckle down through the article.

Why Is Jeffrey Dahmer So Famous?

Jeffrey Dahmer was a famous serial killer who is known for killing 17 men in just thirteen years (from 1978 to 1991). 

He mostly used to lure the black men at bus stops and malls. And take them home with the promise of having s*x or giving money, etc. 

However, when all of them used to come, Jeffrey Dahmer gave them an alcohol glass full of drugs. And then murdered them.

Later, the serial killer used to have s*x with those corpses, thereupon dismembering them. Got scared? Well, you don’t need to be, as there is still more to add.

After all this action, Jeffrey Dahmer used to save the skull or genitalia of the sufferer as a souvenir. 

Lastly, Jeffrey Dahmer used to picture and photograph the whole sense so that he could relive those moments again by watching them.

Sounds crazy? Well, it is more insane than we can think of. 

Which Beer Did Jeffrey Dahmer Used To Drink?

What Beer Did Jeffrey Dahmer Drink

There is no authentic information about which beer or alcohol drink Jeffrey Dahmer used to drink more commonly. 

However, people who lived with him and his friends claim that Jeffrey Dahmer mostly used to drink beer and light alcohol. 

Some claim he drinks Budweiser, Miller, and Pabst most of the time.

What Are Budweiser and Jeffrey Dahmer Controversies?

A few people think Jeffrey Dahmer was more prone to drinking beer. The only reason behind such thoughts and beliefs is that in the movie The Monster, Evan Peters, who acted as Jeffrey Dahmer, was seen drinking Budweiser beer frequently. 

However, it is known that Jeffrey Dahmer used to drink beer the most of all alcoholic drinks. But which beer he liked to drink can’t be said with certainty.

When Did Jeffrey Dahmer Get Into Drinking?

Sources claim that Jeffrey Dahmer started drinking when he was only 13. Quite a young age!

Firstly, he used to keep beer and drinks in his school locker, and then the addiction rose, so he started drinking before attending lectures.

As a result, he would end up backing practical jokes in the class. All this ended up making him a serial killer at the age of 18. 

Steven Hicks is the first person whom Jeffrey Dahmer murdered. So, both the boys drank alcohol at Jeffrey Dahmer’s house and then had s*x.

But later, when he was about to leave, Jeffrey Dahmer murdered him.

Later, psychiatrists analyzed him and revealed that Jeffrey suffered from schizotypal and borderline personality disorder. And that is why he kills all people with a relationship with him and performs physical acts to end that relationship.

Which Drugs Did Jeffrey Dahmer Give To His Victims?

Jeffrey Dahmer used to give Halcion to his victims. He told the law that he used to buy medicines to treat insomnia. But later, he used them to make his victims sleep by crushing Halcion and adding it to their drinks.

What happens is that Halcion contains triazolam. This works by incapacitating the person and thus making the body feel low and sleepy.

So, by giving it to the victims, Jeffrey Dahmer made his victims feel drunk and sleepy.

Which Novels and Movies Are Made On Jeffrey Dahmer?

There are several movies and graphic novels that are based on the life of Jeffrey Dahmer. These include:

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

In this movie, the point of view of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims is discussed, showing how Jeffrey used to commit crimes.

My Friend Dahmer 

Derf Backderf, a childhood friend of Jeffrey Dahmer, wrote a book, My Friend Dahmer, in which he told about the life of Jeffrey Dahmer, his childhood traumas, and the troubled family life that got him into addiction. 

The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer

This is one of the earliest movies made by Jeffrey Dahmer. The movie is based more on cannibalism and crimes committed by Jeffrey Dahmer rather than on his psychological condition. 

For example, the movie tells about the odd ways Jeffrey Dahmer used to store the victims’ organs.

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files is another movie written by him. It is more like a documentary that includes accounts from neighbors, friends, police officials, and others who spent time with him. 

Previously, the movie was named Jeff, and later it was renamed.

Apart from these, a few other movies made on him are

  • Dahmer 2002¬†
  • Raising Jeffrey Dahmer¬†
  • Dahmer vs. Gacy

Was Jeffrey Dahmer Sentenced To Death?

Yes. When Jeffrey Dahmer was caught and arrested in his last years, his proper check-up was done, and he was found to be mentally unstable as he suffered from borderline personality disorder. 

He was sentenced to lifetime prison. 

However, he lived there for only a few years as the cruel serial killer died on 28 November 1994.

Final Verdict 

To cut it short, Jeffrey Dahmer was a notorious serial killer who used to drink different types of alcohol. However, the exact beer he used to drink is not known with details or authentic information.

But yes, he used to give alcohol infused with drugs to his victims before murdering them. 

Later, he was sentenced to lifetime prison, followed by death.

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