Who Drinks More Alcohol in BLACKPINK?

Who Drinks More Alcohol in BLACKPINK

K-Pop has recently blown up in a way that very few bands have in the past few decades. They have taken up the music industry in a whirlwind. They have the catchiest tunes that transcend Korea and have been translated for music fans worldwide.

Their power-packed performances and stunning visuals have given them one of the most substantial fan bases in the world. People from everywhere love and admire them. Fans often go deep into their favorite idol’s personal lives as well.

Their charisma and aura bring in a lot of curiosity among followers. The question then arises: Who Drinks More In Blackpink? We look forward to exploring the answer to this question by delving into their lives. 

Who Drinks More Alcohol in BLACKPINK?

Regarding questions like who drinks more alcohol in Blackpink among the band members. We must first point out how their privacy and personal lives should be respected. Due to their fame, the members’ private lives are kept hidden away.

However, we can find the answers to a question like this by going behind the scenes and going through readily available information. Generally, modesty is practiced in Korea, so the band members must be more open to the public about their drinking habits.

Jennie: The Enigmatic Connoisseur

Who Drinks More Alcohol in BLACKPINK

Jeanie has her skills intact regarding rapping fiercely and being an alluring presence on stage. She is known to be flexible and adventurous and is often described as someone with a refined palette.

There is no apparent data that leads to Jeanie’s drinking habits. However, she has been seen enjoying a glass of wine occasionally, as per her Instagram feed. It can be analyzed that due to her taste and sophisticated personality, she might be a wine drinker on special occasions. 

Lisa: The Energetic Trendsetter

Lisa is a clear-cut international sensation in the group. With her vibrant and bubbly personality, she is the leading dancer in her girl group. She is said to have an infectious energy that radiates throughout the group and inspires them. 

Lisa has not explicitly mentioned her drinking habits in any interviews of hers. However, if one were to guess, wouldn’t it be lovely if Lisa indulged in fruity, colorful cocktails just like her personality? 

Jisoo: The Charming All-Rounder

The group’s talented vocalist and beautiful dancer, Jisoo, has a taciturn and charming personality. There is no information about her drinking, but she has also been spotted with a drink occasionally. 

She is a casual drinker only for social events. With an occasional glass of champagne or an essential cocktail, she probably only drinks when celebrating with friends or a social obligation. Jisoo tends to be a more lightweight drinker when it comes to drinking than her band members. Her body reacts to drinking by immediately putting her to sleep, which she often makes fun of. 

Rosé: The Soulful Diva

No group is complete without its vocalist; that is what Rosé is known and admired for. Her soulful live performances can make anyone swoon. She has a uniqueness to her that not many can come close to. Meanwhile, she has not explicitly mentioned which drinks are her favorite or how often she drinks; we found some photos she shared on social media.

She has posted herself as having refined and elegant beverages, such as wine and champagne, only during social gatherings for the most part. So she has shown herself drinking, but the extent of it can only be assumed. 

The Alcohol Consumption Culture in South Korea

The girl band may be touring the entire world for a few years but has stayed strong with their roots, which is Korea. South Korea has a renowned drinking culture and unique traditions and customs. Gatherings can have drinking sessions in a casual setting even because South Koreans often indulge in drinking as part of social gatherings. Entertainment events involve drinking for the most part because everyone comes together to enjoy and have a good time. 

The drinking gatherings don’t only limit to the fun but also business. When people meet for the first time and want to break some ice, they often drink over business deals and meetings. These go for everyone, from ordinary folk to famous people.

The traditional aspect of drinking is also prevalent in Korea. All holidays celebrated, such as Lunar New Year and Christmas, involve drinking to celebrate. Family members and friends, along with loved ones, all participate together. Traditional ceremonies also make many places for drinking, like weddings and funerals. It’s looked at with significant precedence for both culture and traditions.

FAQs about Alcohol Consumption in BLACKPINK

Do the members of BLACKPINK drink alcohol?

It is hard to differentiate between the members drinking at social events and them drinking regularly. It is due to their highly guided privacy by their PR teams who handle them and the image they come off as to the public. 

How often do the members drink alcohol?

The members have to perform on most nights, so it can be unlikely that they drink heavily backstage. The quality of their performances, dance, and singing would decrease if they frequently drank, and it could become quite apparent to the fans.

Is alcohol consumption every day among K-pop artists?

Everyone drinks alcohol according to their speed and tolerance, so it can only be assumed that K-pop stars also indulge but maybe only on downtime or at social events.

How do the members handle their drinking habits responsibly?

Celebrities and media stars are often put through media training so they are on their best behavior for the public. It ensures that they are the best idols and examples for many fans who follow them.


Blackpink is now a trendy band, so their private lives must be protected and hidden from the public. K-pop fans can also be very enthusiastic about their idols, so they constantly want to know more and more about them. 

We can gather some insights about their drinking habits through social engagement and recorded public interactions. Their Instagram profiles help us quite a bit in discovering who they are behind the scenes. 

The group consists of four members, so everyone must have their preferences in drinks so it ca e determine what kind of drink they enjoy. One clear thing is that the group is very disciplined, with their schedules being rather tight. This means their drinking habits are at a minimum on most days. Their hard work pays off in their live performances, which is why the fans pour so much love into them.

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