8 Reasons Why You Need To Use Lime With Corona

Why You Need To Use Lime With Corona

Corona beer is one of the premium beer brands in the market, famous for its refreshing taste and unmatched quality. People love to experience this Mexican beer go down their throats and recharge every cell in their bodies on a hot summer day.

You will often find people enjoying Corona beer with some lime. Unfortunately, it is still a puzzle for many people: why some love to have Corona beer with lime. Some call it a tradition, and some call it a habit. Whatever it is, it is time to find out the reasons behind this strange combination.

Corona Beer with Lime – The Combination Goes Back Many Centuries

Grupo Modelo is the company that manufactures Corona beer. The company started its operations during the 1800s. However, it wasn’t before 1981 that people started the tradition of adding lime to the Corona beer. According to people, a bartender made a bet with a fellow bartender on starting the trend of adding lime to the beer. Soon this trend caught up with the people of the US. Today, you will find most of the majority of the Corona beer lovers adding lime to their beers.

8 Reasons Behind Adding Lime to Corona Beer

In reality, there are several reasons behind adding lime to Corona beer. Some of the most common reasons are listed here.

1.   Lime Acts As a Taste Improver

Corona beer is usually packaged in green, brown, and clear bottles. It is strange that the taste of the beer depends on the colored bottle it is packaged in. For example, Corona beer’s taste in a green bottle will be different from the same beer packaged in a clear bottle. The simple reason behind this change in taste is the high sensitivity of beer toward light.

If hops, one of the primary ingredients used to make beer, is exposed to light, it undergoes a chemical reaction. Since hops impart a unique flavor to beers, the chemical reaction from light exposure will give off a foul odor. This will also damage the natural taste of beer. Thus, serving Corona beer with lime will help cover the foul odor and taste since lime has great masking properties. Lime also adds to the tartness of beers.

2.   Lime Made the Brand More Popular

The popular ritual of adding lime to your Corona beer has helped the brand gain some popularity in the global market. As mentioned above, the trend started in 1981. However, by 1986, Corona beer became the second most popular beer brand across the US. It was second to Heineken. Corona beer was listed among the top 10 beer brands across the globe.

3.   Enhances the Appeal of the Corona Beer

If you garnish your Corona beer with a slice of freshly cut lime hooked at the edge of the bottle, it will make the beverage more presentable and attractive. However, the crucial aspect here is to know how to cut the lime. You may cut it in the shape of a wheel or a wedge. The skill of cutting a lime accurately and beautifully is something that bartenders possess. If you know how to cut the lime in different shapes, it makes the drink more attractive. It also allows the drinker to squeeze out as much lime juice as he needs.

4.   Lime Is an Excellent Sterilizer

Beer bottles are sealed with metal caps. With time, these metal caps can leave rusty marks on the rim of these beer bottles. Nobody will prefer the idea of drinking Corona beer off a bottle with a rusty rim. Thus, it is necessary to get rid of the rust and clean the rim of the beer bottle. Using a slice of lime for the job is a great idea.

Lime can get rid of the rust from the bottle’s rim and also preserve the original taste of the beer. Apart from that, lime is also a great disinfectant. Thanks to its acidic properties, lime can quickly kill germs found on the rim of a beer bottle. In the past, the makers of Corona beer used recyclable bottles to package the beverage. These bottles were not properly disinfected before packaging. Thus, with the use of lime, the growth of bacteria was controlled.

5.   Lime Is a Great Repellant

During the good old days, bartenders used lime wedges on a beer’s neck. This was necessary since these bartenders used to operate by the beach or in open-air bars. Flies often used to fly near the beer containers, making them infectious. Since lime is a great repellant, it helps to keep flies away from beer containers. In fact, lime is useful against all types of bugs.

6.   Healthy In Many Ways

Apart from making your beer taste more delicious and sanitizing the beer bottle, lime is also healthy in many ways. Lime is rich in vitamin C, which helps to boost your natural immune system. Vitamin C also protects you from free radical damage. Additionally, lime promotes bowel movements and stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes.

Lime also reduces the possibility of you falling ill due to bacterial infection. It improves your skin texture and improves your heart health. At the same time, lime contains antifungal properties that inhibit fungal infections in your body. The extra carbs and calories in Corona beers, with the numerous health benefits of lime, prove healthy for you in many ways.


You must have watched movies where beers are shown stocked in large wooden barrels with taps. Mugs are filled from these barrels and given to customers. However, in reality, things are a bit different. Beers are sold packed in bottles or cans. If you are a lover of Corona beer, you must have noticed that people serve it with lime. There are several reasons to serve Corona beer with lime. Some of these reasons include the health benefits of lime, and it helps to improve the taste of the beer.

Lime can also prevent bugs from entering your beer and it acts as a good sterilizer that can get rid of rust from beer bottle rims and sterilize the same. Past data also revealed that the popularity of Corona beer skyrocketed after its association with lime.

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