Top 20 Worst Public Freakouts with Videos

Worst Public Freakouts

Emotions run high on these 20 videos, so watch with caution. In this age of smartphones, recording public freakouts has become easier, and we’ve compiled a list of the 20 worst public freakouts. 

They feature raw, unfiltered emotions, fury, and anxiety, and most videos feature verbal abuse, brawls, and discriminatory behavior. Humans have always had freakouts, but now, with smartphones, your baggage is out for the world to see. 

1. Woman Attack Bus and Driver

As the video shows, a woman attacks a city bus and shatters the driver’s window. She repeatedly ran over him each time he stood up to stop her. The driver tried to stop her from fleeing, but she did eventually. 

2. Bill O’Reilly’s Live Meltdown

Bill O’Reilly became frustrated with his teleprompter during a recording session. He decomposed and shouted, “We’ll do it live! F— it! We’ll do it live!” angrily. This incident is the reason for his most famous catchphrase. 

3. Walgreens Woman’s Platinum Meltdown

At a store, a woman complained about the slow line. When another customer allowed her to go first, she became agitated and started shouting. She refused to listen to the clerk and constantly bragged about her Amex platinum card. 

4. Airport Meltdown

A woman was aggressively demanding to see the airport manager in Summer 2021. She claimed that the airport staff assaulted her. However, in reality, she had missed her flight and had attempted to cross the broadening doors. She was intoxicated and resisted her arrest, too. 

5. Neighbor Destroys Car with Hammer

A woman is holding a hammer and aggressively demanding that her neighbor leave the community. It’s clear she is being discriminatory and racist, and she even damages the neighbor’s car. 

6. Fighting with Meat in Shanghai?!

Have they ever been to a food fight? Two women in Shanghai take their fight to the next level and hurl raw chunks of meat at each other. Other people also join up, and a meat battle begins! The reason for this isn’t clear for this freakout. 

7. McDonald’s Sandwich Shortage Led to Big Freakout 

When a customer is told McDonald’s is out of the junior chicken sandwiches, he goes berserk. He starts hurling insults at everyone, claims reverse sexism, and causes a huge scene. And tells the staff to call the police, which they do.  

8. A Man’s Public Freakout in the Post Office

An impatient man in a purple shirt accused a woman of cutting the line. He’s way off the line and doesn’t listen that the woman is rewriting an address, not cutting the line. Another person stands up for the woman and resolves this freakout. 

9. The AstroNut’s Jealous Rampage

Calm and collected Navy Captain and NASA Astronaut Lisa Nowak wore diapers and drove 900 miles non-stop to stalk her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. She attempted to kidnap his girlfriend, Collen Shipman, but failed and was arrested. 

10. Kanye’s Series of Public Spectacles

Kanye West’s entire public persona is marked with public freakouts. The most notable ones are his confrontation with morning host Sway, interrupting Taylor Swift and Beck’s speeches for award acceptance, his presidential run, and so much more.

11. Laptop Assault at 30,000 Feet

A jealous woman accuses her husband of looking at another woman. The fight builds up, and she slaps the man. The staff tries to break it up, but she follows behind and ultimately attacks him with a laptop. 

12. Spirited Skirmish at Airlines

On a Spirit Airlines flight, an intense verbal argument occurs, and a woman is shouting and aggressively confronting her fellow passengers. The situation becomes so heated that the pilot has to intervene. 

13. Elevator Freakout Over Social Distancing 

A young girl being cautious due to COVID-19 confronts a delivery man on the same elevator and forces him to get out. She’s anxious and panicking. 

14. A Girl Has a Meltdown in Colledge

Two students are arguing over something, and things get pretty heated up. Of the students loses her composure and starts crying while the other is still composed and arguing with her. 

15. McDonald’s Customer’s Saucy Meltdown

A woman asked for extra ketchup, but when she received the order, she disrespected them and behaved atrociously toward the employees. 

16. “Red Dress Karen” Denies Her Whiteness

At a fast-food chain, a woman in a red dress is rude to the staff and uses inappropriate and crass language in front of her kids. The argument gets even more heated when the employee refers to her as “white,” and she refuses vehemently. 

17. Deli Drama Unfolds as Shoppers Throw Down

Two men fight over line-cutting in a Deli Store. They fight surrounded by deli, meat grease, and concerned people. The staff intervened to stop them.

18. Mall Mayhem as Customer Clashes with Cashier

A woman loses her tamper at a shopping mall and directs her anger towards the cashier. She is disrespectful and rude, and the cashier tries to handle her. 

19. Airborne Panic Over Imaginary Seatmate

An anxious woman claimed that the person sitting beside her wasn’t real. She created a scene when a flight attendant approached; she grew furious and wanted off the plane. 

20. Overspeeding Freakout

An innocent woman complains to a Range Rover driver about his speed and asks him to lower his speed because children play there. He mocks and laughs at her, and she gets angry and starts a heated speech. 

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