8 Best Beers for Edward 40 Hands

Beers for Edward 40 Hands

Here, we ranked all the best 40 oz. Beers or malt liquors that you can purchase in the market right now. These are most suitable for a fun Edward 40 Hands game! For those unfamiliar or are new to the concept of bartending or simply drinking alcohol, a 40 oz. also goes by the name malt liquor. It is also a type of beer that’s quite strong due to the addition of other ingredients, such as corn or sugar. These tend to increase the drink’s alcohol percentage. 

To create this list, we analyzed the advice of our colleagues who enjoy the taste of 40 oz. More than the flavors of beer, whether by itself or by adding it to other drinks. These include bartenders, beer enthusiasts, people who work at breweries, people who own breweries, and anyone who loves the sweetened flavors of a 40 oz. Suppose you happen to be one of those individuals or just someone who wants to know more about 40 oz. liquor, then keep reading. 

What Type of Beers Are Better for Edward 40 Hands?

In our collection below, we chose Colt 45, Mickey’s, and Old English 800 as our top 3 picks for a really fun Edward 40 Hands game. Our tests and the recommendations of our peers also pointed out that we need to include beers like King Cobra, Hurricane, St. Ives, and Steel Reserve 211 in our selections of the best beers for Edward 40 Hands. And completing our list is Schlitz Blue Ball. Here’s more info about each of these beers:

1. Colt 45

Beers for Edward 40 Hands

This brand is known for being sweet, lemony, and silky smooth when it travels down your throat, whether through a cocktail beverage or straight from the bottle. This is a rather tart and somewhat grainy beer that isn’t too bold-tasting but still packs a punch, nonetheless. The color of the beverage, when poured into a mug, is pale yellow, with a white head. 

2. Mickey’s 

Beers for Edward 40 Hands

Mickey’s 40 oz. Liquor has an ABV of 5.6%, which makes it rather potent – But that aside, the flavor of the product is both crisp and light. Perhaps the only downside to this drink is that a warmer version lets you taste the corn flavors of the drink, which gets a bit too heavy – So the drink is best when served ice-cold. That aside, it’s smooth and not bitter at all. 

3. Olde English 800 

Hailing from Milwaukee, this is one of the strongest 40 oz. of the bunch, coming in at 7.5% ABV. This beverage is smooth and easy to drink, with a hint of fruity flavors and aroma. The appearance is clear and golden, without any head. Aside from fruits, other flavors that drinkers have noticed are corn, as well as cereal grains.  

4. King Cobra 

King Cobra is a 40 oz. liquor that lives up to its name, as it has a strong aroma and flavor that gives the drink a bit of a bite. King Cobra has a very light hop characteristic, and the same lightness can be said for other characteristics of the beer as well. In fact, some drinkers have said that it’s so light it feels like they’re drinking a regular beer. 

5. Hurricane

Crafted by popular Missouri-based Belgian brewery Anheuser-Busch, Hurricane 40 oz. Not only is this affordable, but it’s also a 40 oz. brand that you can find in loads of convenience stores and supermarkets. It contains the same amount of ingredients as the average 40 oz. liquor, but has a sweeter finish and minimal hop flavor. 

6. St. Ides 

St. Ides 

This 40 oz. is made by Pabst, the same company behind Pabst Blue Ribbon – So expect them to have the same flavor profile. However, St. Ides has a stronger alcohol content at a whopping 8.2%. The drink has a medium-golden, almost amber shade when poured into a mug. The flavor is also fruity and packs a punch after you take a sip. 

7. Steel Reserve 211 

Another 40 oz. liquor with an 8.1% ABV, this beverage tastes more malty than sweet. This is a great option if you want to find a cheaper way to spice up your cocktail drinks or just a drink to make the mood more energized on Friday nights. The overall taste and feel are quite smooth, but you need to watch out for that corn aftertaste that lingers.

8. Schlitz 

Also known as Schlitz Blue Ball, this product was also crafted by the Pabst Brewing Company in the 1990s. This is your standard malt liquor, except that the flavor of the product is more similar to a bitter beer compared to the other contenders on the list, where the flavors are sweeter.  

What Beers to Avoid for Edward 40 Hands?

To provide more value, here’s a list of the beers that many of our colleagues steer clear of when playing Edward 40 Hands:

1. Carta Blanca

A rather fizzy and bubbly 40 oz. Liquor, Carta Blanca isn’t really a terrible drink overall – It’s just a bit boring compared to the other names listed here. The body of the product is quite thin and isn’t too heavy on the stomach, however, which is nice. 

2. Magnum  

A standard 40 oz. that has a scent that’s similar to lager beer. However, the flavors of the beverage are known to taste like soap, and that’s not really a good thing. Other flavors include hints of toasted bread, with malty notes on the end. 

FAQs About the Best Beers for Edward 40 Hands

Can 40 oz. Liquor Get You Drunk Quickly?

You can say that it’s slightly more potent than beer, but at the same time won’t get you drunk easily as vodka, tequila, or whiskey can. But there is actually no scientific proof that this is true, as both beer and 40 oz. can get you drunk right away when consumed in large quantities. 

Is There a Difference Between 40 Oz. Liquor and Beer?

As mentioned, 40 oz. Liquor has a higher ABV content compared to beer, which has a maximum of 5% ABV. Aside from the usual malt/barley/yeast combo, other ingredients are found exclusively in 40 oz. liquor are sugar, corn, and rice, which explains the sweeter flavor. 40 oz. liquor also has lesser hops or none at all. 

Wrapping Up the Best Beers for Edward 40 Hands

Out of all the 40 oz. beers we have taken up on this list, nothing beats a delicious and cold bottle of Colt 45. It’s got that right balance of sweetness and maltiness and is excellent to chug down on whatever occasion you choose. Just be wary and responsible when consuming more than a bottle of the product, and don’t drink it all in one go. 

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