4 Best Beers for Micheladas You Will Love

Beers for Micheladas

If you love drinking Micheladas – A beverage that’s similar to the Bloody Mary cocktail – Then this list is perfect for you. Micheladas are a Mexican-based beverage that is comprised of lime juice, tomato juice, and of course, its main ingredient – Beer. Just like a Margarita, some spices are also added to the rim of a glass that the beverage is served in, giving it a punchier and spicier aftertaste. Micheladas are commonly served at Mexican parties and brunches, paired with delicious snacks and street food. 

To create this list, we asked the aid of bartenders, chefs that specialize in Mexican cuisine, Michelada drinkers, and plenty of beer enthusiasts who enjoy drinking a nice cold mug of their favorite malt-flavored alcoholic beverage. No matter which type of beer on the list you want to add to your Michelada, it’ll result in a drink that’s sure to satisfy your tastebuds. That being said, let’s start!!

What Types of Beers Go Perfectly with Micheladas?

1. Tecate

Ask any Mexican who has tried Michelada or is an expert in making Micheladas, and they will all agree on one thing: Tecate is the best beer to use for this drink. This local Mexican beer brand has a taste that’s been described as malty, crisp, and light on the stomach – Making it excellent as an ingredient for Micheladas (and other beer-based cocktails). Tecate is excellent if you’re planning to stick to the tried-and-tested Michelada recipe, which includes beer, tomato juice, lime juice, and of course, the spices on the glass rim. 

2. Sesion Cerveza

Despite being brewed in America, this brand is just as good as local Mexican beers. This brand is perfect for chugging down on hot days and works well as an ingredient in cold Micheladas. People who have tried this beer have described it as having a citrusy aftertaste with a rather strong hoppy bite. For those who want to add hot sauce to their Micheladas, this beer is your best bet, thanks to the citrus flavors. It also goes well with any cocktail that requires beer, along with orange and lemon-lime flavors. 

3. Pacifico

This Mexican beer brand has more punch compared to the other types of Mexican beer on the list. It has a really spicy aftertaste, so much so that you’ll no longer need hot sauce as an ingredient when using the drink as an ingredient for Micheladas. The scent has also been described as being similar to jalapeno peppers, with a refreshing kick – Perhaps the beer can even be considered as its very own cocktail. If you want to try out Pacifico on its own, it’s highly recommended if you’re looking for a beverage that you can take sips of while lounging by the beach. 

4. Sierra Nevada Sierraveza

This beer also has a spicy flavor to it, while the lime compliments the hot tabasco-like flavor nicely. The aftertaste will remind you of lemons, oranges, or just about any citrus fruit. Also included in the beer are some wheat notes that make the flavor more complex. The beer tastes a bit frothy at the first sip. Aside from being an ingredient in Michelada cocktails, it’s also a great beer to chug down at the beach. 

What Beers to Avoid for Micheladas?

1. Eagle Brewery Banana Bread Beer

You read that right – This beer tastes exactly like banana bread, and it’s just as sweet as banana bread too. People who have tried this beverage have said that it’s exactly like drinking a liquefied version of banana bread, and they almost forget the fact that it’s actually a beer. The sweetness of the beer might not be a good combination for a Michelada, as those cocktails will require a beer with a spicier note. Perhaps this beer is more suited as a dessert instead.

2. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada’s pale ale is perhaps their most popular product. Opening up a can of the product sets off a floral smell that will tingle your nostrils and make you excited to drink it. The beer itself is full-bodied, with a nice amber-like color. The flavors of this product might not be the best kind of beer to add to a Michelada, as the floral notes might not complement the spiciness of the drink, especially if you choose to add hot sauce to it. 

FAQs About the Best Beers for Micheladas

What’s The Difference Between a Michelada and A Bloody Mary?

Although they mostly have the same ingredients and looks, the biggest difference between these two lies in their number one ingredient – alcohol. A Bloody Mary is comprised of tomato juice, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, a dash of salt and pepper, hot sauce, the occasional sprig of celery for decoration, and finally, vodka.

Meanwhile, as mentioned, Micheladas are made from pretty much the same ingredients but with beer. Sometimes, other ingredients, such as hot sauce, are added to both drinks. Those who are huge fans of the drink can book a trip to Mexico and take part in the country’s annual Michelada festival, which showcases at least 100 versions of the drink. 

Do Micheladas Cure Hangovers?

One of the main ingredients in a Michelada is tomato juice, which contains loads of vitamin C and antioxidants. A benefit of drinking a Michelada instead of a Bloody Mary is that it won’t leave you with a stronger hangover when you wake up in the morning because of the beer. So, it doesn’t necessarily cure a hangover – Instead, it only makes you feel better when you wake up. And not only that, all of the products in a Michelada are easier to find as well. 

Rounding up the Best Beers for Micheladas

Out of all the beers that we listed down here, Tecate still can’t be beaten – Thus making it the number one choice for beers to add to Micheladas. It’s a classic Mexican beer for a reason, as its delicious crisp taste is just excellent and complements the flavor of the cocktail nicely. It’s an overall great beverage to enjoy either on its own or as a refreshing ingredient for other drinks. 

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