8 Best Beers for Upset Stomach 

Beers for Upset Stomach

Here are the beers that you can chug down when you are faced with an upset stomach for whatever reason – Be it gas, bloating, digestive issues, acid reflux, etc. All of these beers are proven to be safe for your gut and can either ease the pain you’re feeling or won’t further aggravate your tummy troubles. And not only that, they’re refreshing and very easy to drink as well. An upset stomach is never a fun thing, so hopefully, these drinks can give you some temporary relief. 

These beers are all recommended by our colleagues. These include brewery owners, brewery workers, as well as beer experts, doctors, healthcare workers, and just about anyone who has found the best kind of beer to relieve their chronic stomach aches. So if you are getting butterflies in your stomach in anticipation of finding out what these beers are, then keep on reading to find out. 

What Types of Beers Are Better for Upset Stomach?

The beers on this list are easy to drink, as mentioned, and are very varied when it comes to ABV levels, flavors, types, and brewing methods. They contain a high amount of healthy grains, all of which work to relieve the aches in your stomach – Either permanently or temporarily, until you can see your doctor. 

1. Dos Equis

Beers for Upset Stomach

Dos Equis is known for having a unique flavor – That is, described as a light caramel and malt but without any hops involved. This is the reason why the beer itself is sweet but contains only a hint of bitterness. It’s a great beer for first-time drinkers.  

2. Bud Light

Beers for Upset Stomach

One of the most popular “light” beers around, this product is thin, smooth, and crisp, with an excellent finish at the end. As expected, this beverage is much lighter than the regular Budweiser beer, which is known to have more flavors and a stronger aroma. This beverage, meanwhile, is sweet and delicate. 

3. Miller Lite

Miller Lite is a clean and crisp light beer, the taste is neither too sweet nor too bitter, making it a great choice for beer fans everywhere. Compared to other beers on this list, Miller Lite is malty, with a mellow sweetness and a subtle bitterness from the hops. 

4. Two Brothers Brewing Co. Prairie Path Golden Ale

An American-style blonde ale, this gluten-free beer is easy on the stomach and doesn’t compromise its healthier benefits for the flavor. The color of the beverage is very light and has a complex malt character when paired alongside Golding and Saaz hops. Slightly bitter but full-flavored and clean. 

5. Corona Lager

Famously excellent with lime, Corona Lager is a golden-hued beer with a wonderfully floral and light taste that will remind you of grass and hints of citrus. It is a beverage with a clean and dry taste. Bring a can with you to barbecue parties, beaches, and hanging out with pals during the weekend. 

6. Krombacher Pils

Filled with loads of hop aromas, this pilsner is beautifully balanced, with a malt backbone that you can taste on your palate. Crafted by one of the largest breweries in Germany, this product is made using natural spring water, which ensures a fresh taste and full flavor. 

7. Jever Pilsener 

Not a lot of people are familiar with this beer brand, but in our opinion, that’s what makes it so special. Hailing from the north of Germany, this comes from a brewery that has been crafting beer for nearly 200 years. The flavors are well-balanced and with a decent malt quality. 

8. Stone Brewing Delicious IPA 

The second gluten-free beer on our list, this product surprisingly packs a punch thanks to its 9.4% ABV. However, it’s a deceptively smooth beverage that captures the comprehensive layers of a tasty IPA beverage. There’s a hint of spiciness from the hops and a sweet citrus flavor like lemon candy. 

What Beers to Avoid for Upset Stomach?

For the ones that you should avoid, we have contained beers that have ingredients that could further aggravate your stomach’s condition or contain a high amount of carbonation or calories. If you don’t have any issues with your stomach, then go ahead and drink these in moderation. 

1. Carlsberg Elephant Beer

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A beer that is extra strong and filled with loads of malty flavor, “Elephant” is the right word to describe this drink. It’s got over 60 calories per can, which is already way too much for the average can of beer. There are also hints of caramel and honey present in the aroma. 

2. Honey Spice Tripel By Sharp 

This strong Belgian pale ale is brewed by Sharp’s Brewery, located in the UK. It’s a full-bodied beverage with notes of honey, pear, and herbal notes with a spicy punch. You’ll also be able to taste flavors of Golding and Bolek hops, barley malts, and some wheat. 

FAQs About the Best Beers for Upset Stomach 

What’s A Natural Cure for An Upset Stomach?

Drinking warm ginger, peppermint, or chamomile tea is a great way to reduce bloating and relieve stomach cramps or indigestion. You can also apply a heating pad to the aching part of your stomach or drink lots of water. If the achy feeling doesn’t go away, then go to the doctor and ask for a prescription. 

What Causes Upset Stomachs?

The most common reason for this is indigestion. It is described as having a feeling of fullness right after eating food instead of coming from a certain medical condition or illness. You can cure your frequent cases of indigestion by making changes to your lifestyle or taking medicines. 

A Summary of the Best Beers for Upset Stomach 

Of all the beers that we have covered on this list, the best one of all of them is Dos Equis – As not only is it made of natural ingredients, but it’s also very light on the stomach and won’t cause further cramping or bloating. Drinking this beer is fine, but it is still recommended to go see a healthcare professional during times like these. 

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