8 Best Beers for UTI 

Beers for UTI

Here are the best beers you can drink if you have a urinary tract infection, also known as a UTI. Despite its reputation as an alcoholic beverage, beer can actually cure UTI and has loads of benefits not just for your kidneys but for your heart as well. And just because these beers are healthy for your kidneys doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re bland – In fact, they’re just the opposite, and before you know it, your infection will be gone because you’ve enjoyed drinking this particular beverage.

To create this list, we gathered the opinions of doctors, healthcare workers, beer enthusiasts, brewery workers, brewery owners, and anybody who loves a wonderfully delicious and refreshing beer. We will also be discussing facts about UTI and sharing tips on how to get rid of it before it becomes worse. So if you are curious to know what these beverages are, then keep reading to find out.

What Types of Beers Are Better for UTI?

Since regular beers can still compromise your kidneys’ health and exacerbate the infection, the best beers to try here are pilsners, wheat beers, lagers, amber ales, and even kombucha with a bit of alcohol. Non-alcoholic beers and stouts are also fantastic options. 

1. Lost And Grounded Keller Pils 

Beers for UTI

This beer is proof that the simplest things in life are usually the best. It is a beverage that is comprised of Pilsner malts from Germany, then combined with three types of traditional hops – Namely, Perle, Hallertauer, and Magnum. This all creates a bitter beer that is clean and unfiltered. 

2. Hofbrau Hefe Weizen 

Beers for UTI

A quaffable but super-refreshing brand of beer that contains aromas of citrus and spice notes, as well as a hint of banana. The entry of the beer on your palate is crisp, then gives way to a dry yet medium body with excellent depth. There’s also the tanginess of citrus rinds and wheatgrass in the flavor. 

3. New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

Very rich and balanced, this beverage comes from a Belgian recipe going all the way back to the 1930s. It’s got a subtle malt presence that comes with a slightly fruity hop profile alongside a crisp finish. This beer is well-balanced, and you can drink it easily at any time. 

4. Coors Banquet

Beers for UTI

A classic take on the standard American lager, this beer actually has a sweeter profile compared to other Coors beers, though it’s still the best when served cold. It has a sweet flavor profile and is filled with lots of fruity and bright notes that include banana, corn, bread, and grains. 

5. Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter 

Beers for UTI

This vanilla porter is loaded with flavors of toasted grains aside from the obvious vanilla. It also has dark roasted malts that give the beverage a bitter taste. It’s actually a lot more crisp than you would expect – As the maltiness also gives way to a caramel flavor. 

6. Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 

Created as a way to honor the brewery’s original County Stout recipe from 1992, this beverage comes from the best bourbon barrels that the brewery has to offer. A sip of this beverage gives you flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla, molasses, toffee, dried fruits, and almonds. 

7. Wellbeing Brewing Victory Wheat 

This is a non-alcoholic citrus wheat beer that comes in gorgeous packaging – And not only that, it’s packed with loads of nutrients too. It comes with a whole assortment of all-natural electrolytes, protein, vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

8. Southern Tier Brewing Company Cinnamon Roll Imperial Ale

A spiced and herbed beer that comes with lightly-toasted malts and mildly spicy hops. These all blend together into cinnamon flavors, as well as the creaminess of lactose sugar. It’s got a similar taste to a delicious morning latte from your favorite coffee shop and is an excellent beer for brunch. 

What Beers to Avoid for UTI?

According to experts, some of the beverages that you should avoid when you have a UTI are anything that is too acidic or has a high amount of sugar. Beers with a high amount of alcohol or acidity should also be avoided when you have this condition.  

1. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery SeaQuench Ale

One of the most refreshing products in the Dogfish beer roster, this is a highly-acidic beverage that is practically a margarita in beer form. It is a citrusy-tart union that has captured the attention of margarita drinkers, beer drinkers, and wine enthusiasts alike. 

FAQs About the Best Beers for UTI 

What Is the Cause Of UTI?

A bacterial infection is the most common cause of UTI, along with holding in your pee in the bladder for too long or not drinking enough fluids. Some forms of birth control can also put you at risk for UTI, as they can cause skin irritations that allow bacteria to invade your body.

How Do You Cure UTI?

The ultimate cure for UTI is seeing your doctor and taking their prescribed medicine, such as antibiotics. Your overall health condition, as well as the kind of bacteria they find in your pee, will determine the type of medicine that the doctor will give you and how long you have to take it.

Wrapping up the Best Beers for UTI 

Out of all the beers that are recommended on this list, the best one has to be Lost And Grounded Kellers Pils. It’s not a strong beer at all and is perfectly session-able – Meaning you can chug as many bottles as you can and won’t get drunk immediately. The all-natural ingredients are beneficial for your health too. But please remember that a visit to the doctor is still your best bet for UTI infections. 

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