Top 10 Best Beers for Yeast Intolerance

Beers for Yeast Intolerance

You’re probably reading this article since you’re one of those few who have the condition. Like lactose intolerance, people with yeast intolerance are also vulnerable to it, and a small amount might actually cause some reactions in their blood.

Yeast intolerance can be really bothersome, especially among men. Being a hard drinker or an occasional drinker is somewhat what is expected from men. Whether you like it or not, if you have this condition, you’re bound to look for ways and alternatives to still protect your manhood while being really cautious not to regret that decision.

As we all know, beers essentially come with yeast as part of the process. This means you cannot create beer without yeast. We now present the top 10 best beers for yeast intolerance.

10. Bud Light by Anheuser-Busch

This is arguably the most popular entry in this list and is definitely an all-time favorite. There’s probably not a single beer drinker who doesn’t know this product by heart. Belonging to the category of light lager, this brew combines various malts making the flavor simple yet complex at the same time. So why is it rated 10th on this list? Well, it’s the popular opinion from our source when it comes to anything beer, the Beer Advocate website.

9. Heineken by Heineken Nederland B.V.

Talk about a household name when it comes to yeast intolerance beers. We’ve got another popular entry, this time from Heineken Nederland B.V., which is also known as Heineken Pilsener. This beer, just like Bud Light, is also hated by most beer enthusiasts though we cannot argue that it is one of the best when it comes to low yeast options. The brewery claims yeast is not listed as an ingredient though it is part of the whole process of fermentation.

8. Miller Genuine Draft

Produced by Miller Brewing Co., the very reason this beer comes in our 8th spot is the filtration process. When it comes to taste, beer enthusiasts have mixed reactions; however, this is still undoubtedly one of those which will not disappoint. It’s refreshingly smooth but still retains that beer character at the same time. If you’ve been craving that feeling of cold beer running down your throat then this is highly recommended.

7. Stella Artois

This entry belongs to the category of pale lagers and is brewed by Sella Artois. Pale lagers are known to use a lower level of hops which is probably the reason why their coloration is mostly pale. Don’t get the wrong idea, though; this beer retains that bitterness worthy of it being called a beer. When it comes to alcohol levels, though, this one is definitely just within the favorable range.

6. Stay the Funk In

This lambic beer is from the Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project. Yes, this is probably the coolest brewery when it comes to naming. This beer is produced using the rather traditional spontaneous fermenting method, which makes it low in yeast content. Despite the lower rating among beer enthusiasts, this lambic beer should not be taken for granted. Though low in carbonation, it still is able to quench the thirst of someone with yeast intolerance.

5. Samuel Adams Boston Lager

If pale lagers look pale in color due to the lower amounts of hops in the brew, this is the exact opposite. Belonging to the category of Vienna Lager, this one is rather robust in the way it looks. It’s malty, and it’s crisp; it is everything you’ll look for in a beer. There’s an ongoing debate however among beer enthusiasts from the Beer Advocate website, which is related to the remastered version of this product. Nonetheless, you cannot take the well-established reputation that already comes with it.

4. Iris by Brasserie Cantillon

Though belonging to the lambic category, this brew has a character that makes it stand out. This one is fermented differently with the method they call “cold hopping.” Instead of being sweet, which is a typical characteristic of lambic beers, this one is bold and more bitter than any other lambic. One really worth noting fact, though, is that this beer is seasonal. You won’t see it brewed all year round, which makes it the most interesting entry on this list.

3. Framboise by Brouwerij Lindemans

You can’t get any fancier than that! This low-yeast beer is not just famous for its availability but for its fruity taste making it to the Fruit Lambic category. One can easily take this as a lady’s drink, and that is true! If you’re after alcohol, you might want to back off. This is more like a soda than an actual beer, so it works well for both nonalcoholic and individuals suffering from yeast intolerance.

2. Mamouche by Brasserie Cantillon

This lambic entry is from a brewery in Belgium. Definitely not shy when it comes to alcohol content, nor with the sweetness which can’t be described by just one fruit. It’s a mix of flavors in every sip. It is arguably one of the favorite lambic options among beer enthusiasts, and unlike the other entries on this list, we have a common consensus about the experience.

1. Thumbprint Nectar Ale by New Glarus Brewing Company

This is probably the holy grail of beers from the lambic category. It checks a lot of boxes when it comes to judging a good beer. It is both refreshing and sweet and will definitely not disappoint anyone when it comes to the complexity of its flavor. This beer definitely lives up to its name and is a perfect pick for those dealing with yeast intolerance who still wants to look manly doing it.

Closing Notes

Beer is easily a part of our lives. It is part of how civilization developed. Methods evolved, but one thing remains, beer cannot be called beer without yeast. With the available options in the market, it’s good to know that someone who has yeast intolerance can now enjoy beer just like the rest of the world. The condition is no longer a determinant of whether one can drink beer or not.

With the advancements in technology, it is only a matter of time until a beer that’s safe, no matter what degree of yeast intolerance you have, can be enjoyed by the rest of us.

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