5 Beers With the Most Calories and With the Least

Beers With the Most Calories and With the Least

Welcome to a comprehensive exploration of the beer world, where we’ll uncover the secrets of low-calorie sips and indulgent delights. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to discover five beers with the least calories, perfect for guilt-free enjoyment, and introduce you to the top five beers that boast a caloric punch. Whether you’re a calorie-conscious beer enthusiast or simply curious about the diverse range of brews, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s raise our glasses and delve into the enticing world of beers with light sips and heavy pours!

5 Beers with the Least Calories

1. Michelob Ultra

Calories: Approximately 95 per 12 fl oz.

It’s a premium beer made from quality ingredients, so for a typical American-style beer enthusiast, it never disappoints. Michelob Ultra is a low-calorie, light lager, and in recent years, it has made a name for itself with an audience who care for their health. Calorie-conscious people enjoy this beer the most. It has a great taste but fewer calories to burn off later.

2. Corona Premier

Beers With the Most Calories and With the Least

Calories: Approximately 90 per 12 fl oz.

Corona is enjoyed by college kids, young adults, to even older people. So for it to have a version with fewer calories, called Corona Premier, is the best-case scenario. Corona Premier is Corona Extra, but it’s lighter and has fewer calories. The taste remains to be smooth and crisp with nothing but a slightly better and healthier touch to it.

3. Heineken Light

Beers With the Most Calories and With the Least

Calories: Approximately 99 per 12 fl oz.

The original Heineken and Heineken Light have little to no difference in their flavors. All that has changed is the calorie count between the two. A lot of people prefer drinking lighter beers for more casual occasions. It is perfect for that because once it’s chilled, many believe that no other beer can come to the experience that Heineken Light offers.

4. Miller Lite

Calories: Approximately 96 per 12 fl oz.

Miller Lite is a widely recognized American-style light lager. This has to be at the top of this list due to being a loved beer in America. Miller Lite is a light lager enjoyed by everyone in the country. It pairs well with small appetizers, so perfect for game viewing of any sort. Miller Lite has never compromised on taste, so it has slowly become a popular beer for those who are health conscious. Seemingly the most refreshing beer on the market, it lives up to its name.

5. Amstel Light

Calories: Approximately 95 per 12 fl oz.

Amstel Light is a Dutch light beer known to have a delicious taste but with a lower calorie count. This is what makes it perfect for beer enthusiasts who are also calorie-conscious. 

5 Beers with the Most Calories

1. Budweiser “King of Beers”

Calories: Approximately 145 per 12 fl oz.

The “King of Beers,” Budweiser, is a traditional American beverage. The fact that this has the highest calorie count is not surprising. It is bought in large quantities and enthusiastically liked. Everyone prefers Budweiser above other options. It has been in power for many years and is present all around the country. It is impossible to enter a store in America without seeing Budweiser; every convenience store in the country is stocked with it. Although it should be consumed in moderation, the refreshing features of the beer provide the flavor pallet a tremendous boost.

2. Stella Artois

Calories: Approximately 154 per 12 fl oz.

Stella Artois, a Belgian lager, is enjoyed in America and internationally. It has a sweet floral aroma and some people have it as their favorite. All in all, it’s a sweet malt that is overwhelmingly fruity if that is anyone’s preference. It is celebrated for its crisp and unique taste. Among these, people don’t realize that its calorie count is slightly higher than some other beers on the market.

3. Guinness Draught

Calories: Approximately 125 per 12 fl oz.

Guinness Draught is an Irish Stout that is beloved by many. The rich, creamy, and smooth texture provides a very enjoyable time for beer drinkers. The depth of the flavors is why it is bought by many. Amongst a lot of lagers, it might be a little on the low side but definitely beats others as far as the calorie count is concerned.

4. Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

Calories: Approximately 240 per 12 fl oz.

Many people in America adore and cherish the Sierra Nevada. What could be better than enjoying a craft brew whenever at your convenience? Not a lot, we wager. With its vibrant citrus flavors and a touch of sweetness, this is the perfect option for any beer connoisseur. This interesting India Pale Ale from Sierra Nevada does indeed have a beautiful flavor profile, but the calorie count on this is deniably high.

5. Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Calories: Approximately 180 per 12 fl oz.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager offers a well-balanced yet complex taste in its blend. It has sweet roasted malts, notes of caramel, toffee, and even some citrus in it. Samuel Adams Boston Lager, despite the taste, does indeed have a higher calorie count than a lot of beers. Despite the popularity, calories should be calculated for a healthier life.  

Mindful Sipping and Responsible Enjoyment

Beer enthusiasts must be mindful of our choices, especially regarding caloric content. Understanding the calorie content of different beers empowers us to make informed decisions that align with our lifestyle and health goals.

Whether you’re seeking a low-calorie option for casual enjoyment or ready to indulge in a rich and full-bodied brew on special occasions, moderation is key. Savor your favorite beers with appreciation and awareness of their caloric impact.


The world of beers offers an incredible range of flavors, profiles, and experiences for every palate. As we explore the beer landscape, let’s remain mindful of the caloric content of our favorite brews.

Whether you choose a light and refreshing option or a robust and indulgent brew, let’s raise our glasses to the joy of sipping mindfully, cherishing the diversity of beers, and making choices that align with our tastes and well-being.

Cheers to informed sipping, responsible enjoyment, and a balanced beer journey!

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