18 Best Low-Alcohol Beers

Best Low-Alcohol Beers

Are you on a mission to cut off alcohol consumption and thus are shifting to some good low-alcohol beers? Then wait right here as we cover you all.

Low Alcohol Beers have low to almost no alcohol content in them. In most cases, the beer has less than 5% ABV. But what’s more interesting is that though having alcohol, these beers taste equally crisp and classic.

So, want to learn about some amazing categories in this section? Then, let’s delve through the article and find some good low-alcohol beers to end your tiring day in the best way possible.

1. Bell’s Oarsman Ale 

Alcohol Content: 4%

One of the best low-alcohol beers to opt for is Bell’s Oarsman Ale. This refreshing beer is made using a special German brewing technique that produces a tarty drink enriched with herbal and citrus notes. But yes, the citrusy notes of the drink are a true palate-pleaser and, thus, are a perfect addition to all meals. 

The prime ingredients used to make Bell’s Oarsman Ale are:

  • Water 
  • Cascade Hops
  • House Ale Yeast
  • Malt

So, why not make this light lemon-flavored beer with a rich lactic aroma and caramel undertones your easy-to-go drink?

2. Erdinger Alkoholfrei

Alcohol Content: 0.5% 

Whether it be flavor, taste profile, refreshment level, or appearance, Erdinger Alkoholfrei is a low-alcohol beer that excels in all terms.

It is made using wheat Malt, hops yeast, and barley Malt that offers the drink a unique taste full of banana and fruity aroma reminiscent of a freshly baked bread undertone.

When poured, the drink had a slightly refreshing, frothy head that works no less than a crown for the drink. And that is why it is commonly known as an isotonic drink in the market.

Moving on to calories, it is exceptionally low in that respect, too. 

Additionally, it is known to contain vitamins B12 and B9.

3. Lucky Saint Unfiltered Lager

Alcohol Content: 0.5%

Looking for some perfect vegan fit in the low alcohol category? Then, here comes the Ideal drink for you.

Lucky Saint Unfiltered lager is a low alcohol-by-volume beer containing only 0.5% alcohol. 

It is made in Germany using four prime ingredients used in every beer. 

Then what’s different? The taste!

Lucky Saint Unfiltered lager has an intense taste. Let it be creaminess, dryness, citrusy touch, or sweetness; the drink covers it all. The drink has a unique flavor profile. Soon after you take the first sip, your taste buds are enriched with a sweet taste, followed by a creamy richness. And with time, you start to feel a bitter dry finish and lemon flavor.

Does it look dreamy? Indeed, it does!

4. Natural Light

Alcohol Content: 4.2%

Looking for a light-bodied alcohol with fewer calories per serving? Natural light is the next perfect drink for you to opt for.

It is an American-style lager drink made using a detailed brewing procedure that involves brewing and blending corn and malt with unique American-grown hops. 

Consequently, you end up getting a perfectly crisp and clean drink with only 96 calories per serving.

So, why not add this low-alcohol natural light beer to your weekend barbecue party?

5. Boston Beer Sam Light

Alcohol Content: 4.3%

Boston Beer Sam Light is a light, drinkable beer with exceptional flavor that can hardly be matched. It is made using imported hops and finest malts that give a unique roasted flavor to the drink with caramel aroma and overall a subtle flavor profile.

And you know what’s the best part? The drink comes with no wheat or bitter undertones, thus being no less than a craving drink for sweet lovers.

But yes, a misunderstanding is that this drink is just a lighter version of Samuel Adams’s Boston Lager. Instead, in reality, the brand claims to have undergone a long struggle to come up with this fulfilling low alcohol beer.

6. Full Sail Session Light Premium Lager

Alcohol Content: 3.6%

Where Full Sail Brewing Co. is known for brewing flavorful drinks with a unique flavor profile, Full Sail Session Light Premium Lager is no exception. 

This low-alcohol beer is made using Sterling and Glacier hops that grant a unique, nuanced flavor, along with malted barley and mountain spring water that makes the drink crisp, clean, and equally refreshing.

All in all, it is a classic American-style lager with a well-balanced taste, avoiding any hint of bitterness or heavy creaminess. 

Moreover, it contains 100 grams of calories per serving.

7. Free Wave Hazy IPA

Alcohol Content: 0.5%

Indeed, when enlisting the best low-alcohol beers, how can we forget to enlist the all-time best beer recording winner- Free Wave Hazy IPA?

The beer got the Best Beer Award in the International Beer Challenge 2020, and with that, one can well estimate how mouthful and pleasing its taste would be. Additionally, it has earned a bronze medal for its unique taste.

Free Wave Hazy IPA has a soft, Hazy appearance with a unique flavor. People claim it has a unique flavor enriched with floral, fruity, and citrusy notes, making this aromatic drink a perfect kick for beer enthusiasts. 

So, whether you are eating grilled meat at night or enjoying pizza with friends, Free Wave Hazy IPA is the perfect blend to complete your dinner!

8. Thornbridge Zero Five

Alcohol Content: 0.5%

Looking for a more complex flocked drink? Then why not opt for Thornbridge Zero Five?

It is a multi-layered beer made using

  • Cascade and Amarillo hops that give floral yet citrusy notes to the drink
  • Pale Ale, Munich, and Crystal Malts

But what makes the drink stand out of the row is its unique ingredient- orange peel.

These orange peels add a subtle and nuanced touch to the overall drink. 

Additionally, though the drink is exceptionally low in terms of alcohol content, it has a bit of pithiness that contents your palate to the fullest.

So, are you ready to taste this delight?

9. Small Beer Session Pale Ale

Alcohol Content: 2.5%

Are you trying to cut down beer slowly and gradually? Then why not shift to a 2.5% Small Beer Session Pale Ale, which is half as strong as your regular strength beer? Not only will it help you continue the struggle to cut off alcohol consumption, but it turns out to be a true taste bud pleaser, too.

It uses hops, malt, barley, yeast, wheat, water, and oats.

And guess what? You end up getting a fruity aroma-enriched drink whose every sip turns out to be tart yet fruity initially, but with time, you start to feel its slightly bitter undertone, too. But that’s also pleasant on the tongue and can be combined well with a steak.

So, why not give it a try?

10. Allagash Little Grove Sparkling Session Ale with Blackcurrants

Alcohol Content: 3.8%

Allagash Little Grove Sparkling Session, Ale with Blackcurrants, is yet another low-alcohol beer to opt for. 

The unique drink is made by brewing special hops and barley malt that leave you with a fruity drink full of a distinct tartness with a refreshing yet crisp undertone. 

So, why not opt for the all-time refreshing  Allagash Little Grove Sparkling Session Ale with Blackcurrants and make your mouth feel content?

11. Evil Twin Bikini Beer

Alcohol Content: 2.7%

If you long for a refreshing yet light-bodied flavor profile, Evil Twin Bikini Beer is definitely the perfect drink to opt for. 

This Evil Twin Bikini Beer is one of the best ales with tropical undertones and perfect hoppiness. This blend grants a distinct flavor profile to the drink, which, as such, is hard to meet in a low-alcohol beer category.

So, if you are looking for an ale that lightens up your mood and boosts you up after a long, tiring day, nothing can work as a better option than Evil Twin Bikini Beer.

12. Victory Cage Radler 

Alcohol Content: 3%

Is lemonade your easy-to-go drink that helps refresh your tired body? Then Victory Cage Radler will be your next easy-to-go drink.

It is a perfect tarty citrusy zest to the drink which is made using lemon juice in addition to the basic ingredients. 

The best fact about the drink is that although Victory Cage Radler contains a distinct lemon flavor, the drink is well-balanced by adding sugar.

In short, you get a perfectly balanced drink that hits the sweet spot between citrousness and sweetness.

13. Jack’s Abby Blood Orange Wheat

Alcohol Content: 4.0%

Didn’t find the above-mentioned drink citrusy and want a bit more spark? Then why not give Jack’s Abby Blood Orange Wheat beer a try?

In addition to the ingredients present in all beer, the drink contains two special ingredients. 

  • Special orange oil 
  • Grapefruit aroma

And the two drinks work their best to make the beer taste citrusy, yet tarty turns out to be the perfect dose of refreshness.

So, why not give this Amber hue drink a try?

14. Slightly Mighty Dogfish Head

Alcohol Content: 4.0%

Looking for some calorie-deficit drink that masters the art of making your tongue yearn for more? Then, nothing but Slightly Mighty Dogfish Head is the perfect option to settle upon. 

The unique drink is made using barley and Monk Fruits. And guess what? You end up getting a fresh, citrusy drink with a robust, complex, hops-enriched flavor full of glossy aromas. 

And since the beer contains lots of mango, coconut, and pineapple chunks, each sip ends with a splash of fruity undertones in your mouth.

Overall, it is a tropical fruit-tasting drink with an immense blast of sweetness in it. 

So, if you find sweet beers as your perfect type, Slightly Mighty Dogfish Head is probably the best bet to go for. 

15. Lemon Quest, Dogfish Head

Alcohol Content: 0.5%

Looking for something that meets the next level of tartness and citrousness? Then why not give Lemon Quest, Dogfish Head a try, whose every single sip knows how to quench your thirst to the fullest?

The prime ingredients that help brewers come up with this magnificent Lemon Quest Dogfish Head are:

  • Hops
  • Acai Berries
  • Sea salt
  • Lemon puree
  • Wheat
  • Monk Fruit Extract
  • Water

As a result, you get a perfect adventurous drink with a slightly subtle taste and earthy undertones. 

Feeling the ultimate urge to drink the beer right now? So, why not order one? 

And to add more, Lemon Quest, Dogfish Head is a super affordable beer that manages to cost you around $12 for six cans.

16. Sufferfest Beer Company Repeat Kolsch

Alcohol Content: 3.5%

Sufferfest Beer Company Repeat Kolsch is another low-alcohol beer that you must try.

Though it also contains the same prime ingredients (malt, barley, and yeast) as other beers, what sets Sufferfest Beer Company Repeat Kolsch out is that it is brewed using bee pollen. As a result, the drink with a complex flavor and a fruity aroma, along with a lemon-lime tar, is obtained.

Overall, it has a very crisp and refreshing taste that helps kick off all the tiredness.

And yes, it is low in terms of calories too, thus pairing best for people who are both beer enthusiasts and fitness lovers.

17. The Purist

Alcohol Content: 3.8%

The Purist is a certified organic beer made using mountain water from the Poudre. And to it, special hops and malt grown in the Pacific Northwest are added to come up with an utmost refreshing drink that will make you feel fresh. 

And the best part is that each serving of The Purist contains only 96 calories.

18. Ballast Point Mango Even Keel

Alcohol Content: 3.8%

Last but not least comes to Ballast Point Mango Even Keel. It is an orange to Amber colored drink with a small frothy head.

In addition to regular ingredients, the Ballast Point Mango Even Keel beer contains mango, cane sugar, and orange notes that add a mouthful of mango taste to the drink with slight honey undertones.

Final Verdict 

And with this, the list of best low-alcohol beers wraps up. Apart from these 18 beers, there is a long list of yummy low-alcohol beers to try that offer a unique tartness to the drink.

Overall, these low-alcohol beers are no less than a treat for your body to opt for that not only helps cut off complete alcohol consumption but also masters the art of making your mouth and soul refreshed, content, and fulfilling. 

So, it’s best to switch to these low-alcohol beers and enjoy the crisp taste without making your health suffer much. And with time, you can switch to completely non-alcoholic drinks like mocktails.

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