Top 10 Best Malt Liquor Brands You Need to Know

Best Malt Liquor

Is Malt Liquor beer or not? That is a million-dollar question!

Technically, Malt Liquor is a powerful version of a beer brewed with fermented malted barley and high alcohol content. If you love being boozy, you are at the right place. Check out these ten best-quality Malt Liquor beer brands to satisfy your cravings.

1. Colt 45 Double Malt Liquor

Best Malt Liquor

Colt 45 Double has a distinct taste from its sister Malt Liquor, Colt 45. Its fresh and super-clean golden appearance elevates its impression. The 5.6% ABV seems lesser than other Malt Liquors, but the corn and bready malt flavor brings out the genuine taste. 

With a slightly thinner body, its carbonation seems good and fizzy. Colt 45 Double delivers a pleasant Malt Liquor feel. It is a must-try thing for young and energetic enthusiasts. 

2. Country Club Malt Liquor

Best Malt Liquor

Are you interested in tasting high-quality Malt Liquor? Here is Pabst Country Club! 

At 5.8% ABV, Country Club delivers a well-brewed character with a crystal-clear light gold body. The malt-forward aromatic flavor is potent but not harsh. Also, the refreshing smell is inviting. 

It depicts a flavorsome deliciousness at a reasonable price. If a chilled malted barley beer is what you need at this moment, Country Club will fulfill your thirst.

3. Hurricane High Gravity Malt Liquor

Hurricane High Gravity Malt Liquor

Hurricane High Gravity is a power-pack Malt Liquor brewed with superior-quality malted barley. The dark straw-like body with a fizzy head creates an immaculate look. It exhibits a highly carbonated appearance with a yeasty and sweet smell. You can serve it chilled to amplify its taste. There is fruitiness and corn-like flavor that feel enjoyable on the palate. Also, it contains 8.1% ABV. 

The overall Malt Liquor profile is admirable and budget-friendly. Moreover, Hurricane High Gravity feels right on a scorching summer day, so what do you think?

4. Olde English 800

How many of you have never even smelled Old English (OE800)? Miller Brewing Co. in the United States has the best Malt Liquor with a perfectly balanced taste. It showcases two ABV versions, such as 5.9% and 7.5%. The clean golden-colored body with a foamy head boosts its impression. 

Its fruity nose with corn-like notes, malted barley, and slight hops heightens the taste. The light to medium-bodied feel brings out the genuine delicious Malt Liquor flavor. 

So, what do you think about it? If you want to search more, visit the official website of OE800.

5. Steel Reserve 211 (High Gravity)

Steel Reserve 211 is another flavorsome Malt Liquor you should taste whenever you see it. The look is decently attractive, with a medium orange shade and a fluffy head. It leaves a random lacing behind to beautify the overall appearance. 

Malt is everywhere in the taste and nose of Steel Reserve 211. Like a classic Malt Liquor, malted barley is the foremost ingredient to make it feel sweet. However, it is not overly sweet because of its perfectly-blended flavor. The mouthfeel is delightful, smooth, and surprisingly incredible, with soft, light carbonation. Everything about Steel Reserve 211 is remarkable, from the beginning to the end. So, why wait? Grab a bottle of Steel Reserve from your nearest grocery or convenience store and add genuine deliciousness to your life. 

6. Mickey’s Malt Liquor

Best Malt Liquor

Mickey’s is not an unfamiliar name in the North American region. It has been enjoying popularity since its launch. Mickey’s Malt Liquor pours a puffy, foamy white head that looks remarkable above the yellowish-golden body. However, the head retention shrinks to the thinnest lacing within a half minute. 

The malty sweetness with a subtle touch of low-profile bitterness at the end blends well. Also, the corn notes with yeasty hints are a game-changer. Its fruity scent is inviting, while the moderate mouthfeel with light carbonation makes it a matchless Malt Liquor. 

7. King Cobra

There is a reason why its name is King Cobra. Consider this delightful Malt Liquor an invincible liquor of its style because of its potent flavor and refreshingly smooth, crisp feel. The iconic label design with a transparent pale look is outlandish. It originates in the United States with the highest quality malted barley with the slightest hint of hops. The feel in the mouth is pleasantly different, if not extraordinary. King Cobra is undoubtedly a ‘King of Malt Liquor.’ 

8. Molson XXX

Are you up to try an irresistible Canadian Malt Liquor? If yes, check out Molson XXX! 

Molson Coors Canada proudly presented their extra strong Lager, Molson XXX. Consider it a bottle of happiness for those who love excessive malty goodness with a trace of bitter hops to make it a balanced liquor. The yellowish-hued body with a white head is one of the best attributes of Molson’s appearance. 

Its scent is about malty sweetness with a subtle touch of imported hops. The taste is authentic, with a malted barley flavor in every sip. Also, the corn-like syrup elevates the profile. Believe it or not, Molson XXX is impressive, especially with high alcohol, average carbonation, and medium-bodied mouthfeel. 

9. Natty Daddy (8%)

The perfect Malt Liquor for alcoholics is Natty Daddy. It is a highly alcoholic liquor with a strength of 8% ABV. Natty Daddy is among the top-rated Malt Liquor brewed by Anheuser-Busch Brewery in the United States. The nice-looking body with a small head always seems good. 

It has a pleasantly sweet aroma. The taste suggests an apple-like flavor. It feels smooth in the mouth with fizzy carbonation. Natty Daddy is an inexpensive regular beer you can serve at casual events. 

10. Red Horse Beer: Extra Strong

Familiar with San Miguel? San is an internationally famous brewery in the Philippines. Though San Miguel has a unique selection of beers, its Malt Liquor is a treat for the palate. Red Horse Beer is Extra Strong, perfect for heavy drinkers. The amber-colored body with a bubbly bone-white head helps to elevate its look.

At this high level of alcohol by volume, Red Horse gives a surprisingly subtle sweet flavor with a bready malt nose. It is quaffable, enjoyable, crisp, and pocket-friendly. 

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