Top 12 Best South American Beers To Drink in 2023


South America may not be as famous as North America, but this continent has a variety of exotic landscapes, diverse cultures, euphonious music, soccer, and aromatic beers. If you are a beer lover and planning to visit South America, you might be looking for delicious yet affordable popular beers to enjoy a memorable time there. Check out a complete list of the top South American beers to drink in 2023, so don’t miss out!


Brazil has its fair share of brewing some of the world’s finest beers, and one of them is Bohemia. Introduced in 1853, this Brazilian Pilsner, a pale lager with a fruity taste, has a refreshing aroma that can make your special moments more incredible. Made with hops and grains, Bohemia is a combination of sweetness and bitterness. It can be a little more expensive than another widely consumed beer in the country, which is Brahma. 


Filled with rich flavors, a well-known Colombian beer, Cerveza Aguila, is arguably the first choice of millions of beer enthusiasts living in the country to beat the heat on the hottest days. This light pale yellowish lager makes a foamy head when poured into a glass, creating a crystal-clear appearance. It is perfect for every occasion. Whether you are sitting with your pals after work for a daily gossip or watching a soccer match with family, Aguila can enlighten your mood with a mere sip.


Argentina is famous for two things; one is Lionel Messi, and the other is Quilmes beer. Introduced by Cerveceria Malteria Quilmes in 1890, this refreshing beer is full of flavors. It is a beautiful blend of bitterness and softness to give a deliciously crispy taste when served. Quilmes is a blonde Pilsner made of herbal hops and light malts, making it a perfect beverage to enjoy at any event. You can find it in any corner of Argentina because of its high consumption. 


Originating from the mystic land of Peru, a well-carbonated pale lager beverage, Cusquena is among the top-rated beers in the country. It has a pleasant aromatic taste with an amber color that creates a transparent appearance when poured into a glass. Cusquena is a fusion of European Pilsners and a crispy Latin taste. Additionally, this sweet all-malt lager made of Saaz hops, corn, and malts, has a light feel, making it the most famous beer in Peru. 


Serving citizens of Venezuela with a fruity beer since 1941, Polar is the most renowned beverage in the country. It tastes sweet and bitter on the tongue, giving a nice feel. Polar is a pale lager beverage that provides a typical lager flavor. It has a pale color with a pretty strong smell. This authentic drink with a hint of grainy malts, corn adjuncts, and hops is inexpensive. You can buy and enjoy it on any occasion.


Though Cristal was originally a product of Peru, it still dominates the market of Chile, making it the most consumed beer in the country. This lager beer has a typical flavor with a touch of sweeter malts. Its light yellowish color looks more attractive when poured, and its foamy head makes it tempting. Chile has its local beer, Chicha, a household name there. However, Cristal breaks the popularity records there. 


Pilsener might not have unusual ingredients or a unique flavor to impress, but it is a decent beer that is insanely popular in Ecuador. Like other Pilsen beers, this blonde beer with a hint of bitterness has an aromatic smell that indicates the usage of the best hops. The Pilsener Can version is relatively more consumed as compared to bottles. Whether you like it or not, Pilsener is in the hearts of Ecuadorians. 


Every South American country has its unique beer brand that rules the region. In the case of Bolivia, Pacena is the clear winner. It is the leading beverage company, and its Pacena is a pale beer brewed with a touch of malty grains and some best hops. If you ever get a chance to visit Bolivia, the most common thing you would see is the golden, red, and white logo on Pacena bottles everywhere.


Enriched with a diverse range of hypnotic views and attractions, Uruguay has something more that entertains its citizens every day. Yes, Cerveza Patricia is the most prominent beer brand in Uruguay. It has a refreshing light color with a flavorsome taste. With high carbonation, the aftertaste of Patricia is slightly bitter, but it is a nice feel on the tongue. Moreover, its balanced ingredients with a hint of hops make this beer an ultimate winner in Uruguay.


An expensive Pilsner Lager, Banks is everyone’s favorite in Guyana and its neighboring regions because of its fresh aroma and delicious flavors. Crafted from high-quality ingredients, including malted Barleys (2-Row British and Australian), Styrian Golding hops, and Galena. It is somehow a symbol of honor for the Guyanian country, and people love to consume it to celebrate even little moments of their lives.


The oldest beer brand in Paraguay, Cerveza Pilsen, a Pilsner beer with aromatic flavors, is leading the beer market in the country. Like typical Pilsner beers, it creates a white foam on top of it when you pour it into a glass. If you smell Pilsen, you will get a malted feel. However, it has a sweet taste, making it a perfect match for lunch, dinner, or any other occasion.


Found by Falkland Beerworks in 2012, Rock Hopper is arguably the best beer in the Falkland Islands. The pale-colored beer with a touch of enriched ingredients, such as malted grains, the Rock Hopper can be your best choice when visiting the Falkland Islands. It has a medium body with soft carbonation, and its delectable taste with a metallic finish is better than many premium international brands. Not only Falklanders but visitors also love this beer. 

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