Chilis Alcohol Menu: Everything You Need To Know

Chilis Alcohol Menu

Welcome to Chili’s, America’s most popular family restaurant chain, which has remained quality. It offers two prominent cuisines, American and Tex-Mex, both thoroughly enjoyed. 

It holds the spot for hearty and delicious food but also offers a wide range in its alcohol menu. The menu goes quite well with the restaurant’s food and pairs well with all the dishes. Creating a wonderful dining experience for families with kids and otherwise alike. 

The menu incorporates classic American alcoholic beverages that form a wide variety; there is something for everyone. All preferences can be met with beer, fruity cocktails, and wines. The margaritas are special and especially renowned. Any desired flavor and taste can be found in their famous margaritas.


Chilis Alcohol Menu

The Chili’s alcohol menu offers a wide range of different options. People with different preferences can come in and still manage to find their choice of beverage. The flavourful drinks are a testament to the delicious menu that they have racked up. The food must complement the drink menu. 

Let’s review some of the cocktails that Chilli offers. These different favors bring a refreshing taste to the table. Whether you load up on carbs or a proper hearty meal, these drinks will easily wash all that down.

  • Cherry Lime Press: This tangy concoction featuring cherries as the main star is at the top of their cocktail list. It’s a vibrant and fresh drink made with cherries, fresh lime, and some soda water. This drink is priced at 6$.
  • Classic Mojito: This Cuban delight is a fan-favorite, no doubt about it. It has a unique vintage appeal, which is why it’s enjoyed in all Chilli worldwide. It contains fresh mint leaves, lime juice, syrup, rum, and club soda. This brings an exotic freshness to your palette. This drink is priced at 5.70$
  • Cosmopolitan: A gift from the 90, The Cosmopolitan is a classy drink that contains vodka, cranberry juice, and lime juice. The bright pink drink is a favorite for anyone who has enjoyed cocktails regularly. It exudes sophistication, so it is associated with women mostly. This drink is priced at 7.65$
  • Grey Goose Lemonade: Grey Goose Lemonade is a cool and bright cocktail made with Grey Goose vodka and lemonade. The quality of grey goose vodka shows in the drink. Its rich and smooth texture helps the drink go easy on the throat. It’s made of powerful flavors of Fresh lemonade and premium alcohol. This drink is priced at 9.99$
  • Jack Daniels Lemonade: Jack Daniels is an American classic, so a cocktail deriving from it is perfect. Only some people are fans of neat liquor, so they choose this alternative for alcohol to go easy on their taste palette. The two predominant flavors in this beverage are whiskey and fresh lemonade, a match made in heaven. The smokiness from the whiskey pairs well with the citrus from the lemonade, and this deliciously crisp concoction is the result. This drink is priced at 8.40$
  • Premium Long Island Iced Tea: Only some enjoy extreme tartness or sweetness, so this becomes their best option. The premium long island iced tea is a flavourful drink regardless; this is due to the combination of spirits in it. It is a strong drink, including rum, vodka, gin, and a splash of Coca-Cola. Tea is a component featured in the name but not the drink. The drink packs a punch, and anyone who drinks it is in for a ride. This drink is priced at 7.30$

All-Day Everyday Margarita Of The Month

Chilis Alcohol Menu

If you want something fun and interesting, take advantage of the Chili’s margaritas. They even have a special margarita of the month that they release 12 times a year to keep things refreshing.

Visitors can cool off in the summer with their refreshing drinks and even pick up the heat in the winter if required. The margaritas at Chilli’s offer the perfect experience of trying out different flavors. This would be best for going out with friends and trying out all their different options. Here is a list of the Different margarita flavors that Chilli’s offers. 

To-Go Alcohol

  • Presidente Margarita: It consists of  Tequila, CitrĂłnge, Extra Fine Orange Liqueur and E&J Brandy. It costs 7$
  • Presidente Margarita Kit: Comes with everything you need including premium tequila, brandy, Chili’s fresh sour & triple sec mix, salt and lime It costs 15$
  • Presidente Margarita Kit – 5-Pack: Comes with everything you need including premium tequila, brandy, Chili’s fresh sour & triple sec mix, salt and lime. It costs 35$
  • Patron Presidente Margarita Kit: Comes with everything you need including Patron® Silver tequila, brandy, Chili’s fresh sour & triple sec mix, salt and lime.It costs 15$
  • Patron Presidente Margarita Kit – 5 Pack: Comes with everything you need including Patron Silver tequila, brandy, Chili’s fresh sour & triple sec mix, salt and lime. It costs around 40$
  • Casamigos ’Rita: This drink is simple, tequila shaken with fresh sour. It costs 5$
  • Captain’s Castaway: Consisting of captain’s original rum, malibu rum, with options of fresh pineapple, orange, and strawberry juices. It costs around 6.99$
  • Premium Long Island Iced Tea: This consists of Bacardi rum, gin, blanco tequila, vodka, and orange liquor. It costs a total of 7.65$
  • El Niño Margarita: Consists of Tequila, citric, and orange liquor, making it a refreshing drink. The price comes to around 7$
  • Tropical Sunrise Rita: This is the margarita of the month for July and offers a wild tropical punch. For that sweet flavor, it includes orange juice, tequila, and Monin blackberry. It comes to around 9.49$.
  • Chili’s House Mar-Go-Rita: This is the original and has been on the menu since the beginning. It’s served with ice and can be taken to go as well. It’s available in many flavors, like mango, strawberry, and a new watermelon flavor. This comes to around 6.89$.
  • Chili’s Patron Mar-Go-Rita: It comes in a large bag to-go for your friends and family to enjoy at home. This one comes to 10.79$
  • PatrĂłn Blackberry Margarita: PatrĂłn Reposado Tequila and Cointreau shaken with blackberry. This is Chilli’s premium margarita. This comes to around 10.39$.
  • Tito’s Punch: This includes handmade VVodka by Tito, Malibu Coconut Rum, grenadine, and fresh sour & pineapple juice. Visitors should be warned that it contains nuts. This comes to a total of 9.29$.
  • Tito’s Bloody Mary: Teremana Blanco Tequila shaken with tomato juice, topped with celery. This drink comes to around 6.89$
  • Henny’ Rita: Made with high-quality Henessy, Teremana Blanco Tequila, and fresh sour. This drink comes to around 8.98$.
  • Grand Coconut Rita: BACARDISilver Rum, el Jimador Silver Tequila, blue curacao, coconut, and pineapple. This drink is priced at a whopping 9.99$
  • Chili’s House Frozen Mar-Go-Rita: The original Chili’s frozen margarita. Available in classic, mango, strawberry, or NEW watermelon! This drink is priced at 6.89$.

Happy Hour: 

Now that we have gone through their drink menu let’s talk about the fact that Chilli’s also offers the best atmosphere. It’s a popular dining spot for a reason, offering an ambiance that is unmatched by many. 

It’s perfect for their happy hour deals and discounts at 5 pm. The bar area can be a delight if you want a casual place to unwind after a long day’s work. Visitors often sit there and enjoy their beverages.

Alternate options


  • Barefoot 9$
  • Sutter Home 6$
  • Yellow Tail 6$
  • Chateau Ste. Michelle 21$
  • La Crema 24$


  • Bud Light 18$
  • Coors Light 16$
  • Michelob Ultra 21$
  • Miller Lite 18$
  • Blue Moon 14$
  • Stella Artois 15$
  • Guinness 20$


The quality Chilli offers can be hard to find with long-term chains. With the use of quality alcohol and the freshest ingredients, they bring the perfect spirits to the table. Each drink is curated with care and perfection, not compromising customer service. 

Everyone’s preferences can be catered to at Chili’s, especially when the alcohol is concerned Whether you want to wine and dine, enjoy a casual sitting at the bar, or want your alcohol to be to-go, these are all the options that Chilli’s provides. Let’s raise a glass and toast to the variety and quality at Chil’s!

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