13 Best Dank Memes: Exploring the Dankness Behind Memes

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Welcome, dank meme enthusiasts! If you were having a bad day and were scrolling through just to find the right article to click on, this is the one. Mindless scrolling and memes go hand in hand. In this article, we will be listing down the best dank memes for you to enjoy and have a laugh at.

Not just that, we will also be giving small descriptions below the meme for any normies trying to understand memes. Hey, we don’t blame you! Sometimes it can be hard to consume too much pop culture to understand every reference mentioned. So sit back and buckle your seatbelt because we are going to start just after a small crash course.

Memes 101: A Crash Course in Dankness

You must be wondering what a dank meme is, right? Well, fear not because we have all the answers to every normie’s questions. A Dank meme basically means a meme that is fresh and, most importantly, ridiculously funny with its underlying message. These sorts of memes are what take dark humor to the next level. 

Every once in a while, we like ignoring our daily life and resorting to using our phones. The use can sometimes be nothing fun and just mindless scrolling. Picture this, while you’re scrolling, you find the best article for memes. Yes, that sounds like a dream, but you better get ready for the best comedic gems scattered on the internet!

1. GTA Spice Trade 

Well, this meme is one of those that just have the right amount of spice in it, pun intended. The context of this particular image is that the maker is comparing the game Grand Theft Auto to the Colonisation of the sub-continent. 

The game referenced here is based on driving and action. Gamers are intended to control criminals and have wealth and power increase while doing small missions. Other things in the game are theft of vehicles, killing, shooting, and a lot of other violent behavior. In simple words, it is about the theft of various items. 

Now the meme itself is comparing the context of the game to that of Britain colonizing India, which is pretty funny. Britain pulled a similar stunt by taking over India and using its resources to gain their own wealth and power. Meanwhile, they also wanted to do the spice trade, so all in all, the pictures in the background and the text read to be Grand Theft Spice Trade. 

2. Eraser Stabbing

This dank meme is one that can be extremely relatable to those of us who had a lot of free time daydreaming at school. It is referencing back to our childhoods and how we would zone out in class. This would result in playing with whatever stationery is available, just like an eraser and pencil. So kids would often tend to stab their erasers with their freshly sharpened pencils to make a hole in them. 

3. The Reverse Evolution

This meme is referencing something that we have all done in our lives. We would often get so attached to our ice cream stick that once it was all gone, we still couldn’t resist biting on the stick to suck out any remnants of the flavor left. 

4. The Couch Potato

CDN media

This meme is joking about portion sizes and how practically no one follows them. The conventional food served for one person is pretty less, but fat people or even just people with larger appetites eat more. The “cat” basically orders food for only itself, but the people at the restaurant thought it was for multiple people because of the large quantity of it.

5. A Bad Comeback

This meme is referencing that sometimes it can be hard to come up with a good comeback. Usually when two people are fighting or arguing, both people want to come out on top because that translates to the person winning said argument. 

However, one person, for whatever reason, chooses to be a petty grammar nazi instead of actually making up a good comeback for an argument. By correcting you’re from your, they end up only being petty rather than winning the argument.

6. End Game 

The maker of this meme is challenging the script of the movie infinity war from the Marvel cinematic universe. The movie is incredibly popular, and at the end of the movie, it was left on a cliffhanger. 

The cliffhanger was that several favorite superheroes from the Marvel movies were killed at the end of infinity war. This happened because Thanos, the supervillain, wanted to end half of humanity because he believed there were not enough resources for the world. The meme, on the other hand, is challenging the notion by insinuating that he would have just doubled the resources.

7. Party In The USA

Miley Cyrus released her hit single called “Party In The USA” in 2009. The song was a hit and has become a pop culture anthem even to this day. However, one major factor of the song is that it basically repeats its title throughout the song. 

The lyrics are slim to none, so the song is very repetitive and overly patriotic. This meme suggests that Miley is basically forcing everyone to participate because of her repetitive lyrics; it becomes quite funny in this meme format.

8. Darkness, my friend

This is a more edgy and sad meme which seems to be the genre people find most relatable. This meme suggests that the guy is singing the song called the sound of silence as he is sad and depressed. However, darkness turns to him and says that even the dark wouldn’t want to befriend him which makes it even more dark. 

9. Fake Tan Apples

This meme is roasting Ariana Grande, pun intended. This joke is a reference to the fact that despite Ariana Grande being white and completely Caucasian, she overtans a lot. This is considered appropriation and is done so to copy another ethnicity. 

She often tans so much that she changes her ethnicity, so here, she is being compared to an apple. Just as a sliced apple turns dark after it is left out, Ariana also does but after some fake tan.

10. Do You Have Games?

This meme is referencing how little kids can often be annoying. Sometimes when you are minding your own business, they will just pop up and will want to stare at you. After doing so, they think they can just ask you if you have games on your phone so they can take it to play them.

11. White Clapping

This meme is making fun of white people and how they typically do silly things. One of them is clapping when the plane lands in order to appreciate the captain. It is sweet, but a lot of people stereotype the habit by limiting it to white people alone.

12. The Dark Side

13. Dark Intentions

This meme is referencing that they have killer instincts. When covid-19 didn’t kill anyone on their hit list, they had to take matters into their own hands. This is funny and also very dark because covid-19 is still a sensitive subject.


Here we have come to the end of our meme-filled adventure. This world of dank memes is intense and extremely hilarious. It is a place where creativity comes in tow with humor, and that results in a beautiful outcome. From classic pop culture references to recent events, dank memes live on forever, and the iconic ones will forever be etched in our memories as meme enthusiasts.

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