300 Do or Drink Questions: For Couples, Adults and Friends

Do or Drink Questions

It’s time to level up your drinking game- With a whopping 300 Do or Drink questions at your disposal, get ready to dive into a night of entertainment like never before.

Do or Drink is a fun game that pushes you to step outside of your comfort zone. It’s similar to a Truth or Dare game but with a spirited twist: instead of bearing hidden truths, players are supposed to take a sip and embrace the thrill.

From easy, friendly dares to dirty ones, these Do or Drink Questions will buzz up your party in no time. You can start off with simple dares and then level up with the naughtiest dares you can think of. As the game progresses, dares get more fierce and entertaining. You can also use your creativity to add a little spice to the game.

To fully enjoy the game, the players should be aware of their legal drinking age. You don’t wanna get caught drinking without a permit at a bar or pub. It’s crucial to remember that these questions are designed for adults. So, while you indulge in the excitement, always keep in mind the importance of responsible drinking. Do or Drink is a fun game that you can enjoy with your friends at home or outdoors.

Get ready to break some boundaries, as these dares will push you to the very limits. While embracing the challenges, ensure the game remains a source of entertainment, steering clear of anything that might dampen the spirits of your friends. Above all, revel in the joy and amusement that this game brings forth.

Check out these 300 Do or Drink Questions that will bring your boring party back to life!

How to Play

The game can be played with multiple players or with just two individuals, like a couple. Unlike many other drinking games that demand elaborate setups, “Do or Drink” keeps it refreshingly simple – a stack of dares meticulously written on paper or black and white cards. 

The ingenious twist? Black cards stand as the gatekeepers of more daring challenges and force you to take multiple shots- adding an extra layer of excitement to the mix. If a player refuses to perform a dare then they must take a shot instead. Whether you’re gathered in a crowd or sharing an intimate moment with a partner, this game ensures that laughter, camaraderie, and exhilaration are all you need for an unforgettable experience.

Dirty Do or Drink Questions 

Do or Drink Questions
  1. Send your crush a dic pic and wait until tomorrow.
  2. Do a professor impersonation and teach everyone tips for how things can be great in bed.
  3. Send your cousin a message telling her you want to marry her.
  4. Reenact your partner when they are in full mood
  5. Send your ex 50 love messages and gifs
  6. Dance with a towel on
  7. Imitate an orgasm 
  8. Crawl on the floor for your partner passionately, showing you’re ready for the next move.
  9. Search for the dirtiest movie you can find online and show it to the person on your right.
  10. Say a few romantic lines to your cell phone
  11. Seductively eat a lollipop while looking at your crush
  12. Go outside and propose to the first stranger that comes along
  13. Pick a random phone contact and send them dirty voicemails 
  14. Spank your partner and take a picture
  15. Perform a dirty dance in front of the group
  16. Practice kissing in a mirror
  17. Pick up an object near you and show everyone how you would put on protection.
  18. Take a walk outside wearing just your underwear. 
  19. Let everyone watch your search history.
  20. Call your partner and tell them you were cheating on them
  21. Take a picture of your “O” face and post it on Instagram for 48 hours
  22. Post on your Instagram that you’re having a baby
  23. Pick someone in the group and act out an intimate scene with them
  24.  Close your eyes. Turn around 3 times. Open your eyes and kiss the person you see first
  25. Tell everyone about your favorite position
  26. Give your best friend a lap dance for 3 minutes
  27. Kiss someone with your mouth full
  28. Text your strictest teacher saying, “I Love You.”
  29. Pole dance while imagining your friend as a pole
  30. Tell everyone about your secret crush
  31. Lick your toes and take a picture to post it on your Facebook for 3 hours
  32. Tell romantic poetry to the person sitting right next to you
  33. Let your friend write on your back ” “I am a big s”x machine,” and take a 10-minute walk outside with it.
  34. Twerk for 50 seconds
  35. Send a se*y test to your boss
  36. Flirt with your neighbors for 5 minutes
  37. Sing a dirty rap in front of your parents
  38. Undress someone in the group using your teeth
  39. Kiss your partner’s best friend
  40. Look in the eyes of the person you dislike the most and say romantic love lines to them.
  41. Call your ex and apologize for 5 minutes.
  42. Ask your friend to undress you till you’re left with one piece of clothing 

Best Do or Drink Questions

  1. Pour hot sauce inside your pants
  2. Ask your friend to babysit your little brother for free
  3. Open Instagram and comment on the first 5 stories you see
  4. Stand in front of the mirror-argue with yourself, and pretend as if your reflection is responding.
  5. Count backward from 500 as fast as possible. 
  6. Break an egg on your forehead.
  7. Ask your friend to take your pic sitting in the toilet and post it on Facebook.
  8. Do a Micheal Jackson impersonation in public
  9. Demonstrate how you shave your legs
  10. Send the name of all your exes to your current partner 
  11. Put ketchup on your face
  12. Go outside and shout out loud, ” I need a partner.”
  13. Steal one accessory from the person sitting next to you without letting them know. This can be done anytime during the game.
  14. Call your parents and tell them you got arrested
  15. Set your ex’s pic on your Instagram dp
  16. Watch your crush passionately for 5 minutes 
  17. Eat 4 hottest chilies you can find in your house.
  18. Order pizza for everyone 
  19. Scratch your partner’s back 
  20. Give a relaxing hair massage to the person with the longest hairs
  21. Pretend to be a puppy till your next turn
  22. Eat 12 bananas and say out loud, “I am a monkey.”
  23. Sing a love song outside your neighbor’s window 
  24. Without using your hands, eat a slice of pizza
  25. Beg money from the entire group 
  26. Tell everyone how many times you cheated on exams
  27. Put on clown makeup and take a selfie to use it as your lock screen. 
  28. Run like you are being chased by a bear for 5 minutes
  29. Drink 2 litre bottles of water
  30. Ask your friend to put cake all over your face
  31. Pretend to be a snake till your next turn
  32. Tell everyone a spooky story
  33. Call your boss and tell him you hate him
  34. Write on a paper, “I am super se*y” 100 times.
  35. Reveal your biggest secret
  36. Perform Belly dance in front of the group
  37. Use your hankie to clean your partner’s feet
  38. Do a frog race with your best friend, or both will drink.
  39. Keep your cell phone in a separate room till the game ends
  40. Act like your favorite Marvel character
  41. Eat all the leftovers
  42. Spell everyone’s name backwards

Do or Drink Questions for Friends 

  1. Take a disgusting selfie together, and both will post it on their social media accounts.
  2. Kiss your least favorite friend in the group
  3. Draw matching tattoos
  4. Share the story of Your recent breakup
  5. Call your parents and tell them you are moving permanently to your friend’s house.
  6. Tell your friend’s weirdest secret
  7. Lick the floor as if your favorite food is lying there
  8. Put on as many clothes as you can and take a shower
  9. Ask a stranger to share their number with you
  10. Go and wear your best dating outfit
  11. Play a prank on a stranger
  12. Text your teacher telling him your assignment got stolen
  13. Impersonate opposite gender
  14. Act like a businessman until your next turn
  15. Speak in Spanish for 5 minutes
  16. Put ice cubes in your friend’s shirt for 3 minutes
  17. Propose your friend’s sibling
  18.  Pretend like a Japanese samurai throughout the game
  19. Record a short chicken dance video of yourself and send it to your crush
  20. Do 50 push-ups
  21. Pick out a food item from the garbage can and eat it
  22. Make a fart sound with your mouth
  23. Spin around 20 times and try to stand straight with one leg up
  24. Eat a mouthful of chips and try to whistle at the same time
  25. Laugh like Count Dracula
  26. Write a text to your dad using only your toes
  27. Call a friend and tell them they forgot that today was your birthday.
  28. Put someone’s smelly socks on your face for a minute
  29. Eat a raw onion without drinking water
  30. Keep both of your hands in your pocket till your next turn
  31. Act like Sherlock Holmes
  32. Eat a spoonful of peanut butter with pickle juice
  33. Make a cocktail for everyone
  34. Pretend you are drunk and act naughty with the person sitting next to you
  35. Text your best friend and tell them that you’re suffering from a chronic disease.
  36. Chase a stranger like a dog
  37. Draw a beard on your face and post it on FB
  38. Close your eyes and let someone in the group hit you gently. You have to tell who did it, or else take 2 shots
  39.  When you receive a call, talk like a recorded message
  40. Dance to a 70s song
  41. Unroll the entire toilet paper, then fold it
  42. Moonwalk for 4 minutes.
  43. Lie like a pro and tell your parents you’re in rehab
  44. Tell everyone when you last wet the bed

Random Do or Drink Questions

Do or Drink Questions
  1. Draw your ideal destination on a piece of paper.
  2. Impersonate your most disliked teacher
  3. Perform 60 squats
  4. Mix a beer with milk and drink it
  5. Rub your hair with a banana peel
  6. Poke a stranger and run as fast as you can
  7. Put a filled glass on your head and try to balance it with one leg.
  8. Steal candy from a kid passing by.
  9. Shout out loud what’s in your mind right now
  10. Speak like the opposite gender throughout the game
  11. Tell your darkest secret to the person you hate most
  12. Keep your eyes closed and have a sip of a drink selected by the group.
  13. Act as a servant for everyone throughout the game
  14. Call a stranger and tell them they won $10k
  15. Keep your tongue outside like a dog till your next turn
  16. Put your friend’s finger in your mouth
  17. Pretend to be the King throughout the game
  18. Make everyone laugh- You have a minute
  19. Get tickled by your friend- You can’t laugh
  20. Pretend as if you don’t have any bones in the body and dance
  21. Inform your parents that you got engaged
  22. Post your selfie with a face mask on your face
  23. Show everyone your chatbox
  24. Make fries for everyone
  25. Speak about your mom for 10 minutes
  26. Post your worst test scores on Facebook
  27. Call a stranger and bark for 10 seconds
  28. Imagine you’re a mummy- Wrap toilet paper all around your head and face
  29. Howl like a wolf in front of your neighbor’s window
  30. Pretend to be an opera singer and use your loudest voice to sing
  31. Show everyone your personal diary
  32. Pretend to be drunk and call a friend, asking him to pick you up from some random place.
  33. Narrate the biography of a bed
  34. Give $1 to all the players in the group
  35. Speak like a baby
  36. Pretend like a cheerleader and cheer for all the players in the group. Include the names of all the players.
  37. Tap dance for 2 minutes
  38. Talk like a parrot till your next turn
  39. Lay on the floor and pretend as if you’re a fish out of water
  40. Put lipstick on your teeth
  41. Take a deep breath while sniffing your friend’s armpit
  42. Chug a beer and burp as loud as you can
  43. Sit in a dumpster for a minute

Do or Drink Questions for Couples

  1. Perform a tango dance with the person to your right
  2. Lick food off your partner’s cheeks
  3. Take a bubbly hot shower
  4. Wear your most se*y dress
  5. Propose your partner and tell her/him how you feel about them
  6. Wear the same outfit as your partner
  7. Draw a tattoo of your partner’s name on your hand
  8. Pick lice from your girlfriend/boyfriend’s head
  9. Use the same toothbrush as your significant other
  10. Get pinched by your partner
  11. Narrate the sad story of your last breakup
  12. Give your partner a pedicure
  13. List the names of all your relationships in the past 5 years
  14. Pretend as if you are an alien
  15. Put on your partner’s favorite fragrance
  16. Tell your significant other an erotic story
  17. Act like a boxer and treat the person sitting next to you as a punching bag.
  18. Run in circles for 3 minutes.
  19. Hold your partner’s hand firmly- look ‘em in the eye and tell them you’re dating someone else. Make a convincing story.
  20. Put whipped cream on your face
  21. Act out a romantic scene from a movie
  22. Take out 3 pieces of clothing off your partner without using your hands
  23. Change your Facebook status to “Not available.”
  24. Eat a whole pack of candies and say Yummy after each one
  25. Kiss your partner’s feet
  26. Get a complete makeover by your significant other
  27. Pretend to talk to your imaginary friend
  28. Call your parents and tell them you got hit by a car
  29. Tell what’s really going on in your head while making out
  30. Use sign language to communicate for 10 minutes
  31. Sing “A Thousand Years” from Twilight for your partner
  32. Switch undergarments with your boyfriend/girlfriend
  33. Blush for the next 15 minutes
  34. Put on a leash and let your partner walk you like a dog
  35. Put your partner’s dirty sock on your hand like gloves
  36. Tell me about your worst nightmare
  37. Walk like a ghost from the movie Grudge
  38. Write a love letter and eat it
  39. Tell your partner’s worst habits on their face
  40. Reenact how you both first met
  41. Give your significant other a full-body massage
  42. Show your partner your 4-year-old pic
  43. Make your partner laugh- You have 2 minutes

Do or Drink Questions Spicy

  1. Post it on all your social media accounts
  2. Give your partner a call and tell them you’re seeing someone else now.
  3. Get shaved by your crush
  4. Narrate your most embarrassing date
  5. Take a selfie with a s*x toy and post it on your 
  6. Update your status by including my name and introducing me as your spouse
  7. Kiss someone of the same gender, take a selfie, and post it on your Instagram.
  8. Tell your parents you have fallen in love with a maid
  9. Say something naughty to the player at left
  10. Call a restaurant, order everything on the menu, and tell them your friend’s name and address.
  11. State one insulting comment for everyone in the group
  12. Dance to Michael Jackson’s song.
  13. Get your hands tied behind your back till your next turn
  14. Stare passionately to the person you most dislike
  15. Exchange clothes with the person next to you and take a cute selfie
  16. Whisper some dirty talk to the person sitting to your right
  17. Gently glide your hands over someone else’s lips and softly murmur, “I’ll see you very soon.”
  18. Put your hand from inside-on the back, of the player sitting beside you.
  19. Make different animal sounds
  20. Act horny for 5 minutes
  21. Do Yoga till your next turn
  22. Make your worst orga*m sound
  23. Tell everyone what really turns you on
  24. Wash your friend’s smelly socks
  25. Reenact an intimate scene you had with your ex- Pick a person to your right
  26. Take a bite of soap
  27. Show everyone your one special skill
  28. Make a loud cow sound
  29. Put your finger in your best friend’s nose
  30. Beg money from a stranger
  31. Pick a partner and go skinny-dipping
  32. Leave an aggressive voicemail to your ex
  33. Scrub the floor with your undergarments
  34. Ask a stranger to buy you a cup of coffee
  35. Eat half a cup sugar
  36. Sing what is exactly in your heart right now
  37. Do a bridal ramp walk
  38. Gargle for 3 minutes
  39. Keep smiling till your next turn
  40. Write on your T-shirt “ I am available tonight.”
  41. Shop online for a s*x toy
  42. Send a nude photo to your partner
  43. Pretend to be a po*n star
  44. Wear a nerdy outfit
  45. Make an imaginary ad for a cond*m
  46. Act like an ostrich for 4 minutes

Do or Drink Questions For Adults

  1. Get a leg wax from the player to your right
  2. Put on clown makeup
  3. Tease a player for 5 minutes
  4. Put mustard sauce on your hair like a shampoo
  5. Call your boss and tell them you quit
  6. Give a presentation on how to seduce your partner
  7. Crazy dance with a broom
  8. Put your head on the shoulder of the person sitting next to you
  9. Make popcorn for everyone
  10. Impersonate a 60s actor
  11. Pretend as if you’re the boss of a big mafia gang
  12. Go without shoes in the toilet
  13. Kiss your partner in a new place
  14. Sing a rap about your favorite sneakers
  15. Fool a stranger saying you are being chased by cops for murdering someone
  16. Zip your lip for 10 minutes
  17. Juggle the most expensive showpieces you have
  18. Act like Kung Fu Panda
  19. Send love messages to the first 10 contacts on your phone
  20. Pretend to be Tarzan till your next turn
  21. Impersonate Miranda Presley from the movie “Devil Wears Prada.”
  22. Hide behind an object nearby and play the rest of the game from there
  23. Google the meaning of your name 
  24. Create fake news that you’re moving to a different country.
  25. Post it on all your social media accounts that you were adopted
  26. Walk and talk like an 80 year till your next turn
  27. Send a dirty GIF to your friend’s sibling
  28. Try to hit on the fattest person in the group
  29. Order Italian from a Chinese restaurant
  30. Make pig noises every time a player curses
  31. Show the hottest dance move you know
  32. Highlight your se*iest body part
  33. Eat raw bacon with peanut butter
  34. Practice kissing someone passionately in the air
  35. Run to the nearest store and buy as many chips as you can – You have to be back in 5 minutes
  36. Floss someone else’s teeth
  37. Give your cell phone to someone for the entire game. They can use it the way they want
  38. Sketch your partner pic and put it on your DP
  39. Mix milk with Sprite and salt and drink it
  40. Give your best friend a piggyback ride
  41. Dance in a crowded area wearing just your underpants
  42. Show everyone your closet
  43.  Text a person you barely know asking to go on a date
  44. Go commando for the entire game
  45. Dirty talk a random object
  46. Flirt with a person 20 years older than you.


As we wrap up our exploration of “Do or Drink,” it’s clear this game isn’t just any old party addition – it’s a game-changer. With its simple setup and versatile appeal, it’s the ultimate choice whether you’ve got a big crew or just a buddy. White cards, black cards – they all pack a punch of fun and excitement.

 From hilarious challenges to daring dares, this game breaks down walls and builds bonds. So whether you’re laughing off a white card or taking on a black card challenge, remember: “Do or Drink” isn’t just a game – it’s a memory-maker you won’t forget. Cheers to good times!

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