15 Best Drinking Board Games to Spice Up Your Night

Drinking Board Games

Looking for some exciting ways to add thrill and sparkle to your drinking night this weekend? Then look no further, as this article covers you all.

In the fast-paced modern era, where we all work like robots from day to night, we all love to enjoy life to our fullest on weekends and off days to relive the essence of life. Some like to play games, some party, and still, some prefer getting tipsy. But how about getting all these in one way?

And for sure, nothing can be a better way of combining these fun factors together other than some good drinking board games. Board games have always been used as a means to bond and enjoy being around friends. We often find them at bars and pubs too. 

So, today, in this article, you will learn about the best drinking board games to pop on that will make your drinking night super fun and crazy.

Top 15 Best Drinking Board Games To Play

Where board games have always managed to be the center of attention during friend reunions, why not try this delightful addition to spice up your drinking night too? 

These games have the ability to make your drinking night an evening full of laughter, joy, and memories.

So, without any further ado, let’s explore the next section and unveil the best drinking board games that will liven up your night.


Drink-A-Palooza is a board game is a juggernaut board game that combines all the old-school skills in one place. The game has a Monopoly grid-type board with solo cups too. 

The game comprises 6 mini-games and one game board, including flip cups, quarters, pongs, kings cup, cards like UNO, etc. And you know what’s even better? Players up to 12 can be incorporated.

Along the board, there comes a small box that incorporates all the items like ping pong balls, dice, coaster, etc. 

For example, in À la Monopoly, you must collect six mini beer bottles, and the first one to complete the six-bottle stack wins.

So, why not buy this jack-of-all-trades game that surely will turn your ordinary drinking night into a time full of crazy fun and laughter?

2. Beeropoly Beer Drinking Game

For beer lovers, this beeropoly beer drinking game is the ideal game to hit upon.

It is like the normal king game that combines board games with your drinking interest.

The game consists of a mat on which various challenges are written, and the players move around the board and do the challenge that comes in their turn. For example, the mat includes challenges like:

  • Never Have I Ever 
  • Dane Off
  • Safe
  • Community Cup
  • Bob Dole
  • Stuck On You
  • Lucky Ducky
  • 2 Truths 1 Lie 

So, are you ready to make this hilarious game a part of your fun night?

3. Unstable Unicorns NSFW Card Game

Unstable Unicorns NSFW Card Game is another hilarious yet enjoyable game to play while drinking. 

In this game, you aim to collect all seven unicorns in your stable to win. In the game, you get the chance to destroy your opponents, too, using cards like magical unicorn cards or destroy unicorn cards.

The game consists of 135 cards and comes with a rule book too that explains how to play.

Moreover, the perk of this game is that it is an expansion game; thus, many people can play at a time. 

However, the game is better for people of more than 21 age group. And generally, it takes 30 to 40 minutes to complete one round. 

4. Telestrations After Dark

Telestrations After Dark is just a unique combination of Pictionary and Broken Telephone that makes the game much more fun. The game includes cards on which you will draw something and then pass the card to the next person. However, the twist is that since it’s the adult version, it contains naughty, saucy cards which include some hilarious words. 

Additionally, some people make it even more interesting by challenging the person to drink after every wrong guess.

5. Drunk Jenga

Do you love to play giant Jenga? Everyone does! 

But how about playing it when drunk? Challenging yet crazy. That’s exactly what drinking Jenga is all about.

In it, you drink at the start, and then you can start playing the game.

However, a more fun version includes writing some challenges on the back of some blocks in a hidden way. For example, take a shot of beer, dance, drink five shorts, lucky ducky, etc., on the back of the block. 

So, you have to drink every time you pick a shot one block. And trust me, in the end, it becomes too difficult to even take the block out of the stack as you feel too tipsy. 

6. Drunk Twister

Those who have ever played Twister will already have concluded the game in their mind. Wait, have you also? Lol.

You place the mats and then put your hands on the same color mat as decided. But wait. Here comes the catch. Soon after you fall or fail to touch the right color mat, not only do you have to restart, but also drink a shot. 

And usually, after 5 to 6 rounds, no one remains in the position to choose the right mat, leading to lots of fun and laughter. 

7. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

“These Cards Will Get You Drunk” is one game I can bet will leave you and your friends laughing out of your heart. 

In this game, there are several cards (over 200 cards), each containing some naughty stuff that will either make you drunk or your friend. 

For example, a card asks you to speak the truth or take a shot. Similarly, this naughty card asks others to make voices of animals, and the one with the worst mimicry will drink, etc. Sounds fun? Way more than you can think of.

8. Wine Wars Trivia

This game is the perfect match for wine lovers. In this, you are provided with 150 cards that contain up to 750 questions about the wine-making process, including all the tidbits about how it is produced, which ingredient is added, and the total time it takes, etc.

And yes, whenever you answer a question wrong, you need to take a shot as compensation. 

It is a great way to brush your skills up, and surely, if any of your friends is a bartender, no one can beat you.

So, gather your nerdy fellows, and here you go!

9. Out Of Commission Board Game

Remember the snake and dice board game you used to play in childhood? Here is the updated version of it. 

You have a dice, six pawns, and some cards in it. So, every time you roll the dice, you either hit on blocks like take a drink, take a gulp, roll again, or ask to open a face-off or mystery card that asks you to either step some block back or answer some mysterious question.

It is quite a fun board game that will fill your night with abdominal sores because of laughter.

10. Shot Glass Darts

Here comes another outstanding game for wine and alcohol lovers. In it, you have a dashboard designed with words like take a shot, pass, shoot, etc., and you have to shoot the dart from a distance on the board. And at whatever block your dart hits, you have to perform that challenge. 

For example, if you dart hits on half shot, you will drink half shot of the alcoholic drinks you have made. 

Moreover, there are colors on the dashboard that match the color of a shot glass. So, if your dark hits on the red block, you need to drink the red shot, and so on.

So, why not spice up the night with shot-glass darts?

11. MadWish

Remember how we used to play truth and dare with a spinnable bottle in our childhood? Madwish is an adult version of it. In it, you are provided with a circle mat on which different crazy acts are printed. These include 

  • Truth
  • Dare
  • Take a shot
  • Snitch
  • Go

And for each action, you are provided with a pile of cards. Now, you start with spinning the bottle and performing the task accordingly. For example, you will take a card from the dare pile if your bottle stops as a dare.

And if it is something you don’t want to do, you have to compensate for it by drinking a shot.

Isn’t it one of the best yet naughtiest ways to liven up your friends together at night?

12. Do or Drunk 

”Do or Drunk” is another board game in which you have a lot of cards containing various bold challenges and naughty dares.

When you draw each card, you will have the option to complete the task allotted to you in that card or take a shot of beer and get yourself saved. 

For example, a card asks you to reveal your top secret. It’s up to you whether you reveal it or opt for the drinking option.

13. Matty’s Toy Stop Tic-Tac-Toe

Admit it or not, we all have played classic Tic-Tac-Toe in our childhood, during free lectures, with cousins, etc.

But for those looking for its bold version, Matty’s Toy Stop Tic-Tac-Toe is out there for you. 

In it, you are given nine shot glasses and must place three glasses in one row to win.

The team who loses has to drink the drinks in three glasses in a row.

14. Buzzed

If you are looking for a more light and fun game, Buzzed is another good option among board games.

In it, you are provided with more than 200 cards on which different tasks and challenges are printed.

On their turn, each player comes, picks the card on the top of the stack, and reads it aloud. Then, it’s up to him whether he wants to do the task or better get tipsy.

For example, if you get the card “Players who have cracked their screen must drink,” then all the people in the group who have cracked their screen will have to take a shot.

Similarly, if you picked the card “Last One to drink will take another shot,” the poor fellow who just took a shot will have to drink again.

Indeed, a way to have hilarious fun.

15. Drunk Stoned Or Stupid

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid is another game you can enjoy playing at drinking night. In it, you take a card and read aloud what is written on it. Then, you have to guess to whom this title suits the best. If you guessed it right, that person has to drink a shot, and if you got it wrong, it’s your time to get drunk. 

Final Verdict 

So, these are a few best drinking board games that can help you enjoy time with friends and family by laughing out your hearts. 

Apart from these, there are multiple other options to look for. These include ride the Bus, cockroach poker, etc.

So, without any further ado, buy a few of these board games, and get ready to spend a night full of playful mischief with your friends.

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