How to Play Drunk Jenga [Steps & Rules]

drunk jenga

Did you know your beer can be paired with a thrilling game of Jenga? As you down a few drinks, the game only gets more intense, making for an exciting party experience.

Drunk Jenga is a popular drinking game all across America. You might remember this game when you were young, but the new version adds an alcoholic twist for adults. It is a classic game that is perfect for playing with your friends and enjoying your booze together.

The game begins when players make a Jenga tower, a.k.a tipsy tower. Each Jenga block is labeled with an instruction that players have to follow. It can be a truth question or an outrageous dare. In the end, it all comes down to your creativity in how you label the blocks. The drinking rules are simple and must be agreed upon before the game starts.

Each player has the option to add a label of his choice on the block, making it more interesting. You can also pick ideas to label on blocks from other drinking games like Paranoia, Never Have I Ever, or International drinking games. 

The game requires patience and coordination. After downing a few shots/beers, it kinda becomes difficult to stack the block back up in the tower. If a player causes the tower to fall, they must down their entire drink as a penalty.

Continue reading the article to know how to play drunk Jenga, what you need, and some great ideas for the labels.

What You Need to Play Drunk Jenga

Time to buzz up your party with a Jenga game. It doesn’t require any fancy items, except for a Jenga Set, which you can easily purchase online. A Jenga set usually comes with 54 wooden blocks that have instructions written on them and shot glasses great for downing a sip of beer, wine, or spirits. Some Jenga blocks are left blank, so you can write down your own rules and make the game more exciting.

Items Required

  • Jenga Drinking Game Set
  • Your favorite beer/spirits
  • 2 or more players

Setting the game

  • Find a flat surface or a round table to place your blocks. You must sit in a comfortable position as the game requires concentration and physical dexterity.
  • Arrange the blocks by stacking them in groups of three, with each block placed adjacent to the other along their long sides and positioned at a perpendicular angle to the previous level.
  • Make sure to build the tower straight and strong.
  • Decide on the rules before the game begins. Each player can contribute an idea.
  • Pick a player and start the game.

Rules to Play Drunk Jenga

drunk jenga

The rules are quite simple. Just don’t let the tower fall!

Enjoying your beer while playing a Jenga game can get complex. Balancing your tower yet keeping your mind and hand in control after downing a few shots is not easy-peasy. Once you get all the rules written on your Jenga blocks, it’s time to start the party.

Rule # 1 One player is chosen, usually the youngest one, or by a rock, paper, and scissors game.

Rule # 2 The player carefully takes out a Jenga block using only one hand from any random position.

Rule # 3 Follow the rule written on the block. The rule can be for the player who pulled out the block or for the whole group. For instance, the first player has to take 2 shots while standing on foot, or all players must keep drinking till the first player finishes off his drink.

Rule # 4 If the player causes a tower to fall, then it’s time to neck down a shot.

Rule # 5 Once the tower falls, the players have the option to end the game or continue by rebuilding the tower.

Rule # 6 Adding additional dares and challenges to the blocks will make the game more memorable.

Tips for playing drunk jenga

You should know a few basic techniques to play the game, as it requires focus, strategy, and precision. Pulling out a block mindlessly won’t win you the game. Check out these tips for your next Jenga game.

  • Remove the blocks placed in the middle. Avoid pulling from the sides, as it will cause the tower to fall more quickly.
  • Pulling a block won’t help much. Instead, gently push the block out of the tower. This will keep your tower sturdy.
  • Take your time. Games like Jenga need to be played with the mind. One wrong move and your tower will be scattered on the floor. So, take a deep breath, strategize, and take your next move carefully.
  • You can use only one hand to pull a block, but it’s allowed to use the other one to balance the tower. Use your thumb and index finger to pull the block.
  • If you pull a block from the right, place it on the top to the left and vice versa. This will keep the tower’s stability intact.
  • Pull the thinner blocks first. Thicker blocks help keep the tower standing for long
  • Remove blocks that are a bit loose. Keep the tight ones at their places till you are out of options.
  • If a tower is leaning towards the right, then pull the block from the left.
  • Practice makes you perfect.
  • Monitor your alcohol consumption. If you drink too much, you will gradually lose focus, and that’s a game over for you.

Some Fun Jenga Labels

drunk jenga

You can write all sorts of rules and dares on the blocks. The instructions can range from being funny to a little naughty. If you wanna make your game more challenging, try these Jenga labels.

  • Chug in 5 seconds.
  • Finish the drink of the player sitting next to you.
  • Use only your weak hand for the entire game
  • Pick a mate. Every time you drink, your chosen friend has to chug with you.
  • The player has to perform a dare given by the person sitting next to them
  • All girls must drink/ All guys must drink.
  • Pick a player to arm wrestle. Loser has to finish his drink.
  • Truth or a lie. The player will tell 2 truth statements and 1 lie about himself. If the other players picked his lie, then he had to down the shot.
  • Selfie King. Take a selfie with the player whom he/she has a crush on.
  • All cat lovers must drink.
  • Players right and left to the drawer must drink.
  • Whoever is playing a commando (not wearing his underwear) must drink.
  • Reverse the gameplay. 
  • The drawer will host the next party and arrange everyone’s favorite beverages.
  • The player who pulled the block says a rhyming word, and this goes around in a circle. The player who fails to come up with a rhyming word must drink.
  • The drawer will tell a funny joke, and if none of the players laughed, he/she has to neck down his booze.
  • The player has to tell a spooky story.
  • The drawer will reveal 3 of his deepest darkest secrets.
  • Finish your drink and perform a dance for 30 seconds.
  • Place an ice cube in your shirt. 
  • Stare for 30 seconds without blinking on Jenga blocks. If the player fails, he has to down his drink.
  • The drawer will switch clothes and his drink with the person sitting to his right.


The game is really entertaining when you are planning to party with your friends or have a fun time with your roommates. You can find a Jenga set easily at a shop or in an online store. The best part is it’s affordable and doesn’t require any expertise to set up. You can follow tips and tricks to become a Drunk Jenga Master at your next party.

Drunk Jenga is a mind game that keeps you focused on your move. One mistake, and it’s an instant game over. Playing a Jenga game, drinking a cold beer, and performing challenging dares will definitely make your night an unforgettable one. So, play, enjoy, and drink in moderation.

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