12 Best Drinking Card Games for a Night of Fun

Drinking Card Games

Playing card games like UNO and Kings has always been fun. No matter how crazy we are after video games and movies, the dose of crazy laughter, reunion, and bond card games provide us is unmatchable. And when drinks like beer and wine are added to the gathering, the night turns out to be even better and refreshing.

Drinking Card Games are the best way to spice up your weekend friend together with the thrill of competition. And surprisingly, from classic games like Kings to innovative ones like Beeramid, there are a plethora of endless options to choose from.

So, by keeping this scenario in mind, we have come up with a comprehensive guide to the best drinking card games to raise the bar of your night with the realm of joyous laughter. 

Top 12 Best Drinking Card Games To Opt For

Spending time playing card games with friends, family, and cousins has always been a quality time to remember. It includes a lot of leg-pulling, revealing some truths. And when you unite it with drinks, the fun and excitement both reach new heights.

So, here are the best drinking card games you can look for. These include 

1. Ring Of Fire

Drinking Card Games

Ring of Fire is one of the best and most enthralling drinking card games to play with drinks. In the game, you are given 5 cups and nearly 50 to 52 cards, each containing a new challenge, dare, or question. 

Now, you only need to sit in a circle and choose one dealer to distribute the card. And here comes the first rule. Soon after you choose the dealer, you can’t call the person by any other name; else, here comes the penalty: you need to take one shot.

So, after distributing the cards, the game starts with the dealer picking his first card. If his card matches the person sitting next to him, either on the left or right, the card is turned on. This means all the people having that card need to drink. 

It seems to be a funny game that one can play for hours without getting tired. 

2. Kings Cup

Kings Cup is another drinking card game that you must try. In it, you are given a cup and a deck of cards. And yes, you need to get your favorite drink too.

Now, all the friends and players need to place the deck of cards in the center and sit in a circle around it. Then you need to start by taking a card from the deck and doing the task written on it. 

For example, if you pull out the card stating “Gentleman’s Agreement,” you pick a player who needs to drink with you until you stop, and then it’s his turn. He will drink, and you must drink with him until the second person stops. Yeah, one often ends up being tipsy after it.

Similarly, according to the card “Say Cheese,” all the players need to enter the camera frame within 3 seconds. And those who fail need to consume one drink each.

Sounds fun? It is.

3. Tipsy Chicken 

Tipsy Chicken is the perfect match for people who live more thrill and dare-based games. The game includes lots of dares and challenges that you need to complete.

It includes the following types of cards

  • 100 goat cards
  • 50 chicken cards
  • 50 dare cards

Every time you play the game and complete the dare, you will pick a goat card as it gives you points. And similarly, if you fail to complete the dare, you need to take a card for Chicken Stack as your punishment. 

The game continues till any of you manages to get 13 points.

For example, there is a dare card that asks you to create the tale of your last bowel. If you fail to do so, you need to pick a chicken card that will ask you to drink alcohol weirdly as a challenge. 

4. Truth Or Drink

And here comes another dynamic drinking card game that knows how to convert your night into a memorable one.

Truth or Drink consists of more than 400 cards that contain different types of questions related to your personal life. Additionally, some cards are black, which you can fill in by yourself.

The cards are divided into four categories depending on the group and people you are playing with. These are:

  • Caudal cards- Happy Hour
  • Xtra Drty
  • On The Rocks
  • Last Call

Now, whenever you pick a card, you should read it aloud.

For example, you pick up the card that asks you the weirdest thing you did to get money. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to reveal it or get a shot.

5. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

These Cards Will Get You Drunk is a pretty simple and light game. In it, all you need to do is stack the cards in a pile. Then all the players need to take out cards on their turn and perform the challenge assigned to them. And yes, in all the rounds, someone has to drink.

For example, if you pick

  • Everyone single must drink, then all the single players take a shot.
  • You drink, then it is your turn to have some alcohol. 
  • Vote for the biggest alcoholic, then the person who gets the most votes will drink as well as pick any other person to drink with him.
  • Head and Tail card in which you flip the coin. If it is head, you need to drink, else everyone else will drink.

Aren’t these cards just fun? Indeed, it turns out to be even more fun while playing.

6. Last Call

Last Call is an adult drinking card game that is the best way to make your life full of priceless memories. 

In the game, all the cards are shuffled and placed in four stacks:

  • Call Out
  • Call to action 
  • Last Who
  • Last Place

Each player, on their turn, needs to pick a card for any of the piles, read it aloud, and do what it says. For example, if you pick a card from “Last Who,” which asks about the person who called their grandparents most recently. That person can make anyone drink.

Then that person is found, and he can make anyone drink the beer.

Isn’t it a cute yet easy way to fill your weekend and time with buddies full of crazy laughter?

7. Tell Me Without Telling Me

Remember how we used to guess movie names in childhood through the actions of the next person? Tell Me Without Telling Me is just an updated, bold version.

In it, all the members split into two teams, and then the opposition team rolls the dice for them, according to which a person from the other team comes, picks up the card from the desired category, and performs the task. 

For example, if you pick up the card “underwear brand” and the dice rolled up as “show, don’t tell,” you must act out simply without saying a single word. And you have only 60 seconds to get it guessed.

If you lose, the entire team has to drink. 

And believe me, the more tipsy you get, the more challenging and funnier it gets.

8. You Laugh, You Drink

The game contains 150 cards, and you must arrange a drink for the sip of shame.

So, in the game, firstly, all the players divide into two random groups. Then, on his turn, each person comes, picks a card, and reads it silently. 

Then he has to pick the target from the opposite group and make him laugh. If he does, he has to drink the sip of shame, or else you need to. And yes, you collectively got just 30 seconds to make the selected opponent laugh.

For example, guess the person does a shy Mike dance? Will you be able to resist laughing? I think no one can.

9. Let’s Get Deep- What Do You Meme

Are you looking for some drinking card games you can enjoy playing with your partner? Then let’s get deep- What do you meme is an ideal game to opt for? The game includes sets of questions that you need to ask your partner. The cards are divided into three sections:

  • Ice Breaker
  • Deep 
  • Deeper

Each time you need to pull out one card for the icebreaker stack and two for the Deep and deeper pile. Either of you can start that game, and then the turn alternates.

And people make it a drinking game by the rule that if you don’t want to answer any question, you can get a shot of drink to skip it.

10. Face Off 

Face Off is quite an interesting game that takes place in teams. First of all, you make two teams, and then one member from each team comes and takes out a card from the stack and does what the card asks. 

For example, if the card asks you to reveal the latest photo on your mobile, you need to do it. And if you fail to perform what the card asks for, here comes your punishment. You need to drink tea.

The game Face Off contains four kinds of cards:

  • Spill- that asks to reveal something
  • Task- you need to do what’s written on the card
  • Vote- both teams collectively vote for who wins the title, e.g., the more arrogant of all 
  • Face Off- a challenge between the two groups.

11. Buzzed

Buzzed is a quite simple drinking card as compared to others. In it, you are given over 250 cards, each containing a task that makes you or rest drink. Every player takes out a card on his turn, reads it aloud, and performs the task.

For example, if you pick out a card stating everyone needs to drink a sip of their drink without using their hands, each one of the players needs to complete the task.

Similarly, if you pick up that card stating the next person to make eye contact with needs to drink, you will have to make that person drink.

12. You Lie You Drink

In “You Lie You Drink,” you are provided with cards containing blanks in it. You need to fill in the blanks with either a correct answer or a lie, depending on whether you took a truth card or a lie card. 

Then the players need to guess if you told the truth or a lie. Those who guessed it wrong need to drink.

For example, you picked a card saying, Once my boss told me,___. Now, it’s up to you whether to fill in a truth or naughty lie and puzzle your friends.


These are a few of the most commonly played drinking card games. They not only make your mind relaxed and fresh but are a great source to share laughter and relive the bond you used to share in college. And when combined with drinking, the spice and naughtiness reach new heights.

So, what are you waiting for? Get these drinking card games, and add a thrill to your weekend night.

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