How to Play Ring of Fire [Rules]

ring of fire

Did you know that with just a deck of cards and some beer, you can have the fun of your life…!

Ring of Fire is a popular drinking game played across the globe. It is played mostly by college students in parties and is a must-to-do activity for hangovers. All you need is a deck of cards, some of your favorite alcohol, and a group of friends.

Ring of Fire is an amazing game that lets you enjoy the booze and have fun. A big cup is placed in the center called the King’s Cup, and the last player to pull the King has to drink it. Cards are placed in a circle around the cup face down, and each player has to pull the card without breaking the circle (The Ring of Fire).

Every card in the deck represents a different rule, from making a single-player drink to having the whole group drink altogether. If you’re planning to put some variation in rules, then it must be done before the game starts.

Ring of Fire is played by various names like King’s Cup, Kings, Donuts, and Circle of Death. Rules and names may vary across countries, but the setup remains the same. For instance, in the U.K., U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, it is known as the Ring of Fire, whereas in Belgium, it is known as the Circle of Destruction.

Continue reading this post to learn the basic rules needed to play the game and how to create a perfect set-up for the game.

What you need to play Ring of Fire

This is a multiplayer game. Gather a group of friends, a standard set of a deck, a big pint glass, and of course, your favorite drink to get started. Each player can grab their favorite drink of their choice. But overall, beer works best for card games, as it lets you enjoy the game longer.

At the beginning of the game, a huge pint glass is placed in the center. Cards are shuffled and placed in a circular formation around the King’s Cup, depicting the ring of fire. The rules are different for each card which makes it more exciting and fun to play. The game is commonly played for less than 45 minutes, but the fun and the good memories that you create with your friends last forever.

The “Rules”

Some people find it hard to memorize the rules. If you’re a total beginner at it, the best option is to write them down before the play. But once you memorize the rules, the game becomes super simple and fun. Let’s check out the rules for each card.

Ace – Waterfall

The person who pulled the card starts drinking along with all the players in the game. A player is allowed to stop only when the person to their left/right stops drinking. This might get a little crazy if you’re taking a shot and your friend is drinking a beer. The person with the shot ends up drinking more.

2- Two is to choose

The player who pulled the card has to give out two drinks to two different players or both drinks to one player of his/her choice. This becomes scary when one person is given both shots.

3 – Me

The player who pulled the card must drink. 

4 – Whores/On the floor

This card can be played in two ways:

Whores – All the girls in the group must drink.

On the floor – The last player to touch the floor must take a shot. You need to be super-quick when a 4 is pulled; otherwise, you’ll be drinking an extra shot on this one.

5 – Thumb Master

The player to pull this card becomes the thumb master. The thumb master puts his thumb on the table, and everyone else follows. The last person to copy the thumb master has to drink. The thumb master changes when another player pulls a five.

6 – Six is dicks

All the guys must drink. Great for boys’ night out.

7 – Heavens

The player who draws this card must raise his/her finger pointing towards the sky, and everyone else has to follow. The last person to raise the hand loses and has to down the drink. This can be done anytime during the play till someone else picks a seven.

8 – Mate

The player with this card can pick a partner for the game. Every time the first player drinks, his/her partner has to chug along. It can be a good ice-breaker if you are playing with folks new to the group.

9 – Rhyme

The player picks a word like “cat”. The next player has to say a rhyming word like”bat” or “mat”. This goes on until a player messes up and says a non-rhyming word. That player gets a penalty and has to take a shot.

10 – Categories

The person to pick this card selects a category like a cricket, cars, mobiles, or cats. The next player has to say a word related to that category. For instance, if the chosen category is cricket, the next player has to say pitch, ball or field. The player who fails to think of a related word has to drink.

Jack – Rule

The player who pulls out a Jack gets the power to make a new rule. The rule is followed throughout the game and whoever disobeys must chug up.

Queen – Question

The player becomes the question master for the game till someone else draws a queen. The question master has the authority to pose a question at any point during the game, and all the players must answer it with another question. If a player forgets and answers the question master, he/she drinks.

King – Pour

The player who pulls the king must pour some of his/her drink into the King’s Cup. With three kings being drawn during the game, the King’s Cup is filled with a variety of drinks. The person to draw the last king has to drink all the contents of the King’s Cup. Imagine the taste!


The rules are quite simple and easy to follow. You can enjoy your drink with a game of cards and have a great time with your friends. You can also change a few rules to make the game more complicated yet exciting, like a rule to reverse an action. That way, you can make a player drink twice.

Ring of Fire is a total luck game because you never know what’s in the card you are pulling out. The game lets you drink to the max in comparison to other games but make sure to drink in moderation. You don’t wanna wake up in the morning completely embarrassed of the things you did the previous night.

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