Do Electrolyte Drinks Help Prevent Or Cure Hangover?

Electrolyte Drinks Help Prevent Or Cure Hangover

Most people have, at some point, had a bit too much to drink and felt the effects the following morning. Nausea and pounding headache lead many to try what some deem cures for the hangover, but few are backed by science. The one fact is it’s critical to hydrate. Does that mean using electrolyte drinks as a way to prevent or cure a hangover?

You indeed lose an incredible number of electrolytes when consuming alcohol, but is it possible to drink enough to replenish the loss or prevent it? Let’s learn what causes hangovers, some methods that could prove effective in eliminating them, and those deemed less powerful.

Why Drinking Causes Hangover

The culprit in the body responsible for causing the malaise the day after having a few cocktails is “acetaldehyde.” When consuming alcohol, the body attempts to metabolically process the substance to rid the system of it. 

When the liver breaks it down, acetaldehyde is the toxin that develops. This buildup makes the drinker feel anxious, drowsy, nauseous, and sick to the stomach with a headache. The longer the toxin takes to eliminate from the body, the worse the individual will feel. Aside from the hangover, alcohol is a diuretic, another cause of the hangover symptoms.

Diuretics create the urge to urinate more frequently. Frequent urination quickly strips nutrients from the system. When the body loses these key nutrients like “magnesium, iron, and vitamin B,” the primary symptoms of the hangover, including anxiety, headache, cramping, and on, develop. In addition, the central nervous system is inhibited.

This means the brain function slows along with the primary body movements. Because alcohol causes the cortex to release adrenaline and cortisol, the brain is further stressed. 

Do Electrolyte Drinks Prevent Or Cure A Hangover?

Electrolyte Drinks Help Prevent Or Cure Hangover

When considering preventions or cures for hangovers, there are countless but few backed by science. You can find them on the web, in books written, in home remedies, or in the person sitting beside you at the bar. One fact everyone concurs with is hydrating before, during, and after drinking plenty of water. 

Is it better to do this with electrolyte drinks instead? Let’s look at the different “antidotes” and see what the response is as to whether this solution is effective for prevention or cure. 

Drinking electrolytes to prevent, resolve or cure a hangover

Some of the popular sports drinks or electrolyte-fueled drinks being consumed are crucial components for many of the body’s metabolic responses. The drinks boast a possibility of minorly helping to decrease the body cramps and headaches associated with having too much to drink.

The problem is it’s challenging to consume the amount you would need in order to replenish the number you deplete when drinking alcohol. It’s insurmountable, and a few electrolyte drinks won’t be powerful enough to avoid the inevitable hangover.

Pedialyte is not a hangover cure, according to doctors

Many people are of the understanding that because Pedialyte helps children recoup the minerals they lose when experiencing excessive bouts of diarrhea, it could help with nutrient loss when drinking alcohol, reversing the effect and staving off the symptoms of a hangover. It’s actually become quite a trend in the drinking community to consume this as a cure.

The brand and doctors want drinkers to understand that the substance is “not a cure-all” for the drinkers who have maybe one too many and suffer the subsequent symptomatology.

Coconut water

While this is high in potassium, and essential to refresh following a hangover, that’s its only electrolyte. Suppose doctors were to provide feedback on this as a hangover cure. In that case, you’d learn coconut water offers the same effect as plain drinking water as a hydrant, plus consuming a banana to get the potassium.

It won’t hurt to have coconut water for the benefits it does provide, but it’s not going to give the miraculous results you hope for as far as being a cure for the hangover. 

How Can You Ease A Hangover

Electrolyte Drinks Help Prevent Or Cure Hangover

You can take steps to ward off the symptoms associated with a hangover. Since drinking alcohol dehydrates, a priority is to stay hydrated, and that should start well before the evening that you indulge in cocktails. Let’s review.

Plain water consumption is essential to avoid the possible effects of drinking too much

Among the simplest ways to prevent hangover symptoms is to hydrate before you intend to drink. 

The recommended daily intake is roughly eight glasses, but if you know you have a party coming up within the next 48 hours, you should increase this by twice as much. It’s also encouraged, while indulging in alcoholic beverages, to enjoy a cup of water after each drink.

And then you should hydrate following the night out with plenty of water when you get back home and the following day. It’s not a cure; it’s a preventive measure.

It would help if you never drank on an empty stomach

Consuming a fatty meal before having alcohol will cause a much slower absorption process, keeping the hangover symptoms at bay. Eating healthy fats like nuts, including walnuts or almonds, and avocados are always suggested.

Pay attention to what you’re drinking

Light-colored alcohol, perhaps white wine or maybe vodka, has less “hangover creating toxins” referred to as “congeners.” The darkest liquors will cause the worst symptoms. It’s also wise to consume one type of alcohol instead of mixing your liquors throughout the night. Switching to different options increases the chance of a hangover.

Final Thoughts

In a hectic, fast-paced society, there’s no time to risk a hangover between balancing work and life. While electrolytes are depleted with alcohol indulgence to the point consuming these can’t stave off the inevitable effects of a hangover from the depletion, it doesn’t hurt to drink these beverages to add the electrolytes and to hydrate. Dehydration is severe with drinking, with rehydrating being critical before, during, and after.

Everyone has a celebratory event they don’t want to come out of with nausea and a spinning head. There’s bound to be a remedy that will work for you. Learn what works for you and practice preventing hangovers.

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