How Long After Taking Valacyclovir Can You Drink Alcohol?

How Long After Taking Valacyclovir Can You Drink Alcohol

Valacyclovir is a doctor-prescribed medication that is primarily to treat viral ailments. This anti-virus drug helps treat the herpes virus. People frequently overlook the negative consequences of mixing these drugs with alcohol. They still wonder and often question, “How long after taking valacyclovir can you drink alcohol?”

As it is a widespread belief, it is not advisable to combine antibiotics for viruses and alcohol. Valacyclovir also has an inevitable reaction in our system when taken during alcohol consumption. So this blog lets us explore in detail the connection and potential risk of valacyclovir and alcohol.

How long after taking valacyclovir can you drink alcohol?

Though the alcohol cautionary is not mentioned in the tablet however avoiding alcohol is better for your health. Medical practitioners recommend that people wait until their virus clears up before drinking due to potential cumulative adverse reactions and the negative impact on the function of your immune system. 

There are certainly not any connections between alcohol and valacyclovir. Thus it is typically acceptable to drink after consuming a single medicine pill. However, remember that it can worsen the side effects of alcohol consumption. 

You can use valacyclovir once you are affected by the first Herpes Outbreaks. Generally, while you take your first dose or pill, it will get transformed into acyclovir. For people with standard renal function, the effect of the medication can persist for 2.5 to 3.3 hours. It means valacyclovir medication can stay in one’s system for approximately four hours. 

The ideal time to consume alcohol is four hours after taking valacyclovir. Moreover, alcohol could halt in your system for up to three hours after a single sip. Remember that every person’s body toxicity is unique and depends on their health.

Combining valacyclovir and alcohol

How Long After Taking Valacyclovir Can You Drink Alcohol

Even though valacyclovir does not openly interact with alcohol, it is usually advised not to drink alcohol while on medications. Valacyclovir does not directly kills the virus; however effective in the speedy healing process of symptoms of herpes. 

Similar to other medications, valacyclovir also reacts with alcohol. Tragically, it can be hard to manage valacyclovir side effects on yourself, and excessive alcohol consumption regularly renders them worse.

Since numerous individuals who take valacyclovir report having a smaller tolerance for the use of alcohol, even a tiny amount of alcohol may cause some degree of intoxication. 

Drinking excess alcohol may weaken your immune system, making the system fight hard against antiviral medications. 

Our system responds to various drugs in several ways, depending on everyone. Consider everything from your immune system to what sort of herpes you possess.

What factors to consider when combining alcohol and valacyclovir?

People may believe they can consume alcohol because there is no explicit warning regarding alcohol consumption on the label of antiviral drugs. It is best to eliminate drinking alcohol whenever on medication since it can make your infection hard to treat. 

Also, mixing valacyclovir and alcohol increases potential risks such as nausea. Liquor alters the microbiome, affecting “good” gut microorganisms that play a role in infection resistance.

Moderate or less frequent drinking has little impact on valacyclovir’s effectiveness. However, medical professionals usually recommend avoiding drinking alcohol when taking antiviral medicines. It would help if you turned to a healthcare provider before drinking alcohol while taking valacyclovir. 

When combining the two, you may experience the adverse effects listed below. The way a person’s body reacts to alcohol will eventually determine the outcome.

Some people who are less tolerant of alcohol and illnesses concerning renal function can face more different symptoms, like modifications in urination and agitation. But these symptoms are mostly not frequent.

While rare, side effects, including heavy alcohol use while taking valacyclovir, can result in blood cell damage and your kidneys are damaged. 

Alcohol and valacyclovir are both primarily metabolized in the liver. If you drink liquor while using valacyclovir, your liver may be under more stress and unable to handle both medications as efficiently.

There are no clinically proven long-term effects on taking valacyclovir together with alcohol. The consumption of alcohol while using valacyclovir may boost the likelihood and severity of negative consequences and lessen the drug’s healing impact.


Like all other antiviral drugs, whenever using valacyclovir, as with all medications, it’s crucial to use caution. It is essential if you happen to be using the medicine during herpes or shingles outbreak because you might then also be dealing with outbreak-related severe complications.

Although alcohol is not directly associated with valacyclovir, abstaining from it throughout treatment is typically advised to maximize outcomes and reduce hazards.

peaking with your healthcare practitioner is essential to receive specialized guidance based on your unique medical history and circumstance. Keep in mind that prioritizing your wellness and well-being is crucial.

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