How Many Gallons in a Keg?

How Many Gallons in a Keg

Are you planning to host a beer party this Sunday night at your home and want to know how many gallons will come in one keg?

Kegs are long, cylindrical barrels that were previously used for storing and carrying sodas like coke. However, now, they are used to store beer and other liquors. But the exact gallons a keg can hold depends solely on the type you opt for.

So, let’s buckle down through the article and demystify how many gallons can be stored in a particular type of keg.

How Many Gallons Are There In A Keg?

How Many Gallons in a Keg

Over the years, as drinking alcohol at parties and weddings has become a practice, using kegs has become more and more common. They not only store the liquids but keep them fresh, crisp, and away from bacterial action.

The number of gallons that can be stored in a keg ultimately depends on the size and type of keg you are opting for.

According to kegswork, there are seven common types of kegs, differing in terms of their capacity, dimensions, and pint storage. These are:

1. Mini Keg

It is the smallest keg that can store up to 1.32 gallons (5 liters only). Mostly, these kegs come with a carbon dioxide canister and a spigot to dispense beer.

2. Cornelius Keg

Cornelius Keg is a long, cylinder-shaped barrel that can store up to 5 US gallons at a time. This equals 40 pints of 16 oz. Previously, these kegs were used primarily for carrying soda like Coke. However, now, Beers and other alcoholic spirits are also stored in it to skip the process of bottling.

3. Sixth Barrel Keg

The sixth barrel keg is somewhat similar to Cornelius Keg with a wee bit more capacity. It can store up to 5.16 gallons, which equals 20 liters.

4. Pony Keg

Pony Keg or Quarter Keg has a storage capacity of 7.75 gallons, which equals 30 liters. This size keg works best for small parties.

5. Slim Quarter Keg

A slim quarter keg has the same storage capacity as a quarter Keg, i.e., 7.75 gallons. However, it is narrower and tall in shape.

6. Half barrel Keg

Remember seeing the same-sized keg in different movies? Well, that’s a half-barrel keg. 

It is an ideal keg used for big parties and by restaurants and pubs. There is a storage capacity of 15.5 gallons in this type of keg.

7. 50-liter keg

The 50-liter keg is similar to Half barrel Keg, with the online difference that it is used in European countries. The storage capacity is 13.2 gallons.

Mini Keg1.32
Cornelius Keg5
Sixth Barrel Keg5.16
Pony Keg7.75
Slim Quarter Keg7.75
Half Barrel Keg15.5
50-liter keg13.2 

Final Word

Different kegs can store different gallons of beer and liquor depending on size. For example, the slim quarter keg can store up to 7.75 gallons, while the mini keg has a capacity of only 1.32 gallons.

So, you need to check the type of keg to confirm its storage capacity.

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