How to Make Beer Taste Better [Ultimate Guide]

How to Make Beer Taste Better

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world, enjoyed by millions of people on a daily basis. However, not all beers are created equal, and many beer drinkers have experienced the disappointment of a poor-tasting brew. Whether it’s a lack of flavor, a flat taste, or an unpleasant aftertaste, these issues can seriously detract from the enjoyment of drinking beer.

To improve beer’s flavor and get the desired flavor, you can try various methods. Let’s take a look at some ways to enhance your beer flavor:

Use the Correct Glass

The beer taste depends on the sort of glass used. The beer’s appearance and aroma can be improved depending on the glass chosen. The fact that many breweries have their glasses is due to this.

Flute-shaped glasses are designed to enhance the fruity flavor of beer, making them appropriate for fruit beers. For preserving the flavor and temperature of beer for a long time, glasses with thick walls and a handle are excellent.

The chalice or beer goblet is appropriate for beers with high alcohol content. For example, the beer goblet enhances the flavor of the beer because of its bowl-like form, which draws in more carbon dioxide and is simple to use.

Drink Beer Out of a Glass

Beer bottles and cans are great for transporting drinks but cannot improve the flavor of the beer. Taste and smell go hand in hand while drinking beer, and what is perceived as taste is usually the scent. Beer that is consumed from a can or bottle tastes different since the sense of smell is suppressed. Drinking from a glass activates the carbonation process, resulting in a foamy head and carbonation bubbles.

The head gives the beer a creamy smoothness, and the scent comes from the carbonation bubbles. Beer’s flavor and aroma are improved. As a result, making it taste better.

Pour the Beer Properly

Beer’s flavor can be improved by how it is poured into a frosted glass. Making the proper pour guarantees that the expected results of the foamy head and carbonation are realized. The glass should be washed in cold water and then tilted at 45 degrees.

Pour the beer so that it is about halfway up the glass. Do this while tilting the glass until it reaches the midpoint. For a high taste profile that is guaranteed, even though it depends on the type of beer serving, the pour is finished with a nice foamy head.                                       

Drinking Beer at Warmer Temperatures

It may seem unusual to drink beer while it’s warmer, but doing so greatly impacts flavor. Beer’s cooling impact may mask some flavors, but drinking it warm helps to detect additional flavors that might otherwise go unnoticed.

“Master the Art of Better Beer: What to add in Beer To Improve Taste Profile”

Some restaurants and taprooms employ various techniques to create unique flavors for their patrons and enhance the flavor of their beers.

They consist of the following:


Citrus flavors like lemon, lime, and orange blend quite well with the bitter flavors in beer. Similar to how a shot of tequila and lime makes the alcohol taste more tolerable, the lime serves as a distraction.                                      


Add any light-colored soda to beer to improve the flavor. Everyone in the alcohol industry refers to this as a Shandy, and it improves beer’s flavor by adding sugar without removing the carbonation.                                                             

Margarita Mix

Because the margarita mix has citrus and sweet flavors that cover all the flavors, adding it to beer improves its flavor. The best time to do this is when beer is used instead of tequila for margaritas.                                                                           

Frozen Berries

In the same way, frozen fruits work well in wine and other mixed drinks. They also work well in beer. Beer stays colder longer and gains taste from frozen berries.                                                                     

Tomato Juice

A Mexican beverage called the Michelada combines beer, tomato juice, and spices. It is marketed as both an easy-drinking, low-alcohol warm-weather delight and a hangover treatment. However, unlike the Bloody Mary, it uses lager instead of vodka. A shot or two of tomato juice in beer make it taste better.                                   


A bitter is an alcoholic beverage with flavoring that often comes in a little bottle with a dropper. Only add a few drops because this liquid has a lot of flavor in just one drop. Bitters will only improve the flavor of a beer that is already reasonably decent. Bitters bring out flavors that are otherwise understated.                                  

Simple Syrup

Simple syrup (which is sugar water) makes for an easy add-in to beer. This is a great way to make beer taste better because it’s easy to order. It’s simple, and it works.                                   


Creamers are only for black beers. To increase the alcohol content of the beverage, Bailey’s Irish Cream can be added. Both of these complement dark beer just like creamer does for coffee. The creamy sweetness of the creamer softens the bitter and black flavor.

Some of the best quality creamers:

  • International Delight Hazelnut Gourmet Coffee Creamer
  • Coffee-Mate Liquid French Vanilla
  • Sown Organic Oat Creamer (for the vegans)                                    


An excellent approach to improving the flavor of the beer is with liqueurs. Any beer can be improved by adding a liqueur, regardless of the type. Amaretto, Kahla, vermouth, Cointreau, schnapps, curacao, Limon cello, and triple sec are a few well-known liqueurs that can be added to beers.  

Mix with Salt

This approach could look a little odd. Salt may be used in the brewing process by some large-scale brewers because salt makes the beer crisper.                                                                     


With the addition of Campari, even a poor beer will taste better. A fantastic approach to increase a beer’s complexity without tiring out the drinker is to add a dash of Campari, and the malty flavor of the beer helps to balance off the Campari.                               

Make a Beer Cocktail

Even though it may seem strange, a beer cocktail counts as a beverage. Even the previously described beer and Campari combination qualify as a beer cocktail.

High-quality beer has body and depth, which makes it perfect for boosting the flavor and duration of cocktails produced with other spirits.

The beer cocktails listed here are simple and enjoyable to brew at home.

  • Summer Shandy
  • Beer Margarita
  • Chelada
  • Espresso Stout
  • Raspberry Beer Mojito                                                                     

Final Thoughts

Making your beer taste better doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can take your beer game to the next level and enjoy a better-tasting brew every time. So why wait? Start putting these techniques into practice today and elevate your beer-drinking experience.

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