How to Make Beer Taste Better [Ultimate Guide]

How to Make Beer Taste Better

You received a gift from your friend- You open the box and….It’s a six-pack of your least favorite beers. Now what? Don’t throw them away. There are ways you can make your beers taste better. Dive into the article to find out!

It’s a natural thing that you don’t find that perfect beer on the first attempt, that suits your taste buds. You feel kind of gross and decide never to drink a beer in your life ever again. Some folks even use these beers to cook food or worse- pour it down the drain. But it’s high time you stop wasting your precious beer like that. 

Even if you got yourself the Wrong Beer, still you can make it taste incredible with some minor efforts. You can mix it with fruit juices or add soda or Sprite to make it taste good. 

Cheap local beers don’t always taste bad. It depends on your personal preference. If you’re new to drinking, it’s easy to get lost and choose a bad beer. But don’t worry! If you are one of those folks who bought a horrible-tasting beer, this post got you covered.

Continue reading to know what tips you can use to make your beer taste better.

Infusing Flavors To Make Your Beer Taste Better

How to Make Beer Taste Better

A subtle touch of a few ingredients can make your beer taste good. Choose a flavor that won’t overwhelm your taste buds.


Soda is one of the easiest and cheapest options you can think of. Sodas like ginger ale and cola make a good addition to your beer. Soda’s sweetness balances beer’s bitter taste without losing its fizzy bubbles. Everyone in the alcohol industry refers to this as a Shandy

Make things more interesting by adding Sprite, Fanta, or Mountain Dew. It creates a unique, refreshing, and delicious flavor that excites your taste buds. But be careful not to overdo it as mixing carbonated beverages with beer can make you feel tipsy faster.


Adding certain spices like cinnamon and nutmeg can be a game-changer for you. Adding these ingredients to beer, especially darker ones, creates delicious flavors. These flavors help to balance the unpleasant taste.

Adding Salt and Lemon to the Mix

This is one of the most popular methods used in the U.S. to add extra flavor to the drink. Even if the beer tastes good, some people have the habit of adding salt to it. Pouring a pinch of salt can reduce the bitterness of your beer and make it more crispier and drinkable.

Avoid adding too much salt as it will become tough to gulp it down your throat.

Salt enhances the flavor of beer while lemon gives it a tangy mouthfeel. You can also add some lemonade to give it a refreshing flavor. It’s a perfect combo to enjoy a relaxed evening.

Can You Mix Beer with Juices

It’s a great idea to mix fruit juices with beer. It makes you feel like sitting on a tropical beach enjoying a sea breeze. To make it juicy, use fresh fruit juices. Or, add a sparkling fruit-flavored drink to keep the beer fizzy. In both cases, it tastes amazing.


Bitters can change the taste of your drink. To make your drink spicier, add a few drops of your favorite bitters to your glass. Then pour in the beer with a dropper. You can always use your creativity and play around with flavors. A tip is to mix light beers with light bitters and dark bitters with darker beers. To enhance the flavor of wheat beers, try adding orange bitter. Aromatic flavors go well with IPAs, Porters, and Stouts.

Adding Fruit Wedges

Beer lovers know that adding citrus wedges to beer makes it taste even better. You can use lemon, grapefruits, oranges, and lime wedges to alter the flavor of your beer. Fruit with a citrus flavor is good with light beers and Mexican Lagers. Wheat beer tastes great with orange slices. 

Adding Ice and Water

Some beers taste good at room temperature, but others are better when they’re cold. To enjoy a great taste, chill your bottle or can in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Or, pour it in a glass over ice. Diluting beer with ice and water can reduce the intensity of the unpleasant flavor.

Citrus Zest

Infusing citrus zest is like giving your beer a little zing with a burst of freshness. A smidge of these colorful, outer peels of orange, lemon, and lime can work wonders. The good part is they aren’t acidic as compared to tart juices. It adds this bright, zesty aroma and flavor that can jazz things up. So, if you’ve got a beer that is not quite hitting the mark, try out this simple trick to make your beer taste better.

Will Campari Make My Beer Taste Good

A dash of Campari can turn your so-so beer into something delightful. Campari is an Italian liqueur that tastes bitter and has unique aromas of herbs and fruits. Its citrusy flavor with cinnamon and clove notes can alter the taste of your beer. The natural yeasty sweetness of beer balances the bitterness of Campari. 

Look for low-IBU beers

Don’t like the bitter taste of beer? Opt-for lower IBU Beers. IBU or International Bitterness Unit helps categorize beers as per their bitterness levels. Beers with lower IBUs, usually under 20-30, are less bitter than higher-rated ones.

How to Make Beer Not Taste Like Beer

This is where your creativity comes in. Experiment with a few drinks to make yourself a perfect cocktail. You can also use beer as a base drink to prepare delicious cocktails at home. Let’s dive in to explore some secret recipes that will make your regular beer taste like an expensive cocktail.

Cocktail with BeerIngredients
Classic CheladaMexican lager beer, lime juice, salt
Bitter Lemon SpritzLager, lemon peel, Italian amaro, fresh lemon juice
Watermelon BeerWheat beer, vanilla syrup, fresh watermelon juice
Black VelvetStout and Champagne in equal proportions
Beer MargaritasLight lager, tomato juice, fresh lime juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper
MicheladaLight lager, tomato juice, fresh lime juice, hot sauce, worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper
Beer MojitoBeer, white rum, mint leaves, lime wedges, sugar or simple syrup
SnakebiteEqual parts of beer and cider (apple or pear)

Homebrew your Beer

If nothing satisfies your taste palates, become the master of your own brew. Learning homebrewing can be challenging, but with practice, you can make beer that reflects your preferences. 

If you are feeling lost in the world of homebrewing, don’t worry! The internet has great resources and guides to make home brewing easy for you. The great thing is, you can make a lot of beer and have friends over to try it.


Now you know the secret tips and tricks to make your beer taste better. Try out some of these ideas that align with your taste palates. The easiest way to alter beer is to add citrus zest and fruit juices to the beverage.

So, the next time you feel stuck with a not-so-ideal beer, don’t toss it aside. Experiment with different ingredients and craft your own unique beer. Cheers! And make sure to drink in moderation.

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