How to Play Never Have I Ever [Rules & Steps]

How to Play Never Have I Ever

Tired of boring get-togethers? Try out the Never Have I Ever drinking game that will reveal some of the deepest secrets of your friends and keep you laughing till the end!

Never Have I Ever a.k.a Ten Fingers is a drinking game similar to a Truth or Dare game except that the only dare you will do is tell the truth. It is a great conversation game that can turn out to be a great ice-breaker for people new to the circle. With a fun list of Never Have I ever statements, you can get to know your friends a lot better.

The game is played by players taking turns to say a statement starting with “Never Have I Ever…” that reveals a certain action they have not done in the past. All the players who have committed that action must take a drink. For instance, Jake, Peter, and Marie are playing. Jake poses a statement, “Never Have I ever gone skydiving.” Say Peter went skydiving last week; he would say, “I have,” and take a sip of his beer and close one of his ten fingers. 

This is an entertaining game that can be played with or without alcohol; therefore, it is suitable for all age groups. The main purpose of the game is to answer truthfully. In this post, you will get to know about the drinking version of the game. Continue reading the article to know the rules to play the game, and some deep Never Have I Ever Questions to spice up your game night.

What Do You Need to Play

You don’t need a lot of stuff to start the game. Just gather a few players (minimum of 2), a bunch of beers, and a list of fun statements to turn on the buzz. Fill all the glasses with equal amounts of your favorite alcoholic beverage. Remember, the game only gets better if you are playing with a large group of friends.

Rules To Play Never Have I Ever

The rules are quite straightforward. Once you gather all your friends, find a nice place to sit and enjoy the game.

  • It starts with players sitting in a circle or at least facing each other so that they can look at each other’s hands.
  • Usually, the youngest or most daring player goes first, or you can decide with a simple rock, paper, and scissors.
  • The first player states an action that has never been done before. The statement must begin with “Never Have I Ever…”. Like “Never Have I Ever lied to my girlfriend” or “Never Have I Ever used someone else’s toothbrush.”
  • All the players who have done the action announced must take a sip of their drink or down an entire shot. The drinking player must close one of their ten fingers in a way all players can see it.
  • Then the next player to the right goes on stating the next “Never Have I Ever…” statement, and so on.
  • The first player with all ten fingers closed wins showing that the winning player has done almost all adventures in his/her life.
  • (Optional) You can ask ten statements in one round and ten in the next one. That way, you can have a different winner for each round, and you can play for as long as you want. 
  • You can also change the category for every round. For instance, round one can be a friendly one, and round two could be a dirty one.
  • It’s all about getting creative with the questions and making sure to answer in a sincere manner.

 Some Good Never Have I Ever Questions

It’s time to get to know your friends a little better. Try out these fun statements for your next Never Have I Ever game.

  1. Never have I ever cheated on my girl/boy.
  2. Never have I ever thought about my ex.
  3. Never have I ever lost a bet.
  4. Never have I ever gone streaking in public
  5. Never have I ever eaten a whole pizza by myself.
  6. Never have I ever done yoga regularly.
  7. Never have I ever driven for 24 hours straight.
  8. Never have I ever had a tattoo and regretted it.
  9. Never have I ever had a crush on my teacher.
  10. Never have I ever hit on my friend’s mom.
  11. Never have I ever gone fishing.
  12. Never have I ever had an accident.
  13. Never have I ever been late for a dinner date.
  14. Never have I ever gone surfing with a friend.
  15. Never have I ever been to a foreign country
  16. Never have I ever visited a museum alone.
  17. Never have I ever been caught on drugs.
  18. Never have I ever seen my family.
  19. Never have I ever fallen asleep in the washroom after being drunk.
  20. Never have I ever tried binge drinking
  21. Never have I ever watched a movie 8 times.
  22. Never have I ever tried to touch a stranger.
  23. Never have I ever beaten the hell out of someone.
  24. Never have I ever taken a selfie with my pet.
  25. Never have I ever gone straight to the wrong restroom.
  26. Never have I ever worn clothes inside out and gone outside.
  27. Never have I ever sent a dirty text to someone.
  28. Never have I ever checked my partner’s messages.
  29. Never have I ever lied about liking something that I actually hated to impress a girl/boy.
  30. Never have I ever slept while meditating.
  31. Never have I ever skinny-dipped in a public pool.
  32. Never have I ever deceived my friend.
  33. Never have I ever helped a stranger.
  34. Never have I ever asked my dad for money.
  35. Never have I ever had a one-night stand.
  36. Never have I ever kissed someone and regretted it.
  37. Never have I ever done something to make someone jealous
  38. Never have I ever worn a suit to my workplace.
  39. Never have I ever had a break-up twice a week.
  40. Never have I ever sung in front of a crowd,
  41. Never have I ever played video games for 4 hours. 
  42. Never have I ever played an air guitar in a crowd.
  43. Never have I ever passed a flying kiss to someone.
  44. Never have I ever used a fake profile to fool someone.
  45. Never have I ever fallen from a roof.
  46. Never have I ever been sent to prison
  47. Never have I ever given someone a love letter.
  48. Never have I ever failed an exam.
  49. Never have I ever proposed to a girl.
  50. Never have I ever tried to touch my nose with my tongue.


 Never Have I ever is a simple and friendly game that can strengthen your friendship. It’s all about speaking the truth. Statements can be simple, funny, or flirty. You can even come up with great questions of your own or just pick the ones listed in this post.

The drinking version of the game is a great idea for a bachelorette party or a get-together. Make sure to stick to your truthful side and drink moderately. The game is made for entertainment purposes and should be kept that way. So have fun asking outrageous questions, and cheers!

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