7 Reasons Why You Should Not Mix Alcoholic Drinks

Should Not Mix Alcoholic Drinks

Drinking alcohol has become an everyday social activity. Nowadays, enjoyment does not fulfill without alcohol at parties and celebrations. Some people relish having different alcohol at one time. However, it is a piece of traditional advice that mixing alcohol is to be avoidable. It is familiar that spirit, beer, and wine are the three varieties of alcohol. 

Occasionally, you might feel tempted to try out all alcohol but remember that it hints at severe consequences. It contributes to the worst hangover and increases the content of alcohol in your system. 

There is evidence that the idea of mixing alcohol is a threat factor than saving a single type of alcohol. Lets us explore in detail in this blog the top reason why you shouldn’t mix alcoholic drink. 

7 Reasons you shouldn’t mix alcoholic drinks

1. Intoxication

When you mix different alcohol, starting with a beer, then trying out a vodka or wine, and finishing it off with tequila will increase the toxins in your body. The body will start to process alcohol at a diverse rate. Wine will be processed quicker than beer. So it is difficult for the body to flush it out, leading to more prolonged hangover symptoms. 

2. Dehydration

Already alcohols are diuretic that increases urination, causing dehydration in the body. Mixing alcohol tends you to drink more than what you usually drink. It will increase the side effects of dehydration. This dehydration’s consequence may be so severe that it leads to kidney failure. That is the reason it is commonly advised to people to drink a lot of water during hangover symptoms. You must keep your body hydrated while you are facing the worst hangover. 

3. Hangovers

Hangovers usually happen when you are too much drunk. But when you mix alcohol, the hangovers are even more worst. Alcohol contains congeners that hold many impurities to enrich the aroma and taste of the alcohol. It is the reason behind getting headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Mixing different alcohol leads to higher levels of congeners, triggering a higher level of hangover. 

4. Alcohol Poisoning 

As said earlier, when you mix alcohol, you will drink too much on a particular day. Different alcohol contains an extra level of toxins, thus increasing the alcohol content in the body. It irritates the stomach lining, causing inflammation. It may hurt your stomach a lot. Sometimes there are chances you will feel constipation problems as well. Too much alcohol consumed in a short period might impair the rate of breathing, high temperature, and gag reflex, possibly leading to coma and death.

5. Loss of Control 

When you mix different alcohols, it may happen to leave your control. That means you will consume excess alcohol. When you drink a single variant of alcohol, you be aware of how much you had at that time. That means losing track of how much you drink, making you fall under higher risk and risky behavior issues. 

6. Carbonation

When mixing some other variant of alcohol with a carbonated alcoholic drink, you will face severe health issues. Carbonation will tend to quicker absorption from the GI system, affecting the bloodstream. You will start to feel the hangover at a quicker rate of speed. Apart from these, they irritate the stomach lining and reverse alcohol absorption. 

7. Congeners and mixing alcohol

Congeners are the chemical substance present in alcohol created or added during the fermentation process. One such example is methanol. But methanol will not be present in all alcohol varieties. The reason behind hangovers is nothing but these congeners. Mainly when you take alcohol which is dark, they contain much of this chemical substance. 

For instance, when you talk light colored alcohol such as gin and vodka, the congeners’ level is deficient, so mixing up different drinks will lead to adverse health benefits and hangover symptoms.

Is there sufficient proof to support these hypotheses?

Should Not Mix Alcoholic Drinks

Yes, there has been specific research that proves mixing different alcohol is harmful to health. Cogeners have a minute influence on the levels of toxication. Finally, getting a hangover and feeling unwell while intoxicated is caused by the quantity of alcohol ingested and the time consumed. A healthy adult body can only excrete one standard drink (or 10 grams of alcohol) every hour.  

When you drink numerous alcoholic beverages, your system cannot expel them, which makes you feel nauseated. The primary thing alcohol does is make your body convert that alcohol to acetaldehyde. They are pretty toxic. Apart from this, mixing alcohol causes impaired decision-making at a quicker rate. 

There are better choices than combining different alcohol, like sipping wine, then shifting to a tin beer. You will need to track the standard drinking level. It is also evident in detailed research. 

Despite famous sayings like “beer before liquor, never been sicker,” drinking several types of liquor will not likely make you any drunker than consuming the same amount of a specific type.

However, when you are under medication, it is strictly advised not to mix alcoholic beverages. Since already the drug might have some effects on your body when you become more toxic, leading to many health issues. Certain medications tend to interact with alcohol making you feel drowsy and dizzy. So you should avoid mixing alcoholic drinks. Usually, doctors warn the patient not to mix alcohol with a particular medicine. 


Finally, the negative impacts of congeners are very worst when you mix different alcohols. You now clearly understand why you should not mix alcohol if you wish to try various drinks, then give a space. You might indulge many times, so trying a diverse period would be perfect. If you prefer drinking the same alcoholic drink as if you take gin, continue with the same for that day, which is an ideal choice to stay healthy.

Always choose light-colored alcoholic drinks to reduce the symptoms of a hangover. Whatever alcoholic beverages you may consume, it is all based on individual preference. It is essential to know that you always stay moderate and cautious while drinking alcohol. 

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